Saturday, 17 October 2020

part 3 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

1 week Later :

Shilpa walks inside the locker room with a frown thinking over the horrible week she had spent with so called Armaan Mallik.. The more she ignored him the more he became arrogant.. Shilpa clutches her file in frustration when she recall the conversation she had with her father in morning..
Flashback :
Shilpa : Dad.. U dont understand.. Here i was so embarassed when i got to know this Armaan Mallik is the head of Sanjeevani.. And..
Shashank interrupts her words with a amused smile..
Shashank : Well Shilpa dont u think you should have said sorry to him Darling..
Shilpa looks at him with a pout..
Shilpa : DAD... I did say Sorry to him.. But that Arrogant Man was showing his coldness.. Do u know how much work he has made me do within a week..
Shashank puts a hand on her shoulder..

Friday, 16 October 2020

part 2 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa : Dad come on have your breakfast i am getting late..
Shashank looks up from his newspaper and look at his daughter who keeps cleaning up the table while trying to pack her bag.. He lets out a chuckle..
Shashank : Shilpa.. You are getting late .. Dont worry about me i will take breakfast in a while.. you go before you get late
Shilpa looks up at him and smiles while taking her bag...
Shilpa : Ok i am going.. But you promise you will take ur medicines after breakfast...
Shashank : Yes Madam as you say..
Just than Shilpa makes her way out of the kitchen area giving a clear view of her dressing to Shashank who shakes her head with a smile..
Shashank : I see a lady is wearing a beautiful churidaar..
Shilpa looks at her father with a smile...
Shilpa : Just showing a decent entry Dad... Well cant promise for future..
Shashank shakes his head seeing her walk away with pride.. Her daughter truly was a unpredictable lady...

Thursday, 15 October 2020

part 1 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)


Shilpa Malhotra :

Anyone knowing who the real Shilpa is.. ? Naa not at all possible.. Shilpa Malhotra 20 yrs old a Women who knows how to show herself infront of people..Shilpa is strong brave girl who is full of attitude.. Atleast its what she shows infront of people.. Usually many gets confused over her dressing attire it wud be hard for anyone to make out what she really likes in actual.. Shilpa has seen a hard life since her mother Padma died 10 yrs ago leaving her the responsibility of taking care of her sick father.. The circumstances forces her to take money from a rich person in order to continue with her studies and for her father's treatement.. But now she is threatened to payback the money for which Shilpa has decided to Join Sanjeevani as a junior Doctor so she can repay the money..But does she know going to Sanjeevani will change her life forever... ?

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Intro : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)


Shilpa : I have Already Told u I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!
Armaan : Well I am saying.. Just in case..
Shilpa : Just in case is not even possible I know i am not pregnant For your kind information NOTHING happened between us..
Armaan : Well Sorry to inform you i dont believe in your words.. Mark my words if u Pregnant we get married within this week..
Shilpa : And what if i am not Pregnant...
Armaan : You really wanna know...
Shilpa : Ohh Yes i do...
Armaan : Well than if You are not pregnant.. We dont get married in this week
Shilpa : Thankgod...

Epilogue : In My Heart

Armaan and Riddhima sauntered through Mumbai's departure terminal to board the flight to their honeymoon destination. The couple walked between the aisles to their seats in the first class section. Armaan chuckled as Riddhima scrunched her nose and pushed her handbag in the overhead compartment with difficulty. She slapped his hand lightly when he tried to help her in fastening the belt. The air hostess walked around making sure all the passengers were buckled in as the plane was ready to take off. Armaan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep as he saw the air hostess approach their seat. Riddhima gestured her to stop as she bend forward to fasten Armaan's belt. She bit the inside of her cheek to hide the smile on her husband's actions.

"Ab janay bhi do na Jaan. Why are you spoiling your mood for nothing?" Armaan held her hand as she buckled his belt and pouted when she tried to free her hand.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Last Part : In My Heart

The last of the navy blue clouds disappeared as the milky white ones took over bringing with them a bright aura, erasing the last signs of the darkness. Cold wind blew against the trees, swaying them from side to side. A few birds started to fly out of their nests in search of their feed, chirping melodiously on their way. Riddhima stood leaning against the window pane with her arms crossed over her flannel sweater and breathing in the fresh air. The sun was still hidden, it being a winter morning, everyone was asleep in the Garewal house but she was up since 5 in the morning. Anxiety and a bit of fear didn't let her sleep for long, so here she was staring up at the skies and the beautiful shades of nature.

Two hours later and the dining table had been laid with mouthwatering breakfast. The delicious smell of Choco chip muffins wafted out of the kitchen as Riddhima opened the oven to take out the second batch. She had bathed, prayed and settled on making everyone breakfast just like she always had, for the last time before she stepped foot in her new journey.

Monday, 12 October 2020

Part 27 : In My Heart

Tiny sparkling stars twinkled across the dark horizon as the boys walked in to the bar. The Aer bar was a sky high club, located on the 34th floor, offering panoramic view of the Mumbai city and sea. Armaan called the waiter to order drinks ignoring their constant complains.

"I'll have one Aer special cocktail. Guys what do you want? Make that 6 please." Armaan rolled his eyes as he saw them turning their faces away from him.

"Tum sab ka mood kyun off hai? You've got a bar, dance floor and even a beautiful atmosphere here, so enjoy."

The guys were angry because Armaan had flopped all their plans of partying. After an hour of stay at an upscale club, he dragged them out.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Part 26 : In My Heart

Soft music and lights emanated from the venue of Armaan Riddhima's sangeet function. Business men, few known celebrities and politicians in addition to family friends were amongst the invited. Sujal and Anurag stood at the entrance to welcome the guests while Prerna and Kashish looked after the seating arrangements and caterers. The soon to be wedded couple stood at a raised wooden step opposite the performing stage receiving blessings and wishes from the guests. Their entry had left the audience stunned. They looked heavenly descending from the curved white stairs filled with smoke and fairy lights lighting the path they walked on up to the stage. Armaan was dressed in a dove grey sherwani with zardosi work in silver, paired with a white button down pleated kurta and tight pajama. Riddhima was decked up in a dove grey lehenga accented with lavender and magenta. Intricate embellishments adorned the entire lehenga and purple border with silver motifs enhanced the hem. Her hair was held in a stylish bejeweled bun with loose tendrils framing her face. Light reflected off the embellishments giving them a sparkling effect.