Saturday, 9 May 2020

Part 9& 10 : Anjaan Rishtey

**On the train to Mumbai**

Armaan sat there staring out of the window looking at the trees flashing by when he was disturbed by someone…

Chai Walla: Chai Garam Chai!

Armaan looks up and is taken back to one of his worst memories ever…


Armaan: hello gorgeous

Ridz: Armaan I have to tell you something

Armaan: - puts his hand up - first let's get some chai…our favorite.

Ridz: But Armaan….

part 46 : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar,

The next day Riddhima woke up with a smile on her face, after two long weeks she felt great as she had a very peaceful sleep. Armaan's words echoed through her mind...

Armaan: …Tomorrow we're going to spend the whole day together…just me and you…

Riddhima smiled as she remembered how his dimple dented his right cheek. She jumped out of bed and decided on what to wear for the day then made her way into the washroom. Half an hour later she walked back into her room and got ready, fixing her hair and putting on some makeup, then she fixed up her room and made her way downstairs to the kitchen.

Ridz: Good morning mama…papa… - hugging each of them

Friday, 8 May 2020

Part 7& 8 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 7 

 Muskaan's Story – age 23

In a small town of Patiala there's a big house which was owned by the richest man of the town. Many small families lived in this mansion. A wedding was about to take place very soon, there was a lot of excitement around the house, lots of work to do, lots of naach gaana and lots of little children running around the house playing games. But someone was hiding away from all of it…trying to find a little peace in her room...

M dad: Come on beti this is the best rishta you will get…they have just come from Australia…very rich people…just imagine you will be very happy with him…

Muskaan: Kya papa…that's what you said about the last one and the one before that and the one before that…one of the boys even ran away on the day before the wedding. Why don't you try to understand…I'm not supposed to get married…I want to complete my internship first then think about marriage...

part 45 : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar,

Armaan: I'm sorry Riddhima...please tell me...

Ridz: No Armaan...I'm sorry... – tearfully - ...I'm really sorry...I've had enough...I don't think we can be together any more...

Armaan's hands dropped to his side as he heard her last sentence, he watched as she turned and ran down the stage and through the hall to the exit...

 She ran past Abhi and Nikita who had walked back into the hall, they stood there in shock as they had witnessed the last few sentences between Armaan and Riddhima; not sure of what to do they stood there, turning to each other realising how serious this was. They turned to look at Armaan who had given up and flopped onto the chair, they walked towards him knowing that he needed some support.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Part 44 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Rahul: No Ridz... – cutting her off - ...if this is how you all are now then what will happen when you're put in one hall together...Muskaan wanted this to be special...but I don't think it will be like that if this carries on...

Muskaan looked sadly at all of them then rushed out of the room, Rahul looked at them angrily before walking out after her...

Riddhima was left looking at the closed door; she closed her eyes and sighed feeling very horrible and responsible for Muskaan's sadness.

Blah blah, Woof woof [AR One shot]

It's the tranquility of night like this one makes her slightly imbalanced. There is no familiarity in the scenery which passes by yet she looks out of the window of the car anyway.

She hears him singing softly to a sixties song, his fingers drumming the steering wheel lightly. She gets lost in the intricate patterns dancing on them made by the lights from dashboard. She stubbornly refuses to see the clock blinking in neon blue. She knows that it's not the time for two people to be out together to figure out things. She worries about the look on her sister's face for being missing for entire night and probably for the next day too. But right now she doesn't want to think about anything else apart from the man who is driving the car.

They were taking that drive to talk, to figure things out between them.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Part 5 & 6 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 5 

In a noisy street of London, during rush hour; 4pm, two boys aged 16 walked together arguing over something. They were on their way home after a rough day at school.

Benji: Come on man…just leave it…it's over, forget about it

Atul: No way I've had enough! – fuming - the next time he tries messing with me I'm gonna smash his face! And don't even bother to stop me…ok? – looking at his friend

Benji: Oh yeh then what? Your dad's going to have you packed up and off to Mumbai not even a first class ticket but in economy!...allow it man it's not worth it

Atul: But what is his problem what have I done to him?

Benji: Nothing he's just an attention seeker…forget it

Part 43 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Riddhima stood and watched until the car drove out of sight, she smiled through watery eyes before turning around and walking towards the front door searching for her keys in her bag. Unknown to her that entire scene was witnessed by someone sitting in a car parked outside her house and was fuming. He got out of the car slamming the door behind him making her turn around in shock. The keys dropped from her hand hitting the ground with a sharp noise as she watched him walk towards her. Her heart was racing as he stopped in front of her, she felt pained to see him after two long weeks, but he stood there enraged.

Ridz: Arm...

Armaan: – cutting her off - Riddhima... - the anger in his voice was clear

Riddhima shivered on this heated day to see him standing there in this position, talking through gritted teeth and frowning at her in anger.

Armaan: I don't believe you would do this...

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Part 42: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Riddhima had packed her bags that night with help from Naina and Dhruv who were really happy that she was coming with them and would be staying for a week. Dhruv wore a smile throughout the rest of his stay and thanked his Badi Ma and Bade Papa for letting her come, he spoke like he was marrying her and taking her away from them, telling them not to worry about her and she would be perfectly okay with them which made everyone laugh at him. They went to sleep quite early that night as they were supposed to leave at six the next morning.

They were all still quite sleepy while having their breakfast at five thirty the next morning apart from Shubhankar who rushed them all. Half an hour later they were ready to leave and they all thanked Shashank and Padma for the wonderful time they had during their short stay before saying their final goodbyes. They settled down in the car ready for their long journey home all very quiet and drifting off to sleep again as it was a gloomy morning and quite chilly. Riddhima sat in the back of the van with Dhruv who surprisingly was fast asleep by the time they got onto the motorway; she looked over at him and smiled at his innocence before turning to look out of the window listening to the music on her iPod while her mind began to wander.

City night lights [AR] 15/11

Author's Notes: I wrote this post after 26/11 incident of last year. I was watching a documentary on that and remembered this story. So here it is.

It was a chaos that they had never seen before. Yes, they had seen it in movies, in television and sometimes even on streets, but they were never a part of that chaos. They were witnessing the aftermath the terror that had shook the heart of their city. The city had a life of its own; vibrant, colorful and continuously humming with dreams of millions of people. The entire group was having lighthearted fun at a nearby restaurant marking an end to a hectic day. Half way through the dinner, all of their pagers had beeped. It had startled them and once they checked their message, they were whisked back to a harsh reality. The sight that awaited them at the hospital had been heart breaking, overwhelming and truly disheartening. She clutched his palm not caring for anyone who could see and was relieved when he gently squeezed her palm back. They offered each other broken smiles and separated to tackle their respective responsibilities.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Part 3 & 4 : Anjaan Rishtey

 Armaan, Riddhima and Sohan aged 11

The three best friends sat in the fields, their usual hangout, on the last day of primary school.

Sohan: I'm so happy that school is over now…6 weeks of holiday…yes!

Riddhima: Sohan! All you can think about is holidays?...Won't you miss our primary school days? I know I will…

Armaan: Yep…I'm going to miss it…but not so much – he throws a stone into the pond and looks at Riddhima – because I know that we will always be together – smiles

The relationship between Armaan and Riddhima had now grown to be more than just friends. Even though the two of them had not been able to understand what it really was but they had become very fond of each other in the past three years.

Sohan: Yep...we'll always be together…and Riddhima will always be there for us…

Part 41: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

They settled down and carried on chatting away, Nikita stayed quiet but Sid tried to cheer her up.

Sid: Hey... – making her look up with his whisper - wanna go for a walk... – she shook her head to say no - ...c'mon you'll feel better...

Sid stood up and held his hand out to her, everyone watched on as Nikita took his hand and stood up.

Sid: We'll be back... – Riddhima nodded as to say thanks

They walked away leaving Riddhima and Muskaan smiling mysteriously at each other.

 They walked around the park until they came to the pond, Sid asked her to take a seat on the bench and she followed his instructions but stayed quiet and looked out onto the water. He sat beside her quietly for sometime then gave her the opportunity to speak whatever was on her mind.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Part 1 & 2 : Anjaan Rishtey

A new day began in Sumurpur with the sun rising over the hills and the wind blowing through the trees with birds singing melodiously giving the new morning a fresh atmosphere. Two little boys aged seven ran through the fields with lunch boxes in their hands and rucksacks over their shoulders. Both their mothers walked behind them laughing at the two best friends and their usual sprint to school. They got close to the school and one of the boys who was behind stopped and bent over clutching his side as the other one ran faster and reached the gates first, he then looked back over his shoulder to see his friend almost crawling towards him. He stood up and laughed at him'

Armaan: Again'Sohan!!

Sohan: Why'are'you'so'fast? ' still trying to catch his breath

Armaan: I am the best! ' tugging at his collar

Sohan: I know'I know! But one day I'll beat you'just watch'

Armaan: I'm watching'

Part 39 & 40: Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 39

It was now four days since the Malik family had gone back home and Riddhima was finding the place extremely boring without them around, especially without Armaan. She would laze around the house being bored; she had decided that she would make the most of this holiday but without him she couldn't bring herself round to do much. She would start her day with a bit of yoga then once she was fresh she would have her breakfast and begin cooking which she enjoyed. After lunch she would read a book or watch a bit of television and then in the evening she would browse the web looking for something interesting. After dinner she would sit with her mum and watch Indian television serials which she found boring at first but then something clicked and she was eager to watch on.