Saturday, 18 April 2020

OS: Karan shilpa interview(fictious)

  A date wid d grovers

The watchman let my car in through the big gates' the maid opened the door for me and my colleague sarthak,while I went ahead'I told him to wait right der' though der ws quite a huge space from d entrance to the kitchen, I cud hear the voice of her bangles'she ws probably stirring sumthin'but I wondered why was she supposed to b in d kitchen nd cook'. Dat too wearing bangles'I went ahead nd saw her'.we had met a thousand tyms but I ws always a fan of her'.of her beauty, inner nd outer..she saw me nd stopped d spatula in d vessel''helllooo" she greeted me with full joy, just d volume ws a little less dan d usual'or probably I had only forgotten d usual'aftr ol I ws seeing her aftr almost 2 years! "hey shilpa!! hav u been?" "m gud'm gud'how r u doin?" she askd parting frm d side hug'"oh m perfectly alright! So finally we've catched u haan! It is such a trouble pta h! d fans r literally chewing r brains wid requests nd complains all over!"I told her how I genuinely ws!

Part 16 & 17 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

part 16

Riddhima walked towards the desk and took out the thing she had found earlier, she placed them in her hand and puts her hands behind her back. All this time Armaan watched her; looking confused; she walked back to him and he stood up.

Ridz: Yeh kya hain? – brings her hand from the back and holds it up to reveal…a pile of photos of her

Armaan was completely shocked that she had found the photos and he just stared blankly at her.

Ridz: Kya hain yeh sab? – repeats

There was silence for a while as he stood there thinking of what to say to her.

Friday, 17 April 2020

Part 14 & 15 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 14

The week passed with Riddhima coming up with many plans on how to talk to Vivik about ending their so called relationship but she was still worried. Finally Friday came quicker than Riddhima thought, she woke up very nervous that day and most of her day went miserably. It was one pm and Riddhima and Armaan were presenting their mock Romeo and Juliet presentation to the rest of the class; it went perfectly and they got great marks for it. This made Riddhima very happy and for the first time that day she had smiled and also spoke nicely to Armaan; they walked out of class talking and laughing together…

Armaan: Seriously…well done!

Ridz: Thanks…you didn't do that bad either super cool…

Armaan: Yep…I know… – lifting his collar and smiling

How to save a life...


Two and half syllables uttered in a hushed panic tone completed with a labored breathing over cell phone was enough for him jerk him out of his sleep as if he had been doused with ice cold water. Riddhima, his girlfriend was one of the calmest and the most rational person he had ever known, but the sharp edge in her voice had him worried for a moment or two. It was close to two in the morning and it had been only few hours since sleep had overtaken him.

"Armaan." Before he could think of a proper greeting, she repeated his name. A pang of cold feeling erupted from base of his spine, traveled through the length of the back, swirling through ribcage, suffocating his lungs, punching his gut and finally clutched his heart in a death grip. There was a thick trace of hurt in her voice and the emotion behind that one word stilled him for a moment.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

OS Last part : DMG ek saal baad...Armaan's Return!

Later on that night...

It was a cool night and a single spot light was shining onto the basket ball court, down onto him. He stood silently dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a black and red shirt, the first three buttons were undone and the sleeve of his right arm were folded just below his elbow, the left sleeve was folded once till his wrist. In his hand he held a basket ball as he stood in the quarter half of the basket ball court facing the basket. He lifted the ball over his head and threw it towards the basket, it hit the board with a slight tap and dropped into the basket rotating twice before it fell through the hole in the net and hit the ground bouncing three times before it came to a halt a few meters away from him...

Voice: Just for you...basket...

He stood still looking at the basket ball, tears welled up in his right eye but he refused to let it drop. He blinked it away and gave a small smile to nothing in particular. He then looked up towards the basket as if he was talking to his basket.

Part 13 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

It was the first day back at school and no one was really looking forward to it as they had so much fun during the half term that coming back to school seemed very boring to the gang. Riddhima decided to walk to school that day, she had lots on her mind, and when she did she preferred walking…just walking and letting the thoughts run and slide through her mind. Sometime she would smile at a thought or sometimes she would pull a puzzled look if she was confused which made passersby look at her weirdly. But today she wanted to walk to school with Muskaan, like the old times; before Anjali got her driving license Riddhima use to leave home early and walked to Muskaan's house so that the two best friends could walk to school together and have a nice discussion about the day before or an exciting event that was coming up.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

OS part 1 : DMG ek saal baad...Armaan's Return!

[NOTE: This is a small FF or prediction of Armaan's return in Dill Mill Gayye. This is completely factious and whatever mentioned in this does not relate to the original show or any of the characters. This is written as a prediction of the Dill Mill Gayye story a year after the shootout at Sanjeevani Hospital, in this case it has only been three months that Riddhima is back in the show.

The FF carries on as usual but a slight change in the YuNa story because even I don't know what's going on with it...hehe. But Tamana has left the hospital as she is now married to Aniket. With her exit there is a new intern Tia Ahuja.]

The four new interns had entered the hospital for their early morning shift, they packed away their belongings in the lockers and sat around waiting for the announcement. As usual Sid was late, he walked into a very quiet locker room; looking around at all the sullen face he raised his eye brows questioning them.

Sid: What's up??

Part 12 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

It was the last day of the holidays and the Malik family had decided to keep a small reception for the newly wedded couple at their home. It was a very small function with very few guests; the Gupta family, the gang, their family friend from back home and some neighbours which attended the wedding. The function started from twelve, beginning with lunch and then some rituals.

The gang had arrived a little early to help Armaan and his parents set up the place while Riddhima hadn't arrived as yet; which made Armaan feel a little uncomfortable as he kept looking at the door waiting for her. He still couldn't understand why he was waiting for her, why he couldn't stop looking at her and why he secretly took photos of her during the week at the different occasions. Now and then he would take out his phone and quickly snap a photo when Riddhima was looking very nice and too busy to notice him. But today he felt really happy, firstly he had sorted out the problem which was really bothering him since he had come to London, secondly he was very happy for his brother and new sister-in-law and thirdly he was waiting impatiently for someone, just to get a glimpse of her would make his day.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Part 11 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

The wedding day had finally arrived and lots of last minute preparations were taking place. Everyone had woken up early and was moving around the house. Shashank was out in the garden keeping an eye on the Khushi Events team; his employees; who were doing up last minute preparations in the tent; Vivik was also around helping here and there. All the aunties and neighbours were in the kitchen and living room going through last minute stuff.

Anjali and Riddhima were upstairs in their room away from all the rush; Riddhima was in the bathroom and Anjali was moving around doing her last minute packing. She had done most of it a week ago when Riddhima wasn't around, so that she won't be hurt but some packing was still left to do. She threw whatever was in her hand into the bag on her bed and went to her cupboard. She took out her wedding dress which was designed by Riddhima, took it out of the plastic casing and spread it out at the bottom of her bed. At the same time Riddhima had come out of the bathroom and was rushing around taking her clothes out of her cupboard.

os : The eternal reality of the soul's immortality

The entire intern gang along with some doctors and few nurses had gathered in front of the tiny temple like structure inside the hospital. A little girl would undergo a complicated procedure in an hour or two and that had got most of the hospital staff on an edge. The absence of couple of senior doctors had made the environment much more intense. One of the senior doctors' had requested Armaan to assist him during the operation. Armaan had looked torn at the request.

"I know the little girl very well. Over her course of visits, I have become quite attached to her. It's impossible for me to perform operation on her. My emotional involvement in this case is too high and taking this kind of risk can prove to be fatal too."

"I know about this Armaan, but please try to understand the situation; you know the case very well and there aren't many senior doctors around", the senior doctor had cajoled him relentlessly. He had reluctantly accepted.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Part 10 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

The next day was the Sangeet function at the Malik house. A neighbour and close family friend of the Malik family had come down to London today for the functions and wedding; they were very close and almost the only family they had. The function was taking place during the evening but the Gupta family was there a little earlier; Anjali and Riddhima sat in the living room while preparations were taking place, then Atul came down and sat in the living room with Anjali.

Ridz: Main abhi ayi… – excusing herself from the room and leaving the love birds alone for a while

Anji: Where are you going?

Ridz: Kebab main haadi nahi banna chahti… – smiling sweetly at Atul

Anjali became shy as Riddhima walked out of the room and left her alone with Atul. Now that they were alone Atul looked at Anjali for a long while and then finally broke the silence.

Atul: Aaj tum bohot achi lag rahi ho…

AR os : Miracles Happen

Part (c) :Forever won't be Long Enough

"You know na,Anjie...I have always loved Riddhima..She's always been the one.."

I didn't know how to react.His words seemed to fill my senses and it echoed through me,sending shivers down my spine.He loves me..He loves me..I could chant it a hundred times if I wanted to.Blood rushed up to my cheeks,my hands started shivering as I struggled to hold on to the door.My mind processed his words,my heart thumped loud in my chest.I wanted to run and hide somewhere,cry and laugh together,hold him tight..but at that moment,I had to listen. My Di's voice answered.

"I know..",she sighs,"I'd stopped her,Armaan."
"I should have..",his voice came as a muffled reply,"But then when she said that the biggest mistake of her life was to love me..that she hated me because although she didn't want it..she fell in love with me..I..I had no hope left,Anjie.Her outburst at me,the pain in her eyes..everything stunned me in that moment.I felt I was..dying..",his voice broke,"She didn't even look back once..."

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Part 9 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

NOTE: Please do read the lyrics...words have been changed!

Part 9

Anjali and Riddhima had gone window shopping that night but the next day Riddhima had taken the day off as she only had one lesson and both sisters had spent the day out shopping for the engagement. They had bought two beautiful lenghas, one baby pink and one sky blue with lots of matching jewellery and accessorise. Riddhima had started to design Anjali's wedding outfit which everyone praised a lot. Anjali couldn't decide which she liked the most and both sisters decided to let Atul chose so they had met up at the Cosy Caf! Atul had selected his favourite design in about five minutes and everyone had agreed to it.

The same weekend was Atul and Anjali's engagement party at the Gupta house; it was a very small function with only 30 to 40 guests. They had only invited very close friends of the Gupta family and neighbours because the Malik family had recently came to the city they hadn't invited anyone from their side at such short notice.

AR os : Miracles Happen

Part (b) : It happened..Like that!

3 years.Three Freaking Years. And I'm still living through this.I'm seriously alive and still struggling to pass a genuine and heartfelt SMILE.This has happened to me,I've changed,I know..The old Riddhima Gupta is lost back somewhere and although a part of me still searches for the old me,I pull it back. It hurts. So damn much.Still. The question is Why?

I feel so bitter and unreal,so not at peace and so lifeless.I'm no more a tomboy,No. I'm now THE RIDDHIMA GUPTA,undeniably hot and single.A favourite among my colleagues,a dedicated workaholic.Only work keeps my head off this,my terrible heartbreak,my very brief talks with my family and friends..and Him..I've blocked out everyone from my life.I've created these strong walls around me,preventing the entry of any light in my life. I haven't even tried to let myself free..To love once more.Its just..I feel so defeated.My world revolves around my broken heart and my constant work to cover up my feelings from breaking me further.