Saturday, 31 October 2020

part 16 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Armaan felt like banging his head on the wall as he noticed Shilpa who kept acting weird around everyone.. For once he regretted spilling out everything during wedding ceremony... Maybe he should have carried it alone in the room.. He kept trying to control his anger as he noticed people passing strange looks at them.. He guessed they could nicely see Shilpa who kept glaring at him in between without even a hint of smile..
Armaan : We are not in a funeral that you are not permitted to smile..
She didint respond to him.. Instead she passed a furious look making him glare back at her with same anger.. Rahul noticed the tensed atmosphere and came on rescue...
Rahul :  Its time for us to go back home bro..
Shilpa looked at him going stiff at once.. Back home.. Means she have to leave right now.. And after learning the truth questions kept haunting in her mind in a reel.. And this time she was determined to get answer of each of them.. Just once they are alone...
She snapped out of her thoughts as people started gathering around them..

Thursday, 29 October 2020

part 15: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Within his dark room he kept glancing outside staring at the beautiful sky.. The night was indeed peaceful, but his heart felt restless.. The events which occurred today was something which distressed him.. He remembered the way She hugged him.. The emotion , the feeling he felt that moment.. Was something which he never felt before.. It frustrated him how he couldnt reciprocate the same feeling towards someone.. Were really emotions and feelings missing in his heart.. Or buried deep down his heart.. Armaan turned back as he felt a tap on his shoulder..
Rahul : Not sleeping Bro.. ?
Armaan turned back and signaled him to take a seat beside him.. 
Armaan : I can ask the very same question...
Rahul took a sigh staring outside..
Rahul : I was just having some thinking towards everything.. So i actually thought to come and check whether you are awake.. Wanted to have a talk..
Armaan looked back at Rahul feeling a guilt in his heart... It has been days since he have done a good talk with his brother..

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

part 14: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa took a seat infront of Shashank hesitantly.. She stayed calm but her heart was beating wildly... Just now she broke the news of her Marriage to him which surely has stunned him for the moment.. He didint reply to her.. Instead he looked at her with blank expression showing no reaction... And then he broke the silence with a uncertain look...
Shashank : You are getting married...
Shilpa looked away closing her eyes..
Shilpa : Yes...
Shashank : To Armaan Mallik...
Shilpa : Yes Dad...
Shashank looked at his daughter... His eyes full of concern.. He wished to be happy on the news... But still hesitation seeped through him to a extent..
Shilpa looked back at her father.. Who set silently without uttering a word.. What was running in his mind.. Was he going to disagree on her marriage.. She took his hand pressing it slowly..
Shilpa : Papa.. Plss say something.. I know i should have told you before..
Shashank : Ofcourse you should have told me before.. I am your father Shilpa.. How can you hide such a big thing from me..

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

part 13: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She stared at his cabin, not willing to move forward.. The last thing she wished was confronting him.. She had taken such a big decision regarding her life so easily.. Without discussing with anyone.. Not even her dad.. Was her decision good enough for her.. Shilpa leaned on the wall giving more thought on it.. Here the question was about a small life growing inside her.. He was willing to take the responsibility.. Then why should she back away from it without showing any sense or responsibility.. Soon she would be tagged as Mrs.Armaan Mallik.. No Mrs. ASM.. And that was the thing which irritated her most... Rahul was making his way to do his rounds when he noticed Shilpa..
Rahul : Hey Shilpa.. What are you doing here..
Shilpa moved back to see a concerned Rahul standing infront of her..
Shilpa : Uhh Nothing.. I was just going to go for duty..
Rahul studied her with a frown..
Rahul : You Dont look so well.. What happened.. Everything fine.. ?
Shilpa : Am fine Rahul.. Just.. Couldnt get much sleep..
Rahul looked at her with a smile and hugged her lightly..

Monday, 26 October 2020

part 12: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She stared at him like a dumb.. Marriage ?? Was he out of his mind..
Shilpa : Marriage.. ? Who is getting married..
Armaan : You and me who else..
Shilpa snapped at him in horror..
Shilpa : I am not Marrying you...
Armaan : Ohh Yes you Are...
Shilpa : I would rather go and jump of a cliff..
Armaan rolled his eyes while she passed a annoyed look at him..
Armaan : You are free to do that after 9 months..
Shilpa : 9 months.. ? Will you divorce me after 9 months..
Armaan : No i was gonna say you can give the baby to me and jump..
Shilpa looked with wide eyes.. Was this man for real..
Shilpa : I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!

Sunday, 25 October 2020

part 11: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shashank glanced at Shilpa who kept staring at her food.. He noticed she hadnt eaten even a single piece of toast..
Shashank : Shilpa.. ? Darling whats wrong... ?
Shilpa snaps out of her thoughts.. Every word he spoke to her still kept running in her mind...
Shilpa : I am fine dad..
Shashank looked at her , not ready to buy her lie..
Shashank : Shilpa are you sure you want to go for duty... Why dont u take one more day off..
Shilpa looked away uneasily...She knew how much she wished she could ignore him.. Ignore his condition.. But right now running away from the problem wasnt the best solution..
Shilpa : No dad i better get back to duty today.. I have already taken two days off.. If i take anymore i am going to loose my points..
Shashank looked at her for a minute and nodded understandingly..
Shashank : Hmm I know.. But plz take care of yourself Shilpa..
Shilpa gets up from her seat and gives a tight hug to him before leaving the house..