Saturday, 12 September 2020

Intro & part 1 : My new Journey

introduction ( THIS IS THE BAANAR  plz check it 

the malik family

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Last Part : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 Armaan turned around to face his girlfriend who looked very proud of herself at that moment and he would have said something if only his mouth had been co - operating with him. But alas, his mouth preferred to remain shut as his brain tried to make sense of the events around him. "" was all that his tongue could come up with as he looked at Riddhima pointing at the absurd scene of Rahul and Muskaan who were smiling at each other now.

Riddhima tried to hide her smile as she looked at a tongue tied Armaan infront of her but it proved to be too much when he started waaving his hands towards Rahul and Muskaan as if accepting his sudden inability to speak. A small giggle escaped her which made Armaan look at her fiercely with his hands on his hips, his eyes demanding an explanation.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Part 4 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 "Cmon guysss, help me out here. Don't you notice the covert looks they give each other? Don't you think they are a perfect match? Don't you want to bring them together? This is your chance to play cupid" Riddhima gushed as she looked pleadingly at Anjali and Nikita.

"Oh yes! They are made for each other, specially their lungs" Nikita muttered rolling her eyes.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Part 3 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 "Now the Gresham's Law states that 'Bad money drives good money out of circulation'. It has it roots in human psyche and it was given by Queen Elizabeth's economic advisor who was also a trader by profession. But this law can only be applicable when Bimentalism is in operation". Riddhima bit her nails in anxiety as she pretended to listen to Professor Burton's lecture on the discovery of money. Armaan's basketball game was going to start in 10 mins and she had almost an hour more of her lecture to endure. If she would not be there before the game begins then she could say bye bye to a whole week because thats how long it would take her to appease him, not to mention all the things that he would make her to do and all the guilt that came with the package. The gymnasium was a 15 mins walk away but if she made a run for it then she could still be there in 8, only if ( and this was a big IF ) she could get out of class NOW.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Part 2 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 It was supper time, the various cafetarias were buzzing with people in them while a few delivery guys were roaming around delivering food to the various dorms in the campus. Riddhima snuggled in her thick overcoat, it was starting to get chilly in London. Armaan brought her closer to himself and rubbed his arms to bring her relief as he walked her to her dorm. Riddhima smiled gratefully at him and leaned into him further. Placing a light kiss on her forehead, Armaan asked,"You sure you don't wanna eat first??? We could grab a bite at Paulo's, it wouldn't take too much time".

"No Armaan, I am not hungry, I will just have some soup and go to sleep, its been a long day" Riddhima mumbled as she suppressed a yawn. Armaan looked at her and smiled realizing how beautiful she looked to him even now, with strands of her hair falling out of the ponytail she had tied in the morning, her eyes droopy with sleep, the end of her nose turning red due to the chill. He came to an abrupt halt and turning her to him kissed her on the nose saying,"I love you".

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Part 1 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 Armaan and Riddhima sat close to each other in the library pretending to read but truthfully they were busy whispering in each other's ears. But then who could blame them??? They were in love and could hardly find time to be together, what with them being in their final year at the university and on top of that they hardly had any classes together. If Armaan was free then Riddhima would be called in by a professor for a project and if Riddhima was free then Armaan would have an important lecture. Seriously it was enough to drive anybody crazy. So they had to make the most of their free time and still manage to study, so the library was the best bet. They could sit together quietly without anybody interrupting them and also take peeks at their books in the middle. Really it was perfect.

 "Oh cmon Ridzie, you have to come to the game" Armaan whined,"How would it look that the captain's girlfriend is not there to cheer him to victory".