Saturday, 3 October 2020

Part 18 : In My Heart

"Basket, Basket, get up. Open your eyes Baby. I'm right here besides you. Look at me Jaan." Armaan woke Riddhima as she mumbled and shook in her dream. He pulled her up against his chest tightly which soothed her down instantly and she put her arm around his neck. He held her hand with the drip tightly as she tried to pull it away. She kept mumbling between her sobs clinging to him. Armaan couldn't make out most of her words but didn't miss to catch that her wedding had been fixed with someone else. His body went stiff and his grip on her tightened.

"Papa said he doesn't accept our relationship. He'll get me married to someone else. He told me to forget you. I won't live without you Armaan. Main apni jaan de.."

Friday, 2 October 2020

Part 17 : In My Heart

Anurag stood up seeing Sujal and Kashish enter Mallik mansion. They exchanged pleasantries and settled down.
"Sujal, I'm really sorry for Armaan's actions. Believe me, I never knew about it before. I feel so ashamed of.." Anurag said initiating a conversation after an awkward silence.

"You don't have to be sorry Anurag. We know you were as oblivious of all this as us. Our kids have managed to hide the truth very well for so long." Sujal replied cutting him in middle.

"Or maybe we have been unable to look at their pain and tears, which they hid only to save us from the hurt." Kashish added.

"I agree with her. We have to look beyond this truth, the reason they're giving is not real." Prerna said coming down the stairs.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Part 16 : In My Heart

Armaan stood lost in the moment, he couldn't believe at last his wait was over and His Basket had made it to him.
"You! You ignored me, ignored all my calls, messages, emails, hell every effort that I made to get to you? How dare you make a decision all by yourself? How dare you leave me once again? I want an answer Armaan Mallik, NOW." Riddhima yelled at a dazed Armaan forgetting about the audience they had. His trance broke as he saw the security guard coming forward to hold Riddhima. Armaan gestured by his hand for the guard and his PA to leave and closed the door taking Riddhima inside.

The entire staff was curious to know who the Lady was, who got away with yelling at their boss, but were glued to their seats reluctantly trying to concentrate on the tasks at hand while giving looks to their colleagues. Their Boss, Armaan Mallik, was a man of principles, good natured but at times anger got the best of him. He had been in a foul mood for few days now, ever ready to kill anyone who made a mistake. They were very well acquainted with the outcome of Armaan's anger, and hence avoided him like plague. After about 30 minutes the door of the conference room opened. Armaan along with Riddhima and the board members exited the room.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Part 15 : In My Heart

Mallik mansion was witnessing an eerie silence that followed after a loud slap by Anurag Mallik to his only son, Armaan Mallik. The slap was result of Armaan's confession of his love and revelation of his past just now in front of his parents.

"I can't believe this. I can't.. My son.. My pride.. You know Prerna I always thought that my son would never do anything that would make me ashamed but.. Aj is ne mera sir jhuka diya hai. Jante ho jab bhi main Rhea ko dekhta tha to sochta tha kash mera aik or beta hota to main is ko apne ghar ki bahu banata, or aik pal keliye mujhe laga jaise mera sapna poora ho gaya, jab tu ne kaha tu us se pyaar karta hai, lekin tuney tou.. Main un logon ka saamna kaise karoon ga? Especially us bachi ka, jisne teri ki di hui har takleef ke bawajud, hamein pyar diya." Anurag stammered between his words, anger and hurt racing through his nerves.

"I'm sorry Dad."

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

AR os : Malfunctioning Of The Date

"Armaan, could you please just pass the burger?"

It was the time of spring in Houston and every house's front porch is at its best. Here Armaan and Ridhima are too enjoying their time. Work load was less but tiring as well. So on the weekend there they were packing for a mini picnic date, oops, its mini picnic double date.

Part 14 : In My Heart

The air was filled with the noise of constant chattering, laughter and delicious smells emerging from the kitchen of Mallik Mansion. Everyone was settled around the dining table digging in on the delicious lunch. Last night's reception party was a grand affair where all the known and well reputed people were invited to celebrate the wedding of Sujal Garewal's son. Anurag had invited the Garewals over for lunch as Rahul-Muskaan were leaving for honeymoon next morning. Riddhima had arrived early to help Prerna with the preparations which she was glad to receive as managing the breakfast along with lunch was getting difficult for her.
Muskaan rushed back in kitchen with the big crystal bowl containing the dessert followed by girls.

"Why did you have to make this Riddhima? Couldn't you make something else, something everyone would like? How will we now stop the volcano from erupting? All was good for a few day and now.." A scared Muskaan babbled.

Monday, 28 September 2020

Part 13 : In My Heart

Colors, lights and beautiful fragrances emanated from the Malik Mansion that was adorned from top to bottom to celebrate the wedding of their only daughter, Muskaan Malik. Its residents were busy running from one end to the other directing the servants and helping the wedding planner to finish the tasks at hand.

The bride to be was locked in her room to make sure she doesn't step out of her room. She had been nervous to the core and nothing could soothe her except for one person who wasn't around. It was her best friend forever and to be sister in law whom Muskaan had called some over 50 times in vain as she was busy herself in wedding preparations at her side.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

os: Wada Raha

Wada Raha
Wada Raha
Wada Raha

The whole Mallik mansion was full of hulla gulla. Kids were running here and there, playing having fun. Workers were working in and out to decorate the mansion like a bride.

It was 1 week before Muskaan Mallik’s Wedding. The Guptas had arrived a week early before any guests came; Malliks and Guptas were very close family friends who have been friends since many generations. The house was full of youngsters, Muskaan’s cousins, and the Gupta cousins, including Riddhima and Anjali. They had known Muskaan since childhood however they were never really that close since they only met a once or twice a year during vacations. Whenever they met, the first few days would be awkward, then after a few days they would mingle.

Part 12 : In My Heart

 A cool breeze blew lightly swaying the trees along its tunes and the birds chirped away merrily in flocks. A black Range Rover came to halt in the garage of Mallik Mansion. Armaan came out of the car and made his way up to the back stairs with Riddhima cuddled in his arms. He slowly closed the secret door in Riddhima's room with his leg and settled in bed with her. Armaan stared lovingly at the sleeping beauty in his arms thinking about the best night of his life so far. So much had changed within a day. Last night he had taken a huge step of confessing and proposing to Riddhima. He wasn't sure of her reply as it seemed rushed but he couldn't watch someone take her away. All his fears were washed away with just one nod from her. Armaan couldn't thank God enough for sending this angel down for him. "I love you Basket, love you more than my life. I promise, I won't let anyone separate us now." he whispered trailing his nose down her face. Riddhima fidgeted in her sleep as she felt something crawling slowly on her face moving downwards. She tried pushing it away with her hands and continue sleeping but couldn't, then she forced her heavy eyelids to open as she felt the thing restrict her movements. Riddhima found herself in a tight embrace and two fingers running all over her. She smiled a little in response and took in her surroundings. She sat erect as she realized they were home. "Armaan, when did we reach home? Why didn't you wake me up? What are you doing in my room? What if someone saw us together? What are we going to say if they question where we were last night? Armaan did somebody see us coming back? Why aren't you answering me?" Riddhima looked at him frowning.