Saturday, 4 April 2020

Last part : serendipity

After that incident 1 year passed. Riddhima and her friends tried to know where is arman but they didn’t any clue about him. Riddhima only got to know that arman and his friends,who were in the relief team,were from nainital. She shocked to know and went nainital to search them and however she got the address of one of arman’s friend but he said that after relieving from hospital,he didn’t come Mumbai. He said with a sorry that they had no in contact with arman.
Muskan addressed to sapna : “tu bata sapna,aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Arman ko jamin kha gayi ya aasmaan nigal gaya?”
Sapna uttered : ‘usse bhi badi baat,main baar baar yahi sochti hun ki armaan nainital mein kab se rahta tha aur kyon? Kya ridhzi ke liye?”

Muskan replied : “its obviously for her.”

os : To catch a shooting star...

They were lying on plush lawns of the Orphanage to which they were visiting. It was a cool night and they were tired after hanging around the kids for far too long. That was when Armaan suggested the game; game of twenty questions. Riddhima had flat out refused so he had to spend all his charm smiles to get her agree to the game. He had not honestly cared for a game and he had suggested twenty questions just to spend some time with her. Finally she had relented but with condition that they can ask each other ten questions and the answers has to be truthful and honest. There were no other rules nor were there any boundaries.

"Let's start with simple questions, alright? What is one thing you want to learn?"
"I want to learn Mandarin Chinese." He should have guessed it. Between them, she was classified as a total nerd. Not that he dared to tell that on her face.
"What about you Armaan?"

Friday, 3 April 2020

part 6 : serendipity

Now arman is totally fine and was about to discharge in some days. Riddhima was very upset because she didn’t want to lose him again. She wanted to know about arman’s past but hesitated to ask him if he took it wrong or felt awkward. She wanted to tell him that before it, she was only wanted to meet him once to tell that she became a good girl and a doctor. his sacrifice of his puja didi is not went in vain. But now she wanted to spend her life with him only.Before it,arman was only a saviour for her but now he became her dream..her prince charming,with whom she wanted to relish every beautiful moment of her life. Before it, she felt that a teenager arman was the first crush of a teenager girl…but Now she understood that arman was her love and life. Muskan and sapna asked her many times that when she would express her feelings in front of arman..but riddhima uttered only :“I am trying, please give me some time.”


couple is sitting in the restaurant of california. 

Why you always do this girl said.
You have to understand this work is really important for me boy said.
Sid its my best friend marriage and you know about the plan from last 7 months even I confirm that with you girl said.

Riddhima baby please understand i just got promoted and this project is very important if I work on this they may be considered me for the my dream project you know how am trying to get that dream project sid said.

(We are in relationship in from last six years but I never feel this relationship like a real relationship this is just friendship I don’t know why I have to do compromise but I understand sid is a good guy , he cares for me. She think. )

Thursday, 2 April 2020

part 5 : serendipity

its been 1 month arman was in the hospital.he was recovering very fast . riddhima wanted to spend more time with him so everyday she changed her duty with muskan,sapna and other colleagues. when they asked why she wanted to duty only with that patient,her reason was that patient was her relative. muskan and sapna teased her and sang the song :

“Thaare vaaste re dhola
Thaare vaaste re dhola
Nain mhaare jaage re jaage
Nain mhaare jaage re saari rain jaage
Tu mhaaro kon laage
Tu mhaaro kon laage
Tu mhaaro kon laage.....”

AR OS :Forever With Me

 As she stole a peek at him,she experienced all emotions at the same time.
Sadness,happiness,pain,loss,joy,realief,embarressment,fear and love...All for him.He still looked the same.
"Papa..",she looked at her father beside her between teary eyes,not knowing what to say.Her father smiled.
"You don't have to thank me,beta..I know you love him,and without him,I don't think you could ever be happy."
"I Love You Papa...",she whispered,meaning each word,as she hugged him.
"I know.Now go,live your life."

At a time like this,Riddhima wondered,Armaan would grin at her and say,"Your dad is seriously watching a lot of Hindi movies lately,haina Basket?" Probably she would've even be glaring at him and he would lift his hands in surrender,like always and say,"Oops..I didn't say that."But if he said that now,she wouldn't get angry.She missed him so much.Hearing his voice would also be enough for her to just live with.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

part 4 : serendipity

riddhima entered arman’s cabin and looked at his face. Arman got consciousness but dr. injected him to sleep a long time as he could not feel his pain. She stared his pale face and felt a pain arose in her heart. Just then dr. atul came there and asked slowly : “how is he dr. riddhima?”

riddhima uttered : “he is in deep sleep dr. atul.”
Dr. atul nodded and uttered : “good..uske liye abhi sona hi thik hai. You are his attendant doctor dr. riddhima..aap inka report mujhe dete rahenge aur haan, kuch aur injured hain,jo inke team ke hi hain..aap round dete rahiyega unke cabin me..waise dr. muskan and dr. nikita is also there. shshank sir sent other doctors in other hospital to take care of injured,who are admitted there.
Riddhima nodded but her heart didn’t want to go from there for a minute. She wanted to stay with arman only. But as dr. atul said,she came out and went to the other ward .as she entered there, some guys who were in relief team and got injured..tried to sit.riddhima uttered with a sweet smile : “please rest kijiye. Mai sirf check up ke liye aayi hun.”


"For god's sake i need some space armaaannn!!!!" She shouted exasperated..her voice almost cracking at the end and her hands raised up in helplessness...she always thought some things were supposed to be unsaid in their relationship.. but his behaviour was clearly proving her wrong..he was only thinking about himself.. and all she could do was to wonder what was her fault in it! And she was right when she said she needed her oqn space.. it was high time he understood that he needed to listen to her too.. he couldn't always boss her around.. if she always listened to him and adjusted according to him, it was coz she loved him.. not because she was a step lower than him...
"How much space do you need basket?" He shouted back at her.. why was she making it feel as if it was all his doing? He was also compromising..he was also doing his best so that no one felt hurt at last..and instead of supporting him.. she was accusing him..  why  was she making it feel like he was a ruthless dominating husband who did not care of his wife's wishes and compelled her to smile even if she wasn't happy..all these three years of their married life, and even before that, he always kept her before him.. he always thought of her comfort before his own.. and even then, even after being with him for so many years and knowing him, she was accusing he didn't give her space..what happened to all the love and all the understanding? Why was she acting like she didn't care about him at all..

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

part 3 : serendipity

Riddhima remembered how eagerly she was waited for her savoir the whole day. that day she ate a little only to get strength. At night she shut the door and eagerly waiting for arman and praying to god….. “please bhagwan,arman ko bhej do. I promise ab papa ka kahna manungi…study karungi..aur papa jaisa banungi..unhen kabhi takleef nahin dungi..aur har roj aapki puja karungi..please mujhe is rakshas se bacha lo.mujhe model nahi banna bhagwanji.”

Arman came on time. Seeing riddhima he whispered : “maine ladder laga rakhe hain ,mera hath pakdo aur bina awaz kiye neeche utro..koi awaz nahi okay?”

Riddhima nodded and caught his hand tightly. Riddhima didn’t know how she came out of that bungalow and how she moved into the car. she got sense back when heard arman’s voice : “thoda pani pee lo..abhi tak kaamp rahi ho.”

Monday, 30 March 2020

part 2 : serendipity

8 years ago

City – dehradun
Spot – leckview park

“nahi rehan,tum mujhe is tarah chodkar nahi ja sakte…tumne socha bhi nahi ki main kaise jiungi tumhare bina…”

“meri majburi samjhne ki koshish karo suman…main tumse apne parents ke permission ke bina rishta nahi jod sakta..main unse bahut pyar karta hun aur tumse bhi…isliye tumse dur chale jana chahta hun.”

“rehan…humare parents humey samajhte kyon nahin hain? Kya humare apne koi sapne nahi ho sakte ya hum unke izazat ke bina kuch nahi kar sakte…agar itna hi dukh pahunchana tha unhen humey,toh humey is dharti par lane ki jarurat hi kya thi…..” suman fut futkar ro rahi thi….

“Cut..cut….” director yelled angrily.

AR os : The fourth reason

Do you know why people do the things that they do?

1. People do things because they know that it has to be done.
2. Or they do those things because someone else asks them to do or it was already decided for them.
3. Or they do things because everyone else seems to be doing that.

All my life I have done most of the things because of these three reasons. When I was eleven, I gave a greeting card with pink roses printed on it to a girl in my class because every girl seems to like it and every boy seem to be giving that. When I was eighteen, I chose to be doctor, raising a million eyebrows that belonged to family, relatives, friends and a huge bunch of nobodies. I chose this profession because in my heart I knew that it was my destiny, it was something that had to be done for obvious reasons of my past. During college, I did lots of stuff to impress my peers.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Part 1 : Serendipity

As soon Riddhima entered the room ,her eyes went on the news. there mumbai’s worst condition because of heavy rain was broadcasting. She heard nani was saying to papa… “beta, lagta hai sara Mumbai hi dub jayega is baar. Mujhe lagta hai humey ab yahan se lonavala shift ho jana chahiye.”
She heard papa’s voice : “ma, hum to chale bhi jayen lonavala par sare Mumbai wale kahan jayenge? Aur abhi Mumbai ki jo haalat hai,hum doctors ko yahan rehna sabse jyada jaruri hai. Na jane kitne houses pane ke neeche chale gaye hain,kitne log injured hain…aur pani jab utar jayega tab toh beemari samay hum agar yahan se bhag jayen toh log kiska bharosa karenge?”
Nani nodded and seeing riddhima she uttered : “thik hai beta,par humari bachchi ko kahin safe jagah bhej de..mujhe uski sabse jyada fikr hoti hai beta.”
Ridhima smiled sweetly and uttered : “aur mujhe aapki chinta hoti hai nani,mai aapko aur papa ko chodkar kahin nahin jaungi.”

Part 3 : BasTera Naam Hai OS

Next morning, Riddhima get up in her room feeling a severe headache, she tried to open her eyes to adjust with light but failed thus she again closed them.

“Urgh!!! This headache” She finally sit up on bed holding her head.

“Hey Ridzi, u up?” Muskaan came inside.

“Muski,,,, I don’t know what’s happening, my head it just,,,,” she pinned it tight.

“I know what’s happening, have this drink and freshen up, sab theek ho jayega” Muskaan said and she looked at her being confused.