Saturday, 11 April 2020

Part 7 & 8 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

part 7 

The Gupta family was on their way to the Malik's house for their first get together. The two sisters were sitting at the back of the car, Anjali was very nervous and Riddhima was helping her to calm down. Anjali was now ready to give her answer; she was ready to move ahead in life and this was a very big step. As they reached their destination they all got out of the car and made their way towards the house; Riddhima was walking behind with Anjali when she suddenly stopped.

Ridz: Oh no… - hitting her palm on her head and looking clumsy

Anji: What's wrong? – stopped and looked at her

Ridz: My phone…I left it in the car…papa can I have the keys please…main abhi ayi…

Shashank: Here you go… - giving her the keys – …jaldi ana…

Ridz: Okay papa… - takes the keys and goes back to the car

AR os : Miracles Happen

Part(a) : Its called a 'NEVER' !!

How do I possibly compete?She's perfect-she wears the perfect dresses,puts on the perfect make up,is popular,wears and walks on high heels,she's a cheerleader,she's beautiful,she is sexy and the worst part? She is my elder sister. Wait. Did I forget to mention that she has the perfect boyfriend,who,happens to be my best friend? Yeah,I did.

Actually,there's no competition.Anjali Gupta IS PERFECT. And to be really,really honest,I'm proud of her.I'm proud to be her sister-she's like,one in a million.But look at me? I'm a tomboy,I mostly like to play football or ride my bike,my favourite show on TV is Roadies,my favourite dresses include jeans and a top or track trousers and a oversized sweatshirt..I loath makeup,short dresses and heels AND fashion channels,my hair is a little below my shoulders,I have glasses. In short,I'm a PERFECT example of IMPERFECTION.Again the worst part comes in-my best friend is my sister's boyfriend and SHE LOVES HIM.

Friday, 10 April 2020


One year later

It was early morning when Riddhima opened her eyes for the first time, letting in only a fraction of light before quickly snapping them shut again. She still had a headache, The windows were open, and wafting in from the bakery below was the scent of fresh baked bread.

She smiled, even though the action caused shards of glass to scrape down her neck. She couldn’t help it. Even though she was sick . Riddhima was still happier than she’d been in a long time. She was in Paris for the first time in her life—with the man she loved more than anything in the world.
And she fell sick.. she is having fever.
but nothing could get her down these days. She had everything she ever wanted. A man who not only adored her, but who had become her travel companion and best friend.

os : "This is John Galt speaking"

The thing that makes you sure is a moral premise.

-          Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

He found her sitting in cafeteria talking to their friends and casually sipping coffee. He failed to recognize any distress on her face. Her sister however sounded panicky when she had called him. There were still few hours to begin his shift, but the news had jolted him out of his deep slumber. Riddhima had a disciplinary hearing that morning. It was most likely that she would be suspended for at least a month. The reason – she had performed a surgery the night before without intimating senior staff of the hospital thus breaking the protocol specially designed for interns. The senior doctor had been notified half way through the surgery and he had rushed to Operation Theater. She was asked to leave and she had gone back to her work as if nothing had happened.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Part 5 & 6 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 5 

A week had passed since Armaan had started school and he had become very much part of the gang; he was funny, smart and a great talker. Muskaan and Nikita had also become quite fond of having him around just as much as Rahul and Abhi had found a great friend in him but someone's feelings towards him hadn't changed as yet. Riddhima; she just couldn't stand the sight of him as he had won everyone's praise and had taken her place as the top student in every lesson. It had also become a habit of Armaan to tease Riddhima, who always fell for his tricks. She tried to stay away from him as much as possible but found it very difficult as they were in most of the same classes and he was always with her friends.

One lesson where she has a little peace and quiet was in Textiles, this is one of her favourite lessons as she loved designing and sewing and she had decided to use this time wisely as she was not disturbed by him or would he take her place in this lesson. They walked into the class and Riddhima got straight on with her work as the other two were just getting settled.


It was almost evening when Riddhima knocked on the door of Anjali’s hotel room. A mixture of sorrow, regret, and nausea rolled in her stomach as she glanced down to her phone.
She’d been trying to get hold of Armaan all afternoon, to explain what happened, but he still hadn’t answered any of her texts. Hadn’t answered her phone calls, or even his door when she’d gone there earlier.
His message was clear: he didn’t want to talk to her, and there was a part of her that didn’t blame him.

The door opened, and Riddhima quickly put her phone away as she looked up to her best friend. Anjali stood in the doorway, her eyes puffy and swollen, making Riddhima’s heart clench even harder. “Is armaan here?” Riddhima ask ...

Anjali only glanced up and down, taking in the tattered shorts Riddhima had changed back into after the rehearsal, and turned to head back into the room.
“Nope.” Anjali said..

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Part 4 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Riddhima opened the front door and quickly rushed into the kitchen where Padma was preparing snacks for their guests.

Ridz: Hi mama... – hugging her from the back

Padma: Hi beta…how was your first day?

Ridz: Pucho mat mama… - remembering her lessons with Armaan – ...uss…

Padma: Kisi ke saath jagda huwa? – cutting her off

Ridz: Nahi mama…bas aise hi...

Padma: Acha toh phir jao aur dekh ke Anjali tayar huwe ke nahi...

Ridz: Oh yeah…dii... – smiling excitedly


After Armaan and atul left the room,anjali took riddhima to saloon.....
The salon was in the hotel lobby, just past the elevators on the right hand side. There were a half dozen white salon chairs all facing full-length mirrors, and surprisingly, only one was taken. They were seated right away, given a menu of complimentary appetizers and beverages, and soon Anjali was whisked away to another room for a facial, leaving Riddhima on her own to look through style magazines.

Riddhima rocked forward in her seat, looking through the other reading material, when a buzzing noise sounded from her purse. She instantly grinned, knowing full well who it was, and fetched her bag from the hanger on the wall.

A text.

Wild Tiger : Are you alone?

Riddhima grinned wickedly,then looked around to make sure no one was watching. Only the petite brunette sat in the corner with foils in her Hair.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Part 3 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Teach: Looks like you finally have some competition… – he hands their work sheets back to them – …very good work Armaan…welcome aboard!!

Ridz: WHAT?? – shocked - …But…but I always get the highest marks!! – sad face

Armaan: Not any more…Ms. Not Interested!! I think you should get use to the fact that I'll always be one step ahead of you…

Armaan picked up his bag and walked to the door; he turned and winked at her before walking out of the room.

Ridz: Arghhh!!! – very angry now


Next day Riddhima give silence to armaan she kept herself busy in writing diary, or listening music. She even not look towards 
Armaan she is ignoring him like he even not exist. 
Riddhima was hurt, embarrassed, and she wanted him to know it. She wanted to push him away. To push him so far he would have no way of crawling back up to her heart again. Because he had fooled her once, and that was shame on him. But now he’d fooled her twice, and that was completely and utterly a shame on her.

At one point, they pulled off the road to get gas. Armaan unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car to place the nozzle in the tank.
“There’s a cafe across the road,” armaan said to her. “It looks pretty nice, if you’re hungry?”

She adjusted in her seat and didn’t answer.
“Riddhima ,” armaan said again. “Are you hungry?” 

Monday, 6 April 2020

Part 2 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Ridz: Who is it?

??: - slowly comes even closer to her and whispers in her ear - …Guess!!

Riddhima moved her hands up towards her face and felt the person's hands wondering who it was.

Ridz: I don't know...who is it??

The person moved his hand away quickly and turned Riddhima around to face him. Riddhima stood there staring at the person standing in front of her. The guy was big built with lots of muscles; he was wearing a black vest top and a pair of blue jeans, his jacket hung over one arm and his school bag over his shoulder. He had a thin face; his black hair uncombed falling over his forehead and onto his deep dark eyes. He smiled at Riddhima.


Next day past 5 they stop for fuel. 
Riddhima the restaurant looks great lets have something. 
Riddhima nod in yes , she was excited for the excuse to get out of the car for a while.
Armaan got out of the car and stretched his arms above his head—which lifted his hoodie just enough to make his stomach visible. “I’ll fill up,” he yawned. 
“Why don’t you go get us a table?” Armaan said.
Riddhima raised her eyes, hoping he hadn’t caught her staring. “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.” Riddhima grabbed hold of her bag from the front seat, then proceeded to restaurant across the street.
She enter in the restaurant and server come and place two menus on the table.

I guess that hottie is with you. Server ask looking towards armaan.
Riddhima glance over Armaan and nod in yes.
Am jealous server said.
He is not my boyfriend Riddhima replied.
How come girl asked.
We are just driving together Riddhima replied.
Then to avoid more conversation Riddhima order coffee for both. 

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Part 1 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

This story is set in North West of London. It is a simple story of a teenage girl, her family, her friends and her love. There is no serious moral of the story, and there is no real drama in it either, just a normal everyday life of simple young girl, how she grows from being a teenager to an adult and all the extras added in which occurs in every girls life during this age. As the story begins the young characters are aged 16-17 years and they attend 6th form.

Part 1

It was an early warm summer morning; the estate was peaceful with birds chirping away sweetly making the atmosphere serene. There were five small houses in this estate and in the centre stood a huge old oak tree which added to the beauty of this small world. The Gupta House was in the centre with two other houses on either side, inside had mirrored the same effect of outside with its calmness. Two people were sat at the table having their breakfast peacefully carrying out a general


Riddhima open her laptop and start writing her dairy.
Am sry anjali you know everything but you don’t know about the dark secret that i kissed your brother. I never have the guts to tell you. But I don’t know why that kiss was so pure so right.i fell in love for your brother but he seems like he really don’t care because he done same thing what he always done with the others girls. Is am random girl for him, because he done same thing with me that he do with others. next day when we come back sid is waiting for us he wants me his girlfriend he even proposed me in front of class as you already know he wants answer.
Riddhima decided to say no the way he will not get hurt,... sid is his close friend she never feel anything for him but he likes her.
She was waiting for time to talk to sid. They all in malik house. And Billy order pizza for kids. Armaan’s friends also come there to meet him mostly his fan girls.