Saturday, 8 August 2020

Last Part : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

She stood up and left from there and stood by the window, which threw a cool breeze in letting her hair flow with the wind. His cold fingers came in contact with her arm and slid up to her shoulder, moving his hand up, he removed the hair that sat on her neck and moved it to the other shoulder making her shudder. His hand moved so slowly that it tickled her, his lips softly touched her shoulder and moving up it touched her neck then her jaw line. He moved his hand from her shoulder to her chin, moving her face in his direction to which she completely turned and looked in his eyes.

part 14& 15 : Jalan

part 14

After that tragic day exactly two weeks ago, they barely kept contact and avoided each other at any cost, but it was hard; his memories haunted her during day and night no matter how hard she tried to run away from it. She began waking up lifelessly, rubbing off the dried tear that stained her face; she walked slowly towards the bathroom. After conducting her morning routine, she made a call to the hospital asking if Rohit was fine, they informed her that he would be able to leave the hospital in a week.

She dressed herself in dark green shalwar and kameez, and began driving towards the college, her mind only thinking about Armaan, she dreaded going to college after that day, her heart seemed to twitch in excite at the sight of him especially now that they are a part of the same group. This worried Ridhimma who was willing to move on, but his smile, his eyes, his gesture, he just made her weak. With his constant thoughts she arrived at the college, parking her car, she made her way to her first class.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Part 16: Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

She opened her eyes, to the sun rays peeking through the curtains of their room and found herself in her golden wedding lehnga and enclosed  cosily in Armaan's arms and she smiled at his cute face. Remembering what happened last night she laughed a bit, as she remembered their friend's mischief and the way Armaan frowned but felt bad soon as she realized she had slept, but what's her fault she was tired. Poor Armaan. She stood up and went for a bath to finally start her day and life as Ridhima Mallik.

Peeking out of the bathroom she looked around tensed because as a habit she had left her clothes on the bed, checking the room she saw Armaan was still sleeping.

part 12& 13 : Jalan

Part 12

14 hours later night had arrived making Ridhimma entirely discomposed. During the day, she had been going around the house keeping herself busy and away from his gaze, she had done odd jobs around the house and now everything had been neatly taken care of, she cursed herself knowing she no longer could hide from him.
The right thing that's what he should have done, he should have left and given her space and time to think but his heart took control of him before he knew it, words blurted out and his actions forced him to stay offcourse making him the happiest person on planet.  He knew she would be afraid more so nervous, especially now that her "chores" no longer could be used as an excuse to not be around him.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Part 15: Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

"Kya?" Shouted Ridhima shocked she couldn't believe what she heard. What had happened to Armaan he was never liked this, why would he do this? It's his bachelor party but what Muskaan told her was the limit. She was disgusted and was on the verge of crying.

"Haan Ridhima yakeen toh mujhe bhi nahi hua tha, par mene khud suna hai"

"Muski, I believe you bas mujhe ye samajh nahi aa raha Armaan ko kya ho gaya hai?" She was really hurt she had never expected something like this from Armaan.

part 10 & 11 : Jalan

part 10

A heated hour of passion had passed by but no sight of slowing down was reached by the pair. Their warm naked bodies colliding against each other in desire, their crazed enthusiasm covered by a red thin silky fabric that seemed to toss at every turn their bodies made. Ridhimma completely breathless under his hot disorderly gasp that crawled along every corner of her skin, his lips ardently planting kisses at every position his eyes fell upon. Her hands grasped his back scratching him with sharp nails as he deepened himself inside her making her mourn in pleasure. His lips now brushing hers fervently, his body now aggressive completely turned on by her reaction, the bed shaked vigorously as their bodies became more violent.

The night conceded with rising passion and desire that was fuelled by their love for each other. She woke up with her eyes dreamy and dazed, his breaths stinging her neck as he was on top of her peacefully sleeping while his arms engulfed around her bare waist sending shivers within her, a slow smile crept in her lips remembering the nights events, she took sigh of relief that it was no dream.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Part 14: Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

She lied down in her bed thinking about his prince charming and waiting for him to come very soon as she cannot wait more. She has been dying for him to come and talk to his dad but Armaan is Armaan he can never be punctual and she knew that very well. She thought of calling him but then stopped thinking why would she call him? He is late he should be calling her.

 Now she was getting angry and angry Armaan was already half an hour late and now she was getting impatient. It was about their marriage and Armaan was again late and that pissed her off. But when another half an hour she was getting tensed bad thoughts were popping up in her mind. She was getting heck scared. She no more could wait. She fetched her phone and started dialling his number when suddenly she heard the doorbell.

She ran outside her room and ran to the main door and as she opened the door she heaved a sigh of relief. Finally Mr.Armaan mallik was here. She just hugged him tight and started sobbing quietly.

part 8 & 9 : Jalan

part 8

Her eyes did believe what she had seen or felt, to reassure herself she pulled herself out of the hug and muttered "Rohit?", her eyes on his face, those dark blue eyes staring her down, she knew he was there but it felt like an illusion. An illusion she wished was never there, not now at least. The smirk on his face grew wider into a smile; he just pulled her into another hug, holding her tightly, he just said "Yes, Ridhimma.... surprise" cheerfully. Her body shaking hysterically in guilt, Rohit's hold of her didn't seem the same anymore, in his arms she felt flawed now that Armaan's scent was sealed in her every breath. She wasn't herself; she wasn't the Ridhimma Rohit loves.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Part 13 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan





"kya hai armaan?" ridhima shouted on top of her voice with a frown on her face.

"swimming pool hai basket"

"ha armaan vo to mujhe bhi dikhta hai"

Part 6 & 7 : Jalan

part 6

Their bodies now swinging in the harmonious beats of soft romantic music, lost in each other's eyes unaware of movements of others surrounding them, unknowingly both spoke through their eyes. Words did not fit in the situation as both bodies were swaying in the same rhythm, his hands around her petite waist, hers around his neck just dancing delicately.

When loud noises caught their attention making them jump out of the position they were in, both blushing painfully, looking around the room to hide their embarrassment.  A louder noise made them realise that the crowd was calling his name out ' HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYY BIRRRRTHHHDAYY ARMAAAN' said the crowd when a girl slowly emerged in front of his gaze holding a big cake while a close friends of his came behind her holding a tray of vodka shots. He shot them a wide smile of his and began proceeding cutting the cake, a maid served others. After everyone finished eating the cake, Rahul a close friend of Armaan's grabbed several vodka shots presenting it in front of Armaan and Ridhimma, she looked at him in suspense not knowing what he was going to do. He just smiled showing his dimples and blinked to show that he was going to drink. She didn't know how to act or say, she just raised her eyebrows then smiled.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Part 12 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

The sun shone brightly and they rays fell on her face making her look more beautiful and especially that smile was the cherry on top of the cake. It was after so many nights that she slept so peacefully, maybe the first morning after so many days when she was not scared of her dreams and had a sweet smile playing on her lips and that was the best of all.

She slowly opened her eyes finally giving up on her efforts to beat the sun, she streched her arms and slowly got up and saw something unexpected which made her jerk and shout a bit but before she could call her whole family to her room, her mouth was covered by a masculine hand and as she realized who the person was she finally took a sigh of relief.

She removed his hand from her mouth

Part 4 & 5 : Jalan

Part 4

The next day began just as bright as the previous, the only difference was that this time Ridhimma woke up with a big smile on her face knowing today she had a friend with her in college. She got up in a jiff with thoughts of yesterday of how her and armaan instantly became great friends in no amount of time, this gave her security, she didn't know why but his existence had all of sudden became a necessity for her, she was smiling listening to her thoughts when she was disturbed by a sharp sound she soon realized it was her phone she immediately run to it.

She flipped open her sleek black phone, it was a text message, she opened it:


                                                            Missing you as always,

                                                    Hope you settled well in college.

                                                                       Call me, Rohit.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Part 11 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

Ridhima's room

The sun  shone and it's shine reflected the sadness on the couple's face but still their hearts are happy as they have each other. Armaan's beautiful basket opens her eyes slowly just like a small baby, she opened them slowly and saw his life sleeping beside her hugging her but she felt bad that he was unhappy because of her. She caressed his hair, looked at him and felt really lucky to have and placed a tiny-winy kiss on his forehead which brought a smile on his face and he loved it this way.

"i am sorry armaan meri wajah se tumhe bhi bohot bura lag raha hai please mujhe maaf kardo. Par i promise you armaan aaj se mai tumhe udaas rehne ka mauka hi nahi dungi bas bohot ho gaya mai tumhe aur udaas nahi kar sakti" she was talking to herself as she was sick and tired of being sad.
"sachi?"he suddenly opens hi eyes happily.

Part 2& 3 : Jalan

part 2

Class was now done and lunchtime had come, she was observing the place when her eyes landed on a familiar scene; Armaan Malik chatting up some girls she smiled and laughed at him, he simply doesn't give up she said under her breath remembering the mornings incident. She looked around the place and did not know anyone close enough to her that she could hang out with, saddened by this fact she missed her friends closing her eyes she remembered ' Muskaan, Angali, Niki, Abhi , Rahul , Atul and especially Rohit' she smiled to herself just thinking about them, when she opened her eyes she was frightened to see a man right in front of her smiling she soon realize it was Armaan and sighed. Everyone was chattering about them as soon as they sighted them together thinking they would cause another scene but surprised by the fact that they were talking in a friendly conduct She could hear them whisper.  "Her name is Ridhimma she is in my Medical class" said one, while others would just stare at them awkwardly.