Saturday, 6 June 2020

OS : I Love You (One Shot)

Ridhimma, that's her name, the very name that has driven him to the verge of insanity. Her every word, every action, every feature has been sketched into his memory where he can't erase it. His heart possessed with the thought of only her happiness. He had kept contact with her from the moment Sid introduced them to each other, he was madly and deeply in love, the only predicament being she belonged to someone else; Sid, his cousin.
The wind blew fiercely through his black Ferrari hitting his Greek god features. He no longer had self control, he didn't know what or why he is driving towards her apartment at the dead of night but he knew he could no longer imprison is unvoiced love that was awake inside of him; he had to make her understand in order to withdraw the guilt and pain he was carrying.

PART:1 : MY prediction for AR rest story


It was a hospital room..there laid a girl on the bed.she had oxygen mask on her face and many wires were connected to her and the medical equipment beside her bed.The monitor was showing the pulse beat that shows the girl is alive..but she was laying there unconsious without any movement..shes in "COMMA"'

Some one entered from the door and took a seat next to her'

VOICE:Kyun ridzy..kyun???hamesha yeh sab tumhara saath hi kyun hota hain..
Her eyes startes to get wet..
VOICE:Meri choti si ridzy ko bhagwan ne itna dukh kyun diya hain..
Anjali was a very modern girl,,but she always loved her little sister and couldn't see her in this state..
ANJALI:Kaash tumhe us din kuch nehi hota'kaash tum wapas armaan ke paas jane ki zid na karthi'kaash???

Friday, 5 June 2020

part 3 : Filmy Love Story (ss)

Armaan reached her house at exact 6:00 p.m. and pressed the doorbell. The door opened and a shocking look appeared on Riddhima's face as she looked at him. Multi- expression in the form of joy, tears, happiness all one by one came on her face and this was followed by the last expression of ANGER- as the flashback of what happened the last time they had a conversation flashed in front of her eyes. How he had sidelined her when she tried talking to him. How he wasn't even answering the call when she tried calling him and how he pushed her away from him when she needed him the most.   

Without waiting for him to speak, she tried closing the door as Armaan wasn't letting her to do so.

"Riddhima...meri baat... to...?" Armaan said and screamed in pain "AAAHHH..." when his hand came in between the door. With her back towards the door, she quickly turned to look at the door as she heard his scream.  A sorry feeling erupted inside her as she saw the blood coming out of his hand.

Epilogue : Anjaan Rishtey


The Malik family had prepared everything for the party and their guest that day. They were just adding the final touches and getting dressed before the guests arrived. Ridz was the last one still rushing around making sure all the preparations were ready and everything was presented perfectly before making her way into her room to get dressed.

She entered her room and came across a very cute scene which made her stop right there, she took a mental picture and smiled. Armaan lay on the bed in a pair of three quarters and a vest top; he was half asleep lying on his side, next to him laid Riaan half on the bed and half in his arms playing silently with a soft toy. Ridz stood against the door frame and watched with a smile playing on her lips as the toy dropped from his hand, he slowly rolled over onto his side and started to play with his dad's face. Ridz carried on smiling; she walked over towards the bed and took Riaan into her arms and placed one hand on Armaan's cheek.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Part 2 : Filmy Love Story (ss)

"Armaan..." Both are shocked looking at the other's state.

"Sir..aap...yeh sab..kaise..." the anger was replaced by worry lines as he looked at him.

"Mujhe maaf kar do beta..main..meri wajah se..maine tum dono ko alag kar diya aur iski sazaa mujhe mil rahi hai.." With teary eyes, Shashank joined his hand for forgiveness. Armaan stood still, not knowing what to do. This was not what he had imagined when he came back. The arrogant man a year back was replaced by a weak person who was asking for forgiveness.

Last Part : Anjaan Rishtey

~*5 Years Later*~


Speaker: Dr Anjali, Dr Sapna and Dr Atul please report to the Dr Sharma's office immediately…

Anjali, Sapna and Atul reached the office at the same time. They looked at each other smiling knowingly, Atul knocked on the door and they entered.

Sachin: Come in…please sit down doctors…

They all sat down and waited for him to speak.

Sachin: As you all know we have been called on a very important top secret assignment…so I think we should all meet up at Gupta house first thing and should make a leave from there ok?

Sapna and Atul: Yes Dr Sharma

Sachin: You may leave now…

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Part 1 : Filmy Love Story (ss)

 "Armaan papa won't agree...Main baat kar chuki hoon and he is not agreeing.."  Turning him around, Riddhima grabbed his collar and told him with worry lines on her forehead as she had not applied the anti- wrinkle cream today.

"Par Riddhima...bhagna is not an option...maine kitna mehnat se ghar renovate karvaya hai...dusra ghar kahan se milega...meri to naukri bhi chali gayi hai..All thanks to your PAPA...hum bhag kar kahan jayenge.." Armaan replied as she fumed in anger at his talks.

"GHAR...GHAR...GHAR... jab dekho GHAR...meri koi value hai ki nahin tumhare life mein.." she asked as he continued giving her a silent treatment.

Part 57& 58 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 57


Ridz walked into Sanjeevani early the next morning feeling a little weird. She looked around as everyone carried on with their usual day to day activities; she walked through the corridors towards the locker room and stopped by Umar Bhai and Sister Lovely.

Ridz: Good morning… - smiling

Sister Lovely: Oh good morning Riddhima Ji

Umar bhai: Have you heard…there's been lots of confusion about Mr Mayank…lot's of people are talking…no one likes him living here…

Ridz: Yeh we've heard about that…but don't worry everything will be ok

Sister lovely: That's what I've been trying to say…

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

AR OS : Happy Ending?

 It was way past 12:00 in the night and no sight of her. He tried everywhere possible- her cell, workplace, her parents and the reply was same "she left a long time back".  With the different fields they were in it was not every day they get to see each other at night. It wasn't like she didn't knew- in fact he had told her last week about his schedule and reminded her this morning but no. "Maybe she forgot or must be busy" he thought knowing her nature of helping others, even if it means sacrificing her own sweet time.

He was about to call her one more time when the door opened. Getting up and turning around a smile formed on his lips which was soon replaced by a frown as he looked at the person standing at the door.

Part 55& 56 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 55

Everyone sat under the shaded area, spaced out in a neat circle, they grabbed a bottle from inside and made themselves comfortable waiting for the game to beginning. Abhi spun the bottle then sat back and watched along with everyone else as it stopped at Sachin.

Ridz: Truth or dare Jeej? – who sat opposite him with a cute smile

Sachin: Hmm…dare – challengingly

Everyone: Oooh!

Ridz: Ok Jeej…umm lets see – she glanced at Anji then back at him - When you look a dii what song do you feel like singing?

Monday, 1 June 2020

Part 53& 54 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 55 

*Locker Room*

The next day most of the interns were in the locker room bright and early waiting around for an announcement. All busy with their own thoughts. Armaan stood leaning back again his locker thinking about Ridz, where did she disappear yesterday, she said she would come to the terrace but she wasn't even in the hospital. Armaan had searched high and low all over the hospital looking for her, asking any and everyone if they had seen her but no one had any idea where she was.

The other interns were also missing Rahul, some didn't care but Atul and Muskaan also searched the hospital looking for him. Atul was worried about him and after thinking over it a million times Muskaan finally thought that she should speak to him, after all it was not his fault that he Mayank's son, and even if he was he was nothing like his father so why should he be blamed for the things his father did. But one thing that bothered her was the reason that Rahul had kept this a secret for a very long time. What worried her the most was that he was missing for a long time, he hadn't even come back to the apartment last night and he wouldn't answer her calls…where was he? Her thoughts were distracted when Atul spoke out loud making everyone look up…

Epilogue : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

Riddhima walked out of the room and went down stairs into the living room where she noticed Padma was already in the kitchen and she rushed to her.

Padma: Arre Riddhima betayou're up very early

Ridz: Mama - worried - my dress hasn't arrived yet - rambling on hurriedly - I don't know what I'm going to doeveryone else's dress which I designed arrived two weeks before their weddingand I gave my design in a long time agoand I can't believe they're doing this to mehow is this possible - close to tears - what's going to happen now
Padma: - walking over to her ...Beta...calm down...nothing is going to happen...first you come here and sit down... walking her to the kitchen table and settling her down in a chair - ...take a deep breath... getting her a glass of water - ...and have this...

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Part 51& 52 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 51


Dr Keerti, Rahul and Atul walked alongside the stretcher on which laid Somil and was being carried towards the operation theatre. They all looked ahead apart from Atul; he kept looking down at Somil. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Atul walking alongside him, he wanted to call out to him, to tell him to save me and tell him to free me from this pain. Atul's hand was pushing the stretcher, Somil's hand twitched a little to his left, close to Atul and he slowly squeezed Atul's finger to try and get his attention.

Atul felt his finger being squeezed and looked down, Somil was trying to open his eyes, and he was trying to say something.

Atul: STOP!! - suddenly

Last part : Arman aur Riddhima ka safar

The rest of the gang calmed them down then turned their attention towards the two love birds to see Armaan had snuck away while they were playing and was now feeding Riddhima piece of laddo very lovingly and she could not stop looking into his eyes.

Muskaan: Kuch toh karna parega...this is too much... – whispered to Naina

Naina: He took advantage of the game and snuck away to her...

Niki: I know...we need to make a plan to keep them apart...

Muskaan: Let's think of something...quickly...

Tannu: Leave it to me...

Early on the Sangeet morning Riddhima woke up to bright warm sunshine; she sat up in bed and stretched her arms out then remembered that she had mehendi on them; she brought them down and looked down at the dark colour as bits had peeled off. She brought it up to her face and smelled it then moved it back and looked closely at Armaan's name which was hidden in a way which only she could notice and she smiled as she saw the colour was almost black and she remembered what the aunties had said to tease her that night.