Saturday, 26 September 2020

Part 11 : In My Heart

The first yellow golden rays of the sun made their way through the gap between the blinds, illuminating the dark, silent room. I covered my face with the comforter sighing and closing my eyes.
I've been awake for a while now trying in vain to fall asleep again. I didn't know when exactly Armaan left but it must be few minutes back as his side was still warm. All the events from the evening played in my mind making me reconsider the decision I took last night of forgiving Armaan. I have been in a dilemma ever since my return from India regarding Armaan. His confession of hitting me, an apology to my parents and then no interference when Muskaan shifted to our hotel, confused me. However I didn't let myself think over it a lot and indulged in business. I had made up my mind of shifting from here before the Malliks arrived. It was what Armaan had asked me to do, stay away from his family and this was the only possible way. I had to face a lot of emotional drama at my home as they didn't approve of my idea but as always Prem had been my savior. I just don't think there's a way I can ever repay even a little of love and care that he has showered on me. Prem was against my idea too but just because he didn't want me to suffer here, he helped me out.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Part 10 : In My Heart

The entire suite echoed with laughter as Anjali di looked on with a confused look at Atul after opening the gift he gave her. It was a small pot of Aloe Vera. "Tumhein acha laga na Anjali mera gift. Mujhe pata tha tumhein yeh surprise bohat pasand aaye ga." Atul said with a cute expression. "Atul tum ne di ko ye kyun diya?" Muski spoke between her unique laughter while I held her so that she doesn't bend over much and stress her wound. "Wo main chahta hoon ke Anjali hamesha khoobsurat dikhe isi liye maine yeh plant diya.".) "Now really, how's that possible?" asked an amused Abhi. "Anjali dekho yeh Sheela hai, mera favorite plant. She will keep your skin fresh, prevent pimples, heal any wound, it's multipurpose and environment friendly you see. Tum janti ho na main rose pluck nahi kar sakta plus it will not be beneficial like my Sheela." "Atul you are impossible!" Anjie di huffed. We all rolled in laughter hearing the cute explanations from Atul. This was the only time when I smiled and laughed whole heartedly. Everyone here tried their best to keep me happy. I've known these people for so less time yet the bond we all share is so strong. I've come to love all of them so much.

Thursday, 24 September 2020



"11.35 p.m…..ten minutes more and den m not wasting a single moment on dis man…I'l go nd sleep….yeah 10 mins…."

"1.50a.m….ah! but only 5 more mins ….m alredy vry sleepy now…."

'2.55 a.m…dats it now…dats d limit mr. grover"she uttered to herself, picked up her phone and wore her sleepers to go upstairs to her bedroom…

She ws almost at the last stair when she turned back due to the sound of the door knob…nd yes was him!

But he had not seen her yet..she waited right there for him to notice her but guess he was too busy in shutting the door quietly so he does not make any sound…

He did not expect shilpa to be waiting for him till now….he assumed she must have slept and so did not even call her to tell when will he be back ...

He turned around and surprised to see her there…he uttered "oh..gosh u scared me…what r u doin der? I thot u must hav slept"

She did not reply

He started movin 2wards her…

Part 9 : In My Heart

I had been walking aimlessly on the roads of Mumbai drenched in rains that poured down heavily. My mind was numb and i couldn't focus on where i was going. An elderly lady stopped her car and offered me a lift and i said beach. I just fell down on the wet sand drained emotionally as i felt that event from that awful day replay in my mind innumerable times.


A loud applause echoed in the board room of Sanjeevani as my presentation came to an end. I stood in front of the projector, white light shining on me and smiled with moist eyes on getting the approval from the trustees. I got down the stage and shook hands with everyone, as they congratulated me on getting the deal.

I quickly strode out of the room, looking for a place where I could talk in privacy. Fire escape was perfect, no commotion at all. I quickly dialed a number while settling down the stairs.                                           

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Part 8 : In My Heart

there's a leap of 3 years in the story in this part. 

Leeds, UK.
Today her vision of bringing her father's desire to life had come true. Sanjeevani Leeds, a name that would soon become synonymous with excellence, was finally inaugurated. She was glad to see the pride and love in her family's eyes for her. Everyone was ecstatic, celebrations were being held in the auditorium of Sanjeevani and here she was sitting in the hospital's fire escape, alone. This place had become her favorite spot since the construction began. It had become her refuge from the hustle n bustle of the world. She spent time over here just sitting, revisiting memories and thinking in eerie silence and darkness. It was her day; she was supposed to be enjoying every moment but all she could feel was a piercing pain in her heart. Her thoughts were disturbed by the opening of the door. Prem had come down with a cup of coffee. She smiled at him.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020


She would kill him. And she must, she had all the rights to. What he had done was blasphemous. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. He was guilty. He was guilty of his actions. He had promised her he would always love her and grant all her wishes. He had broken his promise. He had broken her trust. He wanted to apologise to her, but he knew what he had done did not deserve a grant now. He pushed open the door trying to make no noise. He wanted to get in stealthily. He wanted tgo run away from her. He did not have the courage to face her after what he had done. It was 3, a.m ..she must have been asleep. He sighed. There was no escape now. He couldn't redo what he had done and he couldn't run away from it. He had to be with her. He would have to face everything she says. He feared if she would even want to see hi face now..he would have to go upstairs and tell her himself. And then face the consequences too. She would probably leave him and go..she would never talk to him again. He expected it all. She had all the rights to do that. She had all the rights to behave with him the ways he wanted to. And he would let her, he resolved. He won't say a word. After all, it was all his fault. He was the guilty one. He was the one who had forgotten to bring his pregnant wife her favorite ice cream.

kritika kashian 

Part 7 : In My Heart

The ladies had come to a shopping mall and Armaan was forced to tag along as their personal chauffeur. Armaan was bored just after the first 30 minutes; he couldn't understand what Muskaan & Naina were trying to do. They would enter every store in a line, see things, argue over prices and leave without any purchase. Armaan felt sorry for the shopkeepers, who had to bear this daily. Armaan decided to get out before he goes mad and so leaves on pretense of a call. It had been long and Armaan hadn't returned Prerna went to see where he was and found him staring in space while leaning on the railing: tu yahan kyun hai, ho gayi baat? Armaan nods: Ma can we please go back. I'm tired.                                                                                                             
Pr: Kuch hua kya? Abhi to aye hain, girls have just begun seeing things.   

Monday, 21 September 2020

Part 6 : In My Heart

It was Christmas Eve and everything was glowing with lights and ornaments inside out and the atmosphere reverberated with Carols. Shanti Nagar was no less. It had been decorated with utmost love & dedication by Riddhima and the kids. The entire Villa glistened in small lights outside and depicted winter land from within. A large lush green Christmas tree adorned with silver, white and gold snowflakes of different materials and sizes stood in the corner of the living room. Its branches were accented with bunches of small red berries, a sheer ribbon garland and lights. Artificial snow was put in heaps near the tree and scattered on the white pristine floor to portray winters. Delicate paper cut snowflakes and icicles were stringed together around the walls. The staircase railing had garlands of shimmering ribbons with metallic red and green ornaments. A small Christmas tree was placed in both kitchen and kids room. The one in kids' room was adorned with miniature toys, sports items and twinkling lights that made it work as night light. The kitchen's tree was placed near the counter and was decorated with miniature kitchen items. The dining table had a crystal white silk table cloth spread over it. In the center was a silver platter with colorful balls on green twigs. A special menu was decided for the occasion and Christmas Party next day.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

AR OS : My Best Valentine's Day Ever!

 Only three words registered in his mind:
She is gone.
Riddhima is gone.
He felt lost,broken,shattered...As if the world was being destroyed around him..His heart ached and he wanted to cry..but the tears wouldn't come..just a known sensation of pain..killing him inside.
His heart was telling him all along,nudging him,'Go on..get her..She loves you,but she wants you to get her.."
He realized that his heart was right all along....He had never stopped loving her.She was his life,she is his life and she would be his life...Till he breathed his last.
What would it take?Just a simple "I still love you Basket..and I won't let a small misunderstanding come our way.."
What would it cost?Nothing.Nothing at all.Maybe he'd even get her his his life.
"Armaan,are you okay?",it was Nikki.
Nikki was still his best friend,and still understood him better than any of his friends.She knew him more than he knew himself,and that fact was not unknown to him.Therefore,figuring that she already knew the answer to her question,he didn't answer,he just lowered his eyes and gave a small nod.
"You know,you're still such a bad liar.I guess,marriage didn't change you,huh?"
He felt the pain stinging his heart again.

Part 5 : In My Heart

It was the mid of December and Riddhima's spirits were at their highest. This was her favorite month of the year. She always waited eagerly throughout the year for this month. Riddhima loved it when everything was decorated & lit up for Christmas & New Year Eve. She would decorate her whole house in & out for the special occasions. Her family & friends would stay together the entire winter break doing lots of fun. She being the most loved by all was showered with lots of love & loads of gifts. This year was different because she wasn't home but that didn't mean she wasn't excited. Riddhima had taken up the task of making this Christmas & New Year memorable for the kids at Shanti Nagar. She had planned out everything on her own & was now all set to execute it. She had decided to buy clothes & accessories for kids first & then start with the decorations of the Villa cause that would go on till the last minute.