Saturday, 5 September 2020


 Padma smiled seeing Shashank accepting Armaan's request but she still was not sure as to how things will be done in such a short span of time.So she thought to interrupt and talk to Armaan.

P: Armaan tumhare jazbaton ki main qadr karti hoon aur samajh sakti hoon ki apne pyaar se alag hona kaisa lagta hai lekin beta shadi abhi kaise hogi.Itni saari tayyariyan karni hoti hain,panditji ko bhi toh dekhna hoga aur shubh muhurat bhi toh zaroori hai.

Armaan smiled and putting his arms around her shoulder he made her sat on the seat once more making himself confortable on the chair next to her.

Friday, 4 September 2020


 Note -

After the final proposal by Ridz ,I'm continuing this one shot which is divided in two parts. hope you will like it.

part 1 

They could not believe that after going through so many things finally they are together.Just a few minutes before Riddhima proposed Armaan on her knees.Everything that had went wrong since the past one year was made absolutely right just in a fraction of seconds.

Both felt as if they were dreaming.A few hours before,Riddhima was thinking of going away from her life and Armaan was determined not to stop her.But fate always brings unexpected surprises. The moment Armaan realized what his basket actually wanted to say to him,the tme slipped and he felt that he had lost her forever.The instant Riddhima came back to Sanjeevani to bid a final good-bye,she

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Epilogue : Khwabon ki manzil

 Five years later.

A boy was running after a girl.

Boy: Arima stop plz.

Girl: no bhaiya.agar main rukoongi toh aap mujhey marogi.

They were running like crazy n then the girl entered her mom's room.

She id herself in the wardrobe of her mom.

The boy searched for her in the room n then went out.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Last Part : Khwabon ki manzil

 Armaan was missing riddhima badly.He was just waiting for the evening wen he'll go n get back his love.

Just enjoy the song while the love birds are away.

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Part 7 : Khwabon ki manzil

 Part 7 

Armaan n Ridz got seperated from the hug n riddhima wiped his tears.

RI: ab kyun ro rahey ho ab toh sab theek ho gaya hai na.

AR: ya u r right.pata hai aaj se pehlay mainay kabhi bhi is baaray mein baat nahin ki lekin aaj pata nahin kyun dil ne kaha ki tumhain apni saari bata doon.

RI: Armaan tum ek bahut hi qabil aur achey insaan hoon aur main bahut lucky hoon ki mujhey tum miley ho.ab dobara toh mera saath nahin chodogay na.

He hald both hands of hers firmly..

AR: kabhi nahin.

Monday, 31 August 2020

Part 5 & 6 : Khwabon ki manzil

 Part 5

just enjoy this song in the background imagining the wedding of Riddhima wid Armaan completing all the rituals.

Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke

Mathe Uthe Jhumkar Dame

Palka Uth Diya Ne Thum Thum Ke

Main Vari Vari Java

Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke

Mathe Uthe Jhumkar Dame

Palka Uth Diya Ne Thum Thum Ke

Main Vari Vari Java

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Part 3 & 4 : Khwabon ki manzil

 part 3 


tumhain toh poata hai na ki tenth mein hamein ek bhi din holiday nahin milta tha.sundays ko extra classes hoti thin.15 days ko chod kar poory summer hamnay extra classes attend ki hain.

well summers kay baat toh sundays wali extra classes better hi lagi theen.ghar par poora din thoda bore hojatey they.sab ladkiyan jeans top skirts etc pahenti theen lekin mkain main hamesha suits prefer karti thi.pata nahin kyun but I felt most comfortble in suits.Nidhi toh kehti thi ki main woh din ka wait karegi jab main usey western outfit mein nazar aaungi aur main bolti ki aisa kabhi nahin hoga.He used to wear very gud dresses.I luvd his style of dressing.He lukd gud in anything he wore.I liked his vilolet shirt n black jeans a lot.White shirt n blue jeans also suits m\him well n many more.uff kya kya bataun uski toh har baat nirali thi siwaye us Nancy chipku kay.