Saturday, 2 May 2020

Part 38 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

They walked in a line through the cave looking at the magnificent flowers and plants on the ground and watching their step avoiding puddles. Slowly they spread out in groups looking around the cave; there was a massive hole in the wall of the cave looking out onto the sea where the waves were crashing. Riddhima neared the edged looking out onto the sea when suddenly she felt a hard hand on the top of her arm, she was about to scream when another hand went over her mouth and she was pulled away...

 She was pushed up against the side of the cave; her eyes closed she tried to breathe but the heavy hand covered her mouth making it difficult for her to take in air; her heart was thumping madly against her chest as she struggled to get away. The person moved closer to her; so close their bodies were now touching; she could feel warm air against her neck as the person moved his lips to her ear and whispered.

OS : Autumn evenings and classic cinema...

She was a doctor, a scientist at her heart and a classic nerd; but her taste in music and movies were stuck in her parents' generation. Not that he minded. It had been close to a month since this had begun. The local multiplex was showing classic movies in the evenings for a month and she had got hold of a pass for two for the entire duration. When she had asked him if he was interested to join her for movies, he hadn't even blinked when he had said yes. It had amused him to see her so excited about something as mundane as cinema. She had put up the screening schedule on her locker and had drawn little star marks next to the ones that she had enjoyed. He had stared at her as if she had grown two heads when she announced that "Plan 9 from outer space" was her all time favorite. Here was this woman who thrived on rationality and logic, loved a movie which was famous for the obvious mistakes in it. He gave up trying to understand her.

Friday, 1 May 2020


"A lot of people ask me about mine and karan's relationship...and most of the time, i just don't have an answer! But the better part is, i like it this way! Some things i think, are beautiful unsaid, and unanswered. Our relationship is kinda same. Believe me, we are not the most romantic of couples. I mean, with angel around, romance is like the last thing on our minds! But that in no way means we don't love each other...we do, i love him the most in the world and so does he! We don't need to tell it hundred times a day. In fact its not just now, you'll think shaadi ke saat saal baad romance vaise bhi udd jata h...but even from the start..i don't know, we've been quite a weird couple! See, my idea of love has always been plain and simple. I think if a person loves you, and you know it, no amount of fancy things can ever equate the relationship you share... we do go out on dinners, but he never blindfolds me like films! I know he might forget our aniversary or birthdays or know like any romantic hero, but then i start reminding him a month before! Infact you know,Last year, almost a week before our anniversary, i have this man on my door from some jewellery shop, yeah! And he had this big box with a necklace and earpiece and ring and bracelet and i didn't know anything about i called up karan and he's all 'yeah i ordered them for you, agle hafte anniversary hai for them, i'm busy shoot pe, take care and eat on time' and before i could say anything he put the phone down! Imagine how would i have felt! I mean, i didn't know how to react! Maine sabse pehle

Part 37 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

The next day the gang had made a plan to chill in Hyde Park that afternoon. They lazed around in the sun, listening to music and eating ice cream as they chatted away about the events of the past few days and the graduation ceremony last night. It was a beautiful day and they were all very happy that this summer actually seemed like it was going to be a great one.

Rahul: I'm just glad that school's finally over...

Armaan: I'm with you long years later...finally freedom...

Muskaan: You guys actually think it's is just getting started...

Abhi: For once I'm actually going to agree with Muskaan on that dad's already forcing me to look for a job...can you believe it...? ' they laughed - ...I'm serious...but I've told him...I've just been through seven long years of secondary school...without any mischief the least I deserve is a break...

Ridz: And what did he say?

Thursday, 30 April 2020

ARSH/KASH : Drabbles


 "You're late armaan…"

"I am sorry…"

"what does that mean?"

"I am sorry"

"look into my eyes armaan"


"I said look into my eyes…"

"I am sorry basket…"

"why did you do this?"

"I am sorry…"

Part 36: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

The gang sat around their usual table in the school library for their last revision session. Armaan and Riddhima were going through the notes for their English exam which they were going to have in a few hours. She was very nervous as she skimmed her flash cards picking up important information which may be useful in the exams. Her teeth suddenly started to chatter, disturbing the others sitting around her, they looked up to see her teeth chattering away and started to laugh.

Abhi: - joking he looked out of the window – Is it winter again? – making the others laugh

Ridz: It's n-not fun-ny... – chattering

Muskaan: Ridz it's okay...calm down...

Armaan: Here... – putting his arm around her shoulder - ...let me warm you up...

Rahul: Any excuse...

Wednesday, 29 April 2020


  She entered her home after a long long day at the hospital…she slumped at the couch as she stared at the clock. She was tired, and thirsty…she looked at the kitchen and wanted to go and have a glass of water, but she looked again at the wall clock and decided against it. It was time…he would call. She didn't want to miss his call. She took out her phone from her handbag and kept it on the table. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the couch for a moment when her phone rang. She opened her eyes slowly as she looked at the number…it was him. She sighed and pressed the green button on her phone. "hey" she whispered into the phone. He did not respond. She could feel him breathe… "kaise ho?" she asked and heard his breath again…she smiled… "You seem tired…"  "kyun phone kiya armaan?" …silence there was again… "tumhe pata hai na tum poore pagal ho!" she felt as though she sensed him smile on that… "armaan this is wrong…you shouldn't call me like this…kisi ko pata chal gya toh?" she got up and went to the balcony still talking to him… "aur socho, agar

Part 34 & 35: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

part 34

Half an hour later they all sat in silence as they had all given up; then Riddhima sat up suddenly making the others look at her as she smiled secretly.

Muskaan: I know that've got something right?

Riddhima nodded but was a little hesitant.

Abhi: Go on... – excitedly

 Ridz: Okay...this was my dream for a very long's always been at the back of my mind since I started this school and saw the first Fashion Show...

Muskaan: You mean... – suddenly

Ridz: Yeah... – to Muskaan – ...I was thinking about it this weekend but then I thought that maybe it wouldn't work...but now I just can't see any other way we can save this show...

Armaan: What is it...?

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Part 32 & 33: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 32 

Riddhima was in her living room with her mum and dad; together they had sat there for three and half hours watching their favourite family film Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham which was showing on television. It had just come to an end and Shashank turned around to see both ladies in tears.

Shashank: - laughing – You ladies... – shaking his head -'s only a don't need to cry...

Ridz: Papa... – as he teased them

Padma: - wiping her cheeks with a smile – It just makes you matter how many times you watch it...

Shashank: Seriously...I bet they're so happy when the director says final pack up and here's the rest of the world crying as it says the end... – laughing at them

os : The world has turned and left me here.

There are few times when you get this feeling that today was the day when something tragic of immense proportion is going to happen. The feeling of losing something important started even before I was fully awake after a bad night's sleep. As I rolled in my bed I saw my sister sleeping peacefully in her bed oblivious to persistently continual preppy chirping of the birds which had woken me up from my semi-decent slumber. It's nice I think, to be dead to the world and be lost in the dreamscape where nothing can ever touch you and where you can be whatever you want. Even as I got dressed and got ready for yet another grinding day at work, I couldn't help but somehow curtail this nagging feeling on the back of my mind which kept reminding me of something dreadful that was going to happen.

Unfortunately, my gut feeling was never more right. 

Monday, 27 April 2020

Part 30 & 31: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

part 30

Armaan gave a small but sad smile and accepted the flowers wishing he could just see her once.

Armaan: She's okay right?

Abhi: She's fine...she just can't bear to see you like this...don't worry about it...once you get out of here she won't be able to stay away from you... ' smiling

Armaan: - smiling he looks at the flowers and thinks ' I'll be out of here soon Riddhima...just for eyes are paining to see you...I love you... ' sadly

Bromance Over Romance – AR One shot

A beautiful girl, wearing a navy-blue saree was working in the kitchen making breakfast, her hair was tied up into a messy bun. Some servants were also helping her while she prepared two lunchboxes for the two little naughty kids in her house.

"Bachoooo idhar aoo!" She called loudly while closing the lunchboxes. Two kids came in running wearing their school uniforms. One was a girl who had braided her hair in two braids with red elastics. The boy had neatly combed his hair and had his shirt tucked in. They both were identical twins.

Sunday, 26 April 2020


I had come to new york right after leaving sanjeevani…I knew armaan and riddhima were made for each other and I didn't want to be an obstruction of any kind. My life here was pretty simple. Get up, go to the hospital, come back and sleep. I was loving my life. I was glad I did not have any time for myself, for I knew if I ad, I would start reminiscing about the old things…about armaan. And I knew I would feel weak.  Only a few days back I had heard that armaan had won an award for his excellence in neurology in a short span of time…I heard some of my colleagues talk about him and how they were going to see his interviews over you tube… they went on talking about how handsome he was and before they could talk more about his personal life, I made an exit from there..i did not want to listen anything about him and riddhima. How much ever strong faced I had been, I knew myself. I knew I won't be able to listen about anything that tells and reminds me that he is not with me, that he is with someone else…

Part 29 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

The guy picked up the baseball bat again and smashed it against Armaan's arm for the second time. He held onto Armaan's shirt pulling him forward then with full force he pushed Armaan onto the glass which smashed into millions of pieces. Armaan was thrown onto the railings outside of the room and was hanging over it.

The guy walked forward and pushed Armaan from his shoulder making him fall over the railing and off of the building. Armaan fell...down and down until he hit the floor with a loud thud...blood poured from beneath Armaan soaking his clothes and his body was lifeless...

 Ridz: Aaarrrmmmaaannn!!!!