Saturday, 19 September 2020

Part 4 : In My Heart

Armaan entered the arts room and saw the kids seated around a square table, so busy in
painting the large black mugs in their hands, that nobody noticed his presence. "Good Morning!" as soon as he greeted them from the door, kids turned their heads and saw him smiling. They left all their work and rushed towards him. Gappu's hand hit the paint bottles while running, and they dropped on the person sitting on the floor. The kids gasped seeing this. Armaan stood still at his place taking in the beauty in front of him. The paints had dropped on Riddhima, who was holding a black mug, having purple morning glory painted on it, in her hand. Her hair was tied in a loose pony tail with few flickers falling on her forehead and tip of paint brush in her mouth. As the paints fell on her, her mouth opened in an "O" and eyes narrowed, she lifted her gaze towards the kids glaring at them. Gappu mumbled a sorry with his head down. Armaan was amazed at how beautiful she looked in this messy state too, she looked so cute and innocent, just like a kid. Dadi and Maasi rushed in the room on hearing the sound of something break. They saw kids and Armaan at the entrance and Riddhima's dress covered in paints. "sorry Dadi mujhse galti se gir gaye paints." Riddhima said with a sorry face. "tu bhi na Riddhima, bachon se bari bachi hai, chal ja ke change kar, Ananya safai kar wa degi." Dadi said. Riddhima stood up carefully from the mess of paints and glass and moved towards the gate mumbling "relax" to kids and winking at them. She greeted Armaan with a smile saying"will be back", he nodded his head.

Friday, 18 September 2020

Part 3 : In My Heart

Armaan and Riddhima had reached the villa in time to have their breakfast with kids. Riddhima got to know how much Armaan loved allu parathas and gajar ka halwa, he just couldn't stop praising Dadi's culinary skills even after the breakfast was over.They all settled in the lounge to decide the action for the day. After lots of arguments it was decided that they'll first play outdoors. Armaan went out with the kids to play basketball. He taught them a few tricks to do a basket and after a warming session, they decided to play a match. They divided into four players on each side. But one player was short. Harsh jumped with an idea to call Riddhi di to join them for the play. "nahi beta ap log khelo main abhi busy hun. I'll join you later." She was not really inclined on going out because she wanted to talk to her friend back home. Armaan did not like the fact that she wasn't paying much attention to him after receiving a call. "Let's go guys; we can do very well without her." Riddhima suddenly looked up from the laptop on hearing Armaan's irritated voice. "And besides she doesn't

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Last Part : Pyar ke rang (TS)

Now Its two month passed from armaan and riddhima's wedding and they comes back from their Honey Moon but still they are not enough of each-other especially armaan he never leaves a single chance to love with her getting cozy with her and seeing the hickies she has and as he also as always hickies as well riddhima is always teased by that thing especially the hickies he gave her on her collar bone, she zillionath time said to him not to gave there as it will be wuite visible but he never listened at all as he is always drowned in her love and passion riddhima also never mind as its his love only thats now her breaths and she always blushed seeing his love and seeing them nikki and anjali dii cum bhabhi always teased her to no extent says

Ni:"lagta hai kisii ka Honey Moon period abhie finish nahin hua hai"

Part 2 : In My Heart

A guy wearing black shirt and jacket with dark blue denims entered "Shanti Nagar" with lots of bags in his hands. As he stepped in the garden, he yelled "hey, I'm home!"Gappu peeped through the curtains of art room and screamed "Armaan bhaiyya aa gaye." Everybody rushed towards the garden, where they were greeted by Armaan, who was on his knees with his arms wide open. The kids engulfed him in a group hug and said in chorus "Happy Birthday Armaan bhaiyya." As Armaan saw Dadi coming towards him, he parted from the kids and stood up. He greeted Dadi and touched her feet to take blessings. Dadi moved her hand on his head "jeetay raho, a very Happy birthday to you beta, hamesha khush raho" she said cupping his face in her palms and kissed his forehead.The others present there wished him too. He stood smiling listening to kids who were all speaking together trying to tell him everything that happened since they last met. Ananya maasi told the kids to help Armaan with the bags and move in as it was cold outside.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Part 2 : Pyar ke rang (TS)

As he completed all of them looked at them in disbelief everyone and anjali is the first one who reacted at situation
An:''matalab dad ridzi hii merii khoyi hui behen hai''
As shashank and samriti nodded everyone needs a explanation how, what when but there is one person who is not at all interested in this, he is interested in just one thing that how his jaan was feeling with this sudden change in her life and as he expected she looked totally shocked and he start taking immediate steps towards her he knows she is the one who is affected much more than anyone else with the sudden arrival of this news as he took his steps towards her he saw her leaving from there running from there to upstairs while just shouting that
Ri:''no yeh nahin ho sakta hai nahin yeh sachh nahin hai''
And everyone looked at her  especially shashank and samriti as her voice echoed in their ears as anjali tried to stop him armaan looked at her as she heard her calling

Intro & Part 1 : In My Heart


Armaan Mallik is the MD of Mallik Empire. His hard work,concentration, dedication and passion towards his work have earned him the title of "Most Successful Businessman" in India at the very young age of 26. He is gem of a person to be with. He is affectionate, caring and devoted towards
his family and friends. Armaan's deep blue eyes and a dimpled smile add charms to his enigmatic persona.

   Riddhima Garewal is 21 years old studying in 2nd year of MBA at the Leeds University. She is a soft spoken & kind hearted person. For her, her family and loved ones come before herself, as she adores and values them a lot. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. She aspires to become a successful businesswoman. Her hazel eyes, beautiful smile, charming personality and innocence can cast a magic on anybody.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Part 1 : Pyar ke rang (TS)

She walked all alone towards the end of the street near the temple where everyone will come for the pooja done before holii and she start doing the pooja, as soon as her gaze fell on the newly wedded couple who was doing the pooja together, happily, with shine in their eyes, she can saw the happiness in girl's eyes, and a lone tear fell on her cheeks, seeing them, it may be her first holii after her wedding and she also come with her husband to do the pooja but all her dreams shattered, may be love and happiness is not in her destiny, or rather say it's her destiny which makes her life full of sadness, she quickly cleared her tears which were glistening in her eyes before anyone can see them and after performing the pooja she left from there, unaware of the fact one pair of eyes was looking at her intently, was confused why those pretty two green almond shaped eyes has sad, but he brushed his thoughts aside thinking why did it matter to him and start concentrating on his pooja, unaware only these two eyes was going to hold his life, his dreams, his hopes everything.
It was holii the festival of colors, the colors which brings joys in everyone's life, the colors which brings friends closer, the colors which makes everyone's life filled with its brightness and joyfulness but will these colors brings life to her life which was perfect for others but for her was nothing just a burden.

last part : my new journey


vo1-madam ji meri choti madam bola rahi hai

vo2-plz aap sambhal lo ya fir mummy ji ya mom ko de ayo

 vo1-are yaar mom puja kar rahi hai aur mummy bhar hai aur ye meri baat nahi sun rahi

vo2-vo 8 months ki hai vo abhi baat kese manegi aapko uska mind divert karna hoga

vo1- ye badi kab hogi mhuje toh laga bache kitne sarif hote hai par ye toh...ouchhh...oye gandi bachi papa ko katte nahi hai mai kya koi kahane ki chez ho ...

Sunday, 13 September 2020

part 3 : my new journey

na -hi ridhima beta
armaan ne abhi tak ridhima ko nahi dekha tha aur  jab apni mom ke mu se ridhima ka nam suna tho he was shocked aur ridhima bhi naina ke awaz sun kar shock se bhar ayi

ri- nameste aunty

(yuvi bhi waiter ko order deke table par aa jata hai )

yv-hello dr naina

ra- wase mom ab bhai ko yaha kyo layi

na-isne na subha se kuch nahi kya hai mai tho paresan ho gayi ho is ladke se 

ar- are isme meri galthi thodi na thi emergency tha

part 2 : my new journey

 Vahi purnana suraj , vahi purani sunrays par ye sab ek nayi ridhima ke room me ayi  Ridhima in sun rays se phele he jag gayi thi aaj usko apni internship start karni thi na 'sanjivani mai aur usko intajar bhi tha armaan ke jawab uska bas chaltha tho bed mai hi rahthi armaan ke bare me sochthe hoye par aisa nahi ho saktha tha use jana tha sanjivani apni carrer ki survat karne tho vo ready ho kar  nache a gayi.nache a kar usne dekha ki padma ne breakfast laga diya hai aur shashank and muskaan is eating there breakfast 



Sh- are riddima! goodmorning beta (with a warm smile ) Smile


r- good morning  papa ,mom and muski Smile