Saturday, 29 August 2020

Part 2 : Khwabon ki Manzil (ss)

 Diary pata hai woh thoda naughty bhi tha.aksar homework karkay nahin laata tha aur class main karta din bilogy kay perirod mein humnay seats change kar li thin aur woh mere paas wali row mein baitha tha.He was grumbling making diagrams.Awe he was looking sooooooo cute .mera dil kar raha tha ki uskay gal pyaar se kheenchoon.par nahin aisa nahin kar sakti main.I slowly asked him if he wanted any help.

P: arey yaar yeh diagrams kitna time letay hain bananay mein I just hate them.

I said:" lao main bana doon.

I still remember his lightened face

Friday, 28 August 2020

Intro & Part 1 : Khwabon ki Manzil (ss)


Dear diary,

aaj mainay itnay saalon kay baad tumhain yaad kiya.I'm sorry par kya

karoon main apni har feelings tumsay share karti thi lekin class 10th

kay baad meri duniya hi badal gayi.jab hum alag huey fir meri himmat

hi nahin hui ki main tumsay dobara baat kar sakoon lekin kal kal meri

shaadi hai.Aaj itni nervousness ho rahi thi ki tumhain yaad kiye bina

mujhey chain nahin milta.kitna kuch bataya hai na mainey tumhain.tum

hi toh mere dil ki saari baatein janti thi.awe I missed u sooooooo dekhoon toh mainey kya kya likha hai ek baar.

She turned around the pages from the beginning.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Last Part : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 Armaan handled everything…………….he told everyone that they both need the time to come to a decision……Riddhima felt more proud of him………he truly understands her and moreover that…….he gave her the courage to fight…..from her memories, past…..for her beautiful memories, she will make in coming future and for her life…

Smriti, Shashank, Anjali and Atul were quite happy with this proposal………and just waited for answer………..Riddhima's answer that can bring more pleasure into there lives…..and as well as of………………………………………Armaan

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Part 3 : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 **Tring Tring**

hearing the phone bell, smriti stop cutting vegetables and rush to it………… she hold the phone in her hand…she started



Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Part 2 : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 Armaan slowly drove his new BMW, his parents gifted him……………Minnee was totally engrossed in her ice-cream cup……Armaan smiled seeing his little ever adorable sister and ruffled her hairs……which she didn't mind as she love armaan as much as he do

Armaan look ahead when he saw a car, standing on the one side of the door and felt someone working in its engine………he slow down his car and make a light brake right beside that car…...He pressed the window button and it get down as he look out and said

Last part : my every breathe in ur name

(Adult content is present. Advisable for those above 16!)


Armaan's POV

As soon as we reached our home, I closed Riddhima's eyes with my fingers and instructed her to walk forward. "Armaan! What is this? Take your hands off my eyes." She protested at first, ordered next and finally pleaded me. I smiled to myself but never took my hands off her eyes. "Shhh Basket. Please keep quite. I have a gift for you." I whispered in her ears. She trembled slightly when my lips brushed against her ears and I loved it.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Part 1 : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 "Riddhima, you have to marry now……….Either our choice or yours…..but this time, no excuse" Riddhima's mother give her an ultimatum

"But mom, I need to complete my studies first and then I am planning to do my practice, as what I learned all these years………I don't want to let it go down like this" Riddhima said sitting….opening her book infront of her as her mother started

"You definitely going to be a good lawyer as your excuse seem really genuine but we are not like those stupid judges, who just lingered the cases by giving dates and more dates…" Riddhima felt helpless but her mother was determind………..seeing her sad face, Smriti sit down beside her and move her hand affectionately on her hairs

part 15 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 15 :The most waited day of my life

Armaan's POV

I was shocked at the person who stood at my door. "Sid? You here? This early?" I mumbled not expecting him at that time.

"Hi" said Sid with a smile.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize that I was blocking the way in. "Oh! Yeah come in" I walked him inside. "Sorry, I was a bit lost as few of my friends came to meet me after a long time." I tried to explain something.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

part 13 & 14 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 13: You are my everything


Armaan's POV

'Riddhima was standing in a red sari – sauce wala red, looking gorgeous as always and I was in white Kurta. She was very happy about something and so was I. She walked towards me but I was still, grounded at the place where I was standing. I tried to move towards her but in vain. Atleast I was glad that she was coming towards me. I held out my hand to reach her. When she was about to reach me, something pulled her back. Later I noticed that it was myself who was being pulled back, very strongly. I tried to reach her again but in vain. After a moment I saw her presence fading away and she vanished completely. I kept screaming her name to find her, but she was gone – leaving me alone.'