Saturday, 30 May 2020

Part 49& 50 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 49

*Gupta house*

T.V: Breaking news!! We have just been informed that Mr Mayank will be arriving in India tomorrow morning…Mr Mayank…the most hated Indian will be returning to India after twenty six years…Mr Mayank…who has by far done nothing but insult his country, his nationality and his identity will be revisiting this country… - the hatred was visible on the news reporters face and the spitefulness could be heard from her voice - is there still place for him here in India? Will he be welcomed back into this country or will he be thrown…

But before the sentence was finished Dr. Shashank changed the channel and started to watch the promo of a new entry in a popular series while Padma and Nani exchanged glances. Shashank's eyes were now in deep concentration and worry lines appeared on his forehead but disappeared as quickly as it appeared when Ridz walked into the dinning room.

part 77 & 78 : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 77 

The next day the Gupta and Malik family started  with the wedding planning as they were all excited and wanted this to be a big wedding with all the rituals and functions and lots of guests as both of their youngest children were getting married. Nandani, Anjali and Armaan had come around to the Gupta house to start the planning; they all sat in the living room that afternoon going through the main details.

Nandani: First we'll have the engagement ceremony next week...two weeks before the let's plan that one first... – turning to Padma - many guest do you think...

Armaan: - cutting her off - ...No mum...

Everyone turned to look at him with curious looks and raised eyebrows wondering what was wrong with him suddenly.

Anji: What happened to you?

Friday, 29 May 2020

Part 47 & 48 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 47


*Farm House*

Early next morning the farm house was in full swing. Everyone was up and moving around making sure everything was ready for the big day. The girls were making special preparations outside where the main function was going to be held.

Muskaan: - running to Ridz - hey Ridz is everything ready?

Ridz: – smiling evilly - Yup madam the guys are in for a big shock!

Muskaan: Right…that'll teach them for intruding our party last night…

Ridz: I know…but you have to admit we had lots of fun last night…

part 75 & 76 : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 75

Out of nowhere a sudden tune started up and filled the hall and the person began to sing...

Asmani rang ho...pyar ki bhoond ho...roshni ho...dhoop ho...chahaton ki goonj ho...anchal main hain dhanak chandni...haaton main woh chand hain...gairon se bhi hai wasta...apno mein pehchan hain...

The music played on for some time and Riddhima moved forward to see who it was but the person still would not turn.

Mera izhaar hain...pyar hi pyar hain...yaaron ki yaar hain...tu zindagi... – slowly turning around to face the crowd - ...tujhse main kya kahoon...tu hi mera sukoon...sang tere rahoon...tu zindagi...

Just as the person turned to face the crowd the spot light went off and they were unable to see who it was; suddenly there was a loud bang of multi-coloured fireworks and out in the distance they all read:


Thursday, 28 May 2020

Part 45 & 46 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 45

Shashank walk in with Puneet and Sonia. She stood up and ran towards them with a big smile on her face.

Anji: PUNEET Chachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - she ran to him and gave him a big hug

Puneet: Hey my princess... – hugging her

She separated from him, looked to his side and was very surprised to see Sonia there. She gave her a hug and then started speaking as soon as she got her breath back.

Anji: Puneet chachu...I'm so happy that you came!

part 73 & 74 : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

part 73

Doc: She's still unconscious...not exactly in a coma but we'll give her another twenty four hours...if she does regain her consciousness then we'll come to a conclusion...excuse me...

The doctor walked away and Armaan watched as he went; as he turned he saw Shashank, Padma, Anjali, Vikram and Nandani standing there. Padma looked as if she was going to pass out any minute and they helped her to a seat while Vikram rushed off to get water for her.

Armaan: - thinking - ...Yeh sab mere wajah se huwa hain...she was stressed out because of me...I have led her to this situation...I can't believe this is all my fault...she loved me so much...and all I did in return was have her lying on a hospital bed...unconscious to the world... – praying silently - ...please make her well again...Riddhima...please wake up...wake up and punish me for all my wrong doings...but please wake up... – his eyes filled with tears...

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Part 43 & 44 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 43

*Gupta House*

The interns had decided to meet up at the Gupta House after their shopping spree to work on the wedding planning together. They made themselves comfortable in the living room relaxing after a long day and joined in the conversations.

Anji: So tomorrow we're all going to meet up at our Farm House ok?

Abhi: Sure…how are we getting there?

Ridz: Well dii, mom, Nani and me will be leaving tomorrow morning…we'll get there and make sure all the preparations for the guest are done then you guys can make your way little later on…

Rahul: Sounds good…

part 71 & 72 : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 71 

Once she had felt a bit fresh and looked decent she decided to go down to meet the guests. As she neared the living room the voices could be heard but she still could not make out who it was until she got to the bottom of the stairs and was met with a shocking surprise.

Padma: Lo Riddhima bhi agayi...

Shashank: Come Riddhima beta...we we're just waiting for you...tum hare liye ek bohot acha rishta aya hain...

Riddhima stood rooted to the spot as all heads turned to face her but one; and she felt a shiver go down her spine as he slowly turned to face her with a smile...

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Part 41 & 42 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 41

Muskaan: Nikki? What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Nikki shook her head and was about to turn around again but Muskaan held her and gave her a hug. At this Nikki broke down into tears which left Muskaan shocked and confused. She had never seen Nikki like this and it worried her…

Muskaan: Ssshh…Nikki it's ok…sshh stop crying…everything will be ok

Nikki: Kuch theek nahi hoga – sobbing on Muskaan's shoulder

Muskaan: Don't say that…everything will work out just fine…

Nikki: - moving back and wiping her tears – Nahi Muskaan…now nothing can happen…I've really messed up…he'll never forgive me…

part 69& 70: Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

part 69

This very eventful summer was coming to an end and suddenly Riddhima's life was being sorted for her and she felt very scared which made her take a quick decision. Before Ba and her family had left to go back home at the end of summer there was a small question about Riddhima's future which scared her; marriage. The entire family sat in the living room on the last evening going through the events of the summer when the subject came up.

Ba: The next time we come over I want to be celebrating again... - happily

Shashank: Celebrating...? – looking confused

Ba: it's my gudia's turn to get married...Padma we need to start looking for you have anyone in mind?

Padma: Ba...not yet... - slowly

Monday, 25 May 2020


A girl was sitting on her bed and was lost somewhere.


A girl was sleeping peacefully but her sleep got disturbed by a voice "Riddhima beta uth ja tayyar nahi hona kiya " she sat up "kis liye maa" she asked while again lying " Beta aaj Eid hai bhool gayi Mrs. Rumaisa ke ghar mai function hai chalo ab utho jaldi " padma made her sit up " maa itni subah thori na hoga " she said while rubbing her eyes and again tried to sleep padma hit her head with her hand " aaye bhagwaan kiya karon is larki ka riddhima 3 baj rahe hain subah nahi dopehar ho rahi hai " after saying this she left while riddhima woke up with a jerk "WHAT!!!"

Part 39 & 40 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 39

*Lunch time*

A man and lady entered Sanjeevani; they were talking in high pitched voices with a strong Punjabi accent. The lady was wearing a nice Punjabi suit; she was the man's wife. The man was walking swinging his hand and in the other hand he held a long gun.

Teji: What kind of hospital is this…looks like some office building…the hospital back in Patiyala is so much better than this…I don't know why Muskaan came all the way here to study…

Nurses passing by hissed at him to be quiet but he took no notice and carried on talking in his loud voice…

Sneha: Arre Teji keep your voice down…this is a hospital... - whispered

Teji: So what? This is my hospital…I mean my sister works here so its mine…

part 67 & 68: Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

Nikita listened to his words silently and took it in but she was still angry with him; she struggled again and he loosened his grip as he knew he was hurting her.

Niki: Let me go Abhi…

Abhi: First tell me that you love me…

Niki: Never… - angrily - …I don't love you…

Abhi: Look into my eyes and say that…

Niki: - looking into his eyes – No I don't…

Abhi suddenly let go of her hand, taking the shoes she walked out of the cabin and met Muskaan's cousin a little way away and gave her the shoes which she ran to show Rahul who gave them their gift money. Nikita stood back a little with these thoughts on her mind; Abhi's words echoed in her mind but there was something else she didn't know; their entire conversation was overheard by Sid who stood just outside of the cabin while they were inside…

Sunday, 24 May 2020

part 83 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima looks around the said “I think I’ll have to talk to Muskaan, I’m missing her so much like I can hear her voice”

“Arey but I can also hear it yar” Armaan said.

“Ammy where are you?” Rahul called.

“NO, NO. NO,,,, Rahul ki awaaz” Armaan shook his head trying to clear his mind.

“But yaha, wo log to,,,,,,,” Riddhima said but stopped by the interruption.

“Yaha hain, tumhare paas” Muskaan shouted entering into their room then terrace.

Part 37 & 38 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 37

Dr Keerti arrived right on time; exactly an hour later, just as she had said. She welcomed back Sapna a little strictly and went straight on to assigning duties to the interns.

Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan and Dr Nikita Special Ward

Armaan and Nikki: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul and Dr Atul Pediatric Ward

Atul and Rahul: Yes maam

Dr Keerti: Dr Riddhima and Dr Abhimanu General Ward

Ridz and Abhi: Yes maam

part 65& 66: Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 65

Abhi: That's great...hey Ridz... – giving her a side hug to which Armaan had to move her away - ...and you're still the same... – to Armaan, then looking around - ...and where's Niki...didn't she come?

Ridz: Woh kyun ayegi... – suddenly - ...aaj ladke wale usse dikhne ah rahe hain...

Abhi: What?????

 Rahul/Armaan/Muskaan: What??? – turning to face her

Ridz: Guys please...can we leave now... – looking down

Abhi: What is going on Ridz...? – curiously

Ridz: Armaan...let's go to the car at least...

Armaan: Okay come let's Abhi let me help you with the bags...