Saturday, 18 July 2020

Part 2 : Everything Happen for A Reason

He was zooming around crazily not knowing where to find her... He was getting impatient to see her... Thinking how she might be now, where the hell that bustard take and leave her in which state...

He check every possible place that they might go as she had told her everywhere they go together... Somehow he feels tonight, he wouldn't take her any place she knows before so it would be not easy to him to find her soon...

Part 18: Dill Ki Baat

"Baarat ageyi" a girl shouted from the distance. All the girls went rushing out of the room to welcome the baarat. Ridz sat down next to Krishna who had been unusually quiet all day, not understanding what had bought on the sudden change in character Ridz decided to interrogate further

Placing a hand on her shoulder Ridz stood behind Krishna in front of the mirror fixing her pallu at the same time. "Kya bhaat hai Krish, tum aaj itni udaas kyun ho?" she stopped what she was doing and gazed into krishna's eyes in the reflection of the mirror, to her amazement and shock Krishna's face lit up with a beautiful smile while her eyes filled up with tears. "Hey kya hua" Ridz turned Krishna around and hugged her affectionately

Friday, 17 July 2020

Part 1 : Everything Happen for A Reason


please mujhe chodo...' Girl was begging for mercy as she was trying to hide her self in her hands...

'Maine tumhara kya bigada hai...

Tum mere saat aisa kyu kar rahi ho... tum toh mujhse pyar...' but she was cut by the guy who was standing in front of her with her dupatta in his hand...

'Pyar...' He laugh evily while tears were continuously coming down from the girl eyes... Fears in her eyes...

Part 17 : Dill Ki Baat

Ridz stared at her phone sitting lifelessly next to her on the sofa, "Aek bhi phone nahi kiya" she thought miserably to herself. Ridz looked up as she saw Krishna laughing uncontrollably watching some programme on tele. She let out a long quiet sigh feeling depressed, Ridz had agreed to stay home all day with Krishna so that she doesn't feel lonely but was now kicking herself for being so nave to think that she could stay at home all day without missing Armaan once, thinking about Armaan she quickly got angry. Unable to control her emotions she punched the cushion which was lying innocently next to her. Krishna raised an eyebrow questioningly but didn't look at Ridz, she knew exactly what was wrong with Ridz but wasn't in the mood to put her out of her misery any time soon. Afterall it was all thanks to Ridz that Krishna was stuck at home, Padma had almost agreed to let Krishna go out shopping, but then Ridz had jumped in and said there's no need to go out, she will stay home with Krishna and keep her company.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

OS : When Love won over Terror

I still remember the day when she entered my life: 3rd July 2004

It was one of my like regular days, I got up, freshen up and got ready and hanged on the way to the college.It was the last, that means the 3rd year of my college was going on.It was my last year and I was definately sad about that fact, I mean COLLEGE was EVERYTHING for me. And my friends were my FAMILY. Because my original parents never gave a f**k about what I care or do ? Especially my dad, complete hypocrits.I've also got a lovingly 5 years younger than me sister,anjali .She is always on my side when I have a fight with them.

But that day on my way to college on the bike, I was riding my ultimate journey, I never knew what's gonna come up. Yeah ! It was dangerous.But It was the best day of my life.

Part 16 : Dill Ki Baat


 Anjali walked into the large decorated hall, the sangeet was well under way with girls laughing and dancing around the room. Anjali spotted Krishna and walked over to congratulate her

Anjali: "Krishna babe" she bent down and hugged Krishna affectionately. Just then a girl who was sitting near to Krishna turned around hearing the voice

Ridz: "Anjali? tum yaha?" Ridz and Anjali looked at each other shocked and amazed for and amazed. Almost instantly the confusion disappeared and Ridz stood up and hugged Anjali

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

OS : Mere BF ki Dulhan

A:Basket'tum mujhse pyar karti ho na?

R:Karti thi'Aur, pyar nahi wo 'wo ek aadat thi.Aisi adat jisne mujhe sirf dukh diya hai.And to be honest'mai thak chuki hun shona.Thak chuki hun  tumhari governess banke.Subah uthte hi shona jaldi utho, breakfast theek se karo, gadri dheere se chalao. For god's sake I need some bloody time for myself.

A:(bit annoyed)Ya right'keh to aise rahi ho jaise khud perfect ho. Har baat pe das sawal.(imitating her)Kahan ja rahe ho?Kyun jaa rahe ho? Acha, tumhe pata bhi nahi kahan jaa rahe ho.

Kabhi kabhi to lagta hai mai apni gf nhi nani ma ke sath reh raha hun.Man to karta hai ki'

Part 15 : Dill Ki Baat

Ridz was shocked by what she saw in the mirror, it seemed like this was the first time she had really looked at herself properly. The young woman smiling back at her looked so mature and grown up, dressed in a simple white sari with pink embroidery, there was an innocent beauty about the woman. Ridz reached forward to touch the soft skin of the woman in front of her; she was amazed that the mirror could lie so well when she had such great difficulty. Ridz lifted the earrings that Armaan had bought with the sari and gently put them on, the long pink and crystal stoned earrings seemed to glimmer from behind her hair, looking in the mirror she felt something was missing, but what...

Krishna walked up behind Ridz and hugged her tightly,
K: "My sweet Ridhu, aaj aap bohot khoobsurat lagrehe hai". Ridz blushed back as tears of affection came to her eyes.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

OS : Destinated to be together (Last Part )

It's 12:31 in the afternoon n we all were on the lunch table but still I was missing someone but who??
OMG where is he??he never would misses out his favourites cooked by me I know tat.Has something happened to him.I'm getting worried about him,hope he is fine.
So,I went to his room to call him for the lunch!Entered in to finding him out but I didn't spotted him their.May be he has gone down..but luk wat a mess he has created around!When he'll change his habits,of spreading everything over.
Picked up those clothes,it had still the smell lyk he was near,why I was having still tat kind of attraction for him I have a fear,so I quickly folded them,n was in hurry to go down but accidently my dupatta was stucked in the cupboard wat was it tat still hold.
I found a book out their may be it wanted something to share,opened it up n removed my thread,found our name written in Red!n a heart drawn around with an arrow making us connected n it reflected his luv for me,as a bird humming our song on the tree.I opened it with shiver coming inside me.

Part 14 : Dill Ki Baat

R: "Morning Jaanu"

A: "Hmmm, morning beautiful" still half asleep

R: "Kya bhaath hai, poora din sonne ki iradha hai kya"

A: "Honey... iss mein mera kya dhosh hai... agar tum sirf meri sapno mein hi mujhe milne aogi to main to hamesha aise hi sota rahunga" Armaan snuggled further under his covers with phone still on his ear.

Ridz bent over and whispered in his ear "Sirf sapno mein hi mujhe miloge". Her warm breath tickled his ear as she whispered this.

Armaan's eyes shot open. In one swift move Armaan turned around and pulled Ridz into bed. He started tickling Ridz who was in turn laughing and wriggling to get out of his grip. Armaan stopped after much begging from Ridz side.

Monday, 13 July 2020

OS : Destinated to be together (Part 2)

The next day
We were treating those little frnds of us..his eyes had more shine than yesterday..something had change between us for sure.
But we r frnds now but still y do I have tat kind of attraction for him..y couldn't I concentrate on my work...y my eyes r still on him..cumon Ridhima we r frnds now I shouldn't be thinking lyk this for him..
She goes towards him n said Hi!n He replied me with a dimpled smile..I's been age's sinces I saw those dimples on his face,he luked so lyk u can't think lyk this's not rite to think about him lyk this..
So she continued treating her patients...
In the evening,a restless kind of Atmosphere was going on in there minds which were now preparing themselves as a 'Frnd'.

Part 13 : Dill Ki Baat

Ridz was shocked to see the person in the car "Armaan... tum yaha kya karehe ho? Tumhari toh night duty taa na"

A: "Hmm, lekhin meine bhadal di. After all senior Dr hone ki kuch toh faide hone chahiye, right jaani" He winked at her saying this.

R: "but..."

A: "Offo basket, yeh saab bhaadh mein, jaldhi andhar bheth jao, baarish bohot horahi hai" he stepped out of the car and went around and held the passengers side door open. Ridz quietly sat inside and Armaan started driving.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

OS : Destinated to be together (Part 1)

My mind is disturbed with her thoughts..
Her smile will give me a new beginning,her confused eye still had tat luv for sure..but her fathers decision is wat her destination..and mine I have lost for only goal was u..
But it seems lyk an impossible dream to come true..I may drive alone a new road to start a new lyf..but my soul will remain with u..n some days u'll be mine too!
Father I have taken this decision n this is my final one..I'll be living my lyf alone serving those Angles of God!I'm leaving for the orphanage n that's for one can stop me now..not even u're luv..I'm destinated to be alone n tat fact I have taken without anyones fear!
On my way,my bus had a engine failure,it seemed to me tat in my lyf everything is going to be exting!The road seemed so long n my destination no where around..tried of those thoughts I sat down on the grey floor.
I was driving my way with agony!saw her there lyk waiting for me..was it my dream or was she there for real..stopped the car!It's no dream she is there waiting..wat happened,wat r u doing in the middle of path..

Part 12 : Dill Ki Baat

R: "Apne aap ko samajhta kya hai" Ridz tossed a pillow from one side of the room to the other

K: "Arre isme itna gussa honeko kya hai, galthi hogeya bechara ko" Krishna picked up the pillow and placed it back on bed where Ridz was sitting fuming at Armaan. Krishna just sat there laughing at Ridz's state.

R: "Ha ha, tum toh abh uske hi side loge na, tumhari hone wali babhi ki jo cousin nikhla, itne yaad rakhna Maya Di, Armaan aur Shiv, in saab se pehle mein tumhare dost hu". Ridz turned her face pouting