Saturday, 10 October 2020

Part 25 : In My Heart

The room was immersed in darkness except for the sunrays filtering through the gaps in blinds. The silk drapes covering them were pulled away. Riddhima groaned due to the sudden brightness and pushed her face in to her bunny.

"Muski, not now. I'm sleepy."

She felt the duvet being lifted and pooled on her waist. The bed dipped as someone climbed on the bed and wrapped an arm around her. She moved back till her back was pressed against the firm chest, instantly recognizing the touch.

"Good Morning Jaan." Armaan whispered pressing his cheek against her head and kissing it.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Part 24 : In My Heart

The sun shone brightly through the clustered milky clouds and the air was thick with humidity. Armaan swiped a hand across his forehead to wipe the trickling sweat after he placed the bags in the trunk of his Audi. His gaze traveled to the stairs from where Riddhima and Muskaan were descending hand in hand chatting animatedly. He walked to the passenger side and opened the door for Riddhima to climb in but his jaw fell down when she settled in the back seat comfortably next to Muskaan, completely ignoring him. Armaan looked behind when Rahul tapped the trunk and gestured to the bag in his hand.
"I think they forgot the part where I said we were going for only 3 days and settled on taking their entire wardrobe along." Armaan said adjusting the bags.

"They believe in the motto, the more the better when it comes to clothes and accessories." Rahul replied giving him a helping hand.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Part 23 : In My Heart

"Good Evening Sir. I'm sorry to disturb you but I wanted to ask whether you were expecting a visitor tonight." The manager of Hotel Royal Cliff, Kanpur asked.

"No, I'm not. Is there any problem?" Armaan questioned turning a page in his file. "Sir, there's a lady and a man waiting for you in the lobby since an hour."

"That's strange. What's her name anyway?" Armaan asked disinterestedly assuming it to be someone from press media.

"Wait a minute Sir, her name is Riddhima." he read from the register of visitors.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Part 22 : In My Heart

The bells of grandfather clock chimed and echoed through the hall of Garewal House. Riddhima groaned and continued rocking herself on her Grandfather's chair in front of the hearth. The hall was dark except for the light from the fire. She quietly observed the flames flicker and form shadows on the roof out of boredom. Her family had left to meet The Malliks to finalize a date for her wedding some four hours back. She had watched mindless TV, surfed on net, checked with her manager in Australia, and e-mailed her friends to kill time but still no one had returned. Riddhima was frustrated that they decided to leave her back here. The weather had turned pleasant after the drizzle in morning but she couldn't enjoy outside as she was being watched over by 20 guards. Armaan had made sure every door and window of the house was guarded and that she couldn't venture out alone.
"Why couldn't he be here if he was so worried for me? Of course how could Mr. Workaholic Mallik leave his work? He hasn't come to see me in two days because agar aik din kaam nahin karey ga tou India ki economy loss mein chali jaye gi." she scoffed. Riddhima leaned down to pick her mobile from the floor as its screen blinked indicating an incoming message.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Part 21 : In My Heart

The sun rose slowly illuminating the dark horizon with its first rays of light. Hues of pink and orange spread across the sky clearing the dark grey clouds which were looming over the city for the past two days. The freshly rain washed trees moved freely with the soft breeze as if dancing on their tunes and a few birds chirped along. Despite the calm atmosphere and a beautiful sight I stood lost staring out of the window. My heart was dropping and it was getting difficult to breathe. I knew the reason. It was because MY life was lying unconscious.

Riddhima had fainted during our drive back to Garewal Mansion. Everyone was shocked to see our condition but I hadn't stopped to explain anything. I rushed to her room and right now she was being checked by Anjali and Nikki. I heard soft sobs of Maa and Kashish aunty as they sat next to her. My eyes shut tightly as Anjie dipped cotton in antiseptic lotion and dabbed it on Riddhima's lip.

"Riddhima is ok for now. Us ka blood pressure bohat low ho gaya tha is liye behosh ho gai. It's due to stress and dehydration. I've put up a drip to help recover the nutrient loss. We have to keep a check on her temperature; aisi halat mein high fever won't be safe. Theek hai na?" Nikki said gripping my shoulder from behind. I just nod my head in response.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Part 20: In My Heart

Armaan took deep breaths to maintain his calm as he waited for the person on the line to receive his call.

"Where's Riddhima?" He inquired straight away.

"Hello to you too Mr. Mallik. What a coincidence, I was just reading an article about your engagement. Congratulations, I must say both of you make a wonderful couple." Rakesh spoke amusedly.

"Where's Riddhima?" Armaan repeated in a no non-sense tone.

"How am I supposed to know about your fianc?" Rakesh shrugged keeping the magazine on the empty seat.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Part 19 : In My Heart

Guards dressed in crisp white uniforms opened the gates of "The Pearl Continental Hotel" as a white limo pulled in its driveway. Armaan and Riddhima were escorted to the hall in tight security amidst the flashes of cameras from media and paparazzi that were eager to capture a glimpse of the couple. Armaan encircled his arms around Riddhima to protect and avoid anyone from touching her.

He linked his arm with hers once they reached the hall's entrance and blinked at her assuring before making their way inside. Everyone's gaze was fixed at the stairs as the couple descended. Armaan Riddhima looked extremely stunning and made for each other couple. The guests whispered softly amongst them as how well these two complimented each other. Armaan and Riddhima stopped before their parents and touched their feet to take blessings.