Saturday, 1 August 2020

Part 10 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

Ridhima's words couldn't stop the tears in his eyes, after all he was her dad but he had to be strong for his daughter. He took them inside and hugged her tight, only then padma came and seeing her daughter like this she got worried and asked

"arrey ridhima beta kya hua tum ro kyu rahi ho?"
Everyone was silent no one said a word, just ridhima's sobbing could be heard in the room
"tell me kya hua? Kyu ro rahu hai ye?" she again inquired from shashank by the time he could reply nani came in and as soon as she saw ridhima she asked armaan
"arrey kya hua meri bacchi ko armaan tumne phir tang kia kya?" but when she noticed the everyone was serious shegot hell scared"kya hua armaan bol?"

confusion cleared : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

well, many people have small confusion about the last two parts, first in the recap i wrote that aman tried to rape ridz n second when ridz said that she has been raped, well may be it's my fault only may be the scene with aman was not properly  defined okay no problem i'll make some changes in it and i am doing it here only so guys, hope this clears your confusion. And guys let me tell you that this one is not a proper rape types thing as armaan comes on time to save her, but still aman did some thing which could be called as rape.

ridhima was still in his arms but was not liking whatever was going that guy wasn't leaving her albiet she tried a hundred times. She was still trying to get out of his hold
"choro mujhe....choro....tumhari problem kya hai....kyu, k......kyu tum mere saath esa kar rahe ho?"ridhima said with fear in her voice and tears in her eyes
"meri problem, hmmm./......well meri problem hai tumhara boyfriend. DR.ARMAAN MALLIK" the unknown person said with rage in his eyes against armaan (and now that's pretty clear that's not armaan)
"please choro mujhe choro......."

Part 1: Jalan

It was a beautiful Monday morning; Monday, the day everyone dread's. The sun was piercing through the window disturbing an angelic Ridhimma's sleep, unable to withstand the intense shine on her face making her utterly uncomfortable, she opened her almond green eyes now awake from her dreams. Disappointed to see the morning had come after all today was the day she had feared; her first day at a new college. She looked at her time, happy to know that she had successfully woken up at 6.30am, she was never a morning person but today she needs to make an effort if she was to be accepted by her peers into the college. She took a quick shower slipped into a beautiful red shalwar and kameez, her long dark hair out and in soft waves, her makeup simple only consisting of eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss. With her daily morning routine done she began to drive to Cardige College, her heart beating faster by the second as she got closer to the college, the sickening feeling of nerves and doubts  was now swimming in Ridhimma's stomach, and she took glances of herself in the mirror now self conscious of her image.  Only few more anxious minutes til she reached the college.

Friday, 31 July 2020

part 9 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

the sun shone brightly and disturbed the beautiful couple who were still sleeping in each other's embrace but ignored it. Armaan felt his something hurting his was paining and it felt as if some part of his bad was being pierced, he opened his eyes and the vision in front of his eyes welled up his eyes.

He saw his ridhima still sleeping in his arms but the expression on her face was really upsetting, he saw ridhima rolling up her knees trying to hide herself with fear and the thing that was hurting armaan's chest was ridhima's nails as she was clutching his shirt tighter and tighter. She hid herself more in armaan's embrace...and started murmuring in sleep

"ridhima mai yahi hu ridhima tumhare pass, utho ridhima" he knew that visions from last night was disturbing his basket

Thursday, 30 July 2020

part 8 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

ridhima thought a lot about it!!! she was scared but at the same time she kinda felt armaan was right at some point.But when armaan saw her ridhima like this he convinced her that it was fine and he was just kidding so that she could concentrate on her work.But when armaan saw ridhima looking so beautiful standing in front of her...he just forgot about that and just wanted to go and kiss her.So he touched this topic!!!!

 so armaan in walking towards her slowly while ridhima was thinking about the kiss

 A(still walking)-basket yaad aaya?

R-ummm,...armaaa...(she was moving back as armaan was coming close to her)

A-bolo basket!! yaad aaya?

R(now ridhima could not move any further as the wall of her stopped her to move)-ha...wo armaan...ha!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

part 7 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

In sanjeevani

AR reach the hospital they are walking in the corridor to reach their office and were just talking
R-armaan mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai Mai kuch bhool rahi...kuch bohot important
A-ha mujhe bhi aisa lag raja hai!!! Kahi aaj hamari shaadi to nahi?
R-armaaa(before completing she just stopped and widened her eyes) ohhh no armaan
A-kya hua?
R-armaan hum to Rahul muskaan ko unke office se bahar nikaal na ho bhool gae
A(shocked)ohhh no basket jaldi chalo pata nahi ab tak to unhone ek dusre ka khoon hi kar dia hoga

As soon as they realize their mistake they both just run to their office

Fire escape

Samica still sitting their thinking about the same incident
S(to herself)-urghhh... Ye Maine nishant se kal kya keh dia? Kaha Khoi hui thi Mai? Ab Mai uska samna kese karungi? Kya kahungi Mai usse? Kahi Mai usse sach Mai to...??????

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

OS : Made for Each Other

She descended down the stairs clad in a Purple saree designed in sequins and white stones. She had applied light makeup on her face, highlighting her green eyes. She wore platinum bangles studded with small diamonds, her mangalsutra shining in her slender neck, along with a simple diamond necklace, with matching earpiece. Armaan looked at his beautiful wife with open mouth and dreamy eyes admiring her. He was spell bounded by her. Riddhima felt her husband's intense gaze on her and looked up at him. He smiled seeing her cheeks crimson and mouthed "I love you" to her. He blew a flying kiss to her and she lowered her eyes in shyness. Her cousin Anjali's husband, atul, who was standing beside armaan nudged him and said, "Armaan, even rahul is not ogling at his bride muskaan like you are gawking at riddhima. Stop it yaar". "She is my wife, I will stare at her as much as I want. You go to hell" he said irritated by the disturbance, making atul chuckle.


part 6 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

general ward

lavnaya had her duty their and she was just checking the patients. On the other hand ankit was on rounds as soon as he reaches the general ward he sees lavanya standing and was not able to get his eyes off her,he wanted to but was so lost in her beauty...suddenly he saw a patient trying to flirt with her and she was not comfortable with it

L-please aap ye injection lagwa lee jie mujhe jaana bhi hai
PATIENT-phir to mai injection kabhi nahi lagaunga aap gai to mera kya hoga
L-dekhiye mai aapki doctor hu or aap mere patient to please ek patient ki tarah hi behave ki jie
P-arrey patient ki tarah hi to behave kar rahe...vo bhi dill ke kyunki kisi ne mujhe usse chura lia hai

Monday, 27 July 2020

part 5 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

In armaan's car
AR have reached ridhima's place
R-thank you armaan kal milte hai
A-well!!!aisa to ho nahi sakta kyunki kal hame chutti Mili hai bhool gai???
R-oh!! Ha
A-iska matlab hum kal nahi mil paenge? oh no!!!!!
R-chalo armaan ab Mai chalti hu or plan yaad hai na tumhe?
A-ha ha
She was going out of the car but armaan held her hand and said-oye basket
A-tum kuch bhool nahi rahi
A-yaad karo dhang se
R-mai kuch nahi bhool rahi armaan
Armaan gets angry and telss her to leave
R-or ha armaan...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Epilogue : Everything Happen for A Reason


Riddhima was sitting in her room near the window looking outside...
She was thinking about her life as from the last one year, it had changed a lot... She never thought her life would be so perfect after Armaan comes in her life as her life partner...
She was happy that day she agree to get married to him when he propose and Armaan was right, everything happen for a reason...

It was more then a year for that incident but still somewhere in the corner of her heart, that moment is capture...
Riddhima forget about it when Armaan was always around him, but whenever she get alone and think about her life, she feel blessed...
Sure the moment bring shivers run down her spine as if it happen few minutes ago, but after what happen always bring a smile on her face...

Sunday, 26 July 2020

part 4 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

Armaan and ridhima reach lonavla orphanage they were just ignoring each other very badly so they just go to their respective rooms

Ridhima's room

Ridhima was talking to herself-ye armaan samjhta Kya hai apne aap ko,Jab usse mujhse maafi maangni chahiye thi tab vo mujhse ladhne laga...urghhh...I hate him
Ab tum dekhna DR.armaan mallik Mai tumhara kya haal karti hu!!!!!

scene shifts to rahul and muskaan

R-muskaan vo...ummm...vo...mai vo...kal raat
Muskaan  cut him in between-mai jaanti hu tu kya kehna chahta hai aur kal raat hamare beech aisa kuch nahi hua jisse tu apne aap ko zimmedaar theh raye
rahul smiles and hugs her

scene shifts to armaan's room

Last Part : Everything Happen for A Reason

They saw Armaan with others were beating down the mans...
Suddenly one of the man took a gun which was drop near by the grass and aim it to Armaan... Nikki and Riddhima saw it and Riddhima don't know wht happen...
'Armaan...' Riddhima and Nikki shouted and everyone stop fighting and look at Armaan whose back was towards the man who pointed the gun towards him... Riddhima run to him and next moment they heard shot of the gun...

Girls closed their eyes of fears while the guys didn't know wht to do next... Everyone were stachu on their position...
The man who was pointing the gun to Armaan, he smile and gun fell from his hand... His another hand was on his stomach and slowly he was down on the floor... Dead...
'Armaan...' Riddhima call armaan name who pull him away from where he was standing... Girls open their eyes to see both Armaan and Riddhima safe and guys run towards them followed by the girls...
'Tum dono tik hona...' Anjali asked...