Saturday, 14 November 2020

Last Part : Similar Attracts (TS)

After 15 months…

"armaan we are going to be parents soon…" riddhima said excitedly as she walk down the stairs. Seeing his back towards her as she entered the kitchen she said one more time… "armaan we are going to be parents soon…" she said clapping her hands like a small child but getting no response from him she stopped and going near him she turned him around…

"armaan…aren't you excited?..." she asked to see him nodding his head but stopped when she looked at his face especially his cheeks…she narrowed her eyes looking at him as he tried avoid looking at her… "armaan what happened to your cheeks and why is it…?".. her eyes popped out and she stopped midway when she looked at the chocolate ice cream coming out from the corner of his mouth…

part 22 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Armaan cursed himself for his own stupidity while staring at the close door of his room.. His mind kept screaming to turn around and get away from his fuming wife for the night.. But again his pride came in between.. Why should he get out from his house.. Making his mind he walked inside to see Shilpa who turned back glaring at him.. Her look was enough to send him a good warning about her mood.. Trying to keep a cool mind he walked towards her in a slow pace..
Armaan : First listen to me why i was late.. I have a good reason..
She lessened the gap , and hissed in anger
Shilpa : Good. You better have a good explanation otherwise...
Armaan : What otherwise.. Listen try lame treats on me..
Shilpa gave him a coy smile sending alarms to his head that surely something was cooking in her brain.. Before he could utter a word she turned back walking towards his study and took hold of his laptop...
Armaan : And what do you think you are trying to do... ??

Friday, 13 November 2020

Part 2 : Similar Attracts (TS)

It's been 4 hours since he left with nayonika but somewhere deep inside riddhima was feeling bad.. "why am I feeling bad..i set him up ..i wanted to ruin his entire life and now when everything is going according to the plan why am I not feeling good?…I think I had too much today.." picking up her bag she moved out of the bar but stopped at the parking lot when she saw him standing at the car. Rubbing her eyes she looked again and saw him again… "What is he doing here and Where is nayonika.." she looked around but saw no one…Somehow she managed to reach her car as she was high on drink…

"armaan…why..why..are you here and ..and…"

part 21 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa groaned inwardly as she felt his weight on her body.. But with that she was glad he was asleep peacefully after such a big emotional breakdown.. She had spent whole night keeping an eye on his fever , which was now gone fully.. Suddenly he stirred shifting his whole body on her.. Shilpa went stiff under him.. She felt his hot breath on her neck and when he started moving his lips on her neck she realized he was awake... Trying not to get lost in his charm she patted his arm cursing him..
Shilpa : Armaan... Get up you are crashing me..
Armaan moved up looking at her with a lazy grin..
Armaan : What did you say.. I didint hear.. Well nice way of getting away from me..
Her irritation level rose at once..
Shilpa : You cant hear.. Well i was saying STOP CRASHING ME...
He got up at once holding his ears.. He passed a annoyed look at her..
Armaan : You could have said without shouting... No need to make me deaf... And stop overreacting..
Shilpa got up from her bed caressing her stiff arms...She felt her whole body stiff due to lack of sleep..
Shilpa : I am just tired..

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Part 1 : Similar Attracts (TS)

Similar Attracts ?

About this story..well it's a light hearted rom-com..hope you all will enjoy...

"you'''." She screamed as she got up and sat on the bed'. seeing him sleeping next to her she wrapped the sheet around herself as she saw him turning around''

"get up you'.scoundrel'I'll kill you'.."she yelled but not getting any response..she poked her nails on his chest as he screamed rubbing his chest'.. "AAAHHH'.." then looking at her angered face he got up and sat in front of her' "Good morning'" he said yawning'.

part 20 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa cameback downstairs to see the trio talking softly while seated in living area..
Shilpa : You guys not sleeping... ?
Atul looked up at her with a tired smile..
Atul : Didint feel like.. We were worried about Armaan..
Rahul : Is he doing fine now...
Shilpa gave a nod while taking a seat beside Anjali..
Shilpa : Fever is not fully down but lower than before.. He is sleeping..
Anjali : Dont worry he will be fine soon... Just needs to be taken care..
Rahul leaned on the sofa rubbing his neck...
Rahul : Ok enough of depressing talks lets talk about something else..
Shilpa looked at Atul with Sudden interest..
Shilpa : Atul.. From how long you have been with Armaan.. I mean since how long you guys are here..

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

part 19 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa walked inside the hospital with Armaan noticing staffs walking around in hasty pace.. She followed Armaan inside the OT...
Armaan : Where is the patient... ?
The nurse showed him the a elder man who was badly injured.. Shilpa moved beside him and took a look at the person.. He was seriously suffering in pain..
Armaan : Whats the status...
Nurse : The cuts are quiet deep sir..
Shilpa : Even i notice the same.. I guess we will need operation immediately..
Armaan : What are we waiting for.. Come on get ready for operation..
As Armaan made his way out of the OT a teenage boy came running towards him worriedly...
Boy : How is he.. ? Is he going to be fine.. ??
Shilpa noticed the Panic in his eyes.. She moved forward speaking softly..
Shilpa : Dont worry... We will try our best.. He will be fine..


"dadda, do you know this man? Does he go to gym with you?" angel squealed and karan picked her up in his arms as he entered...

"which man baby?" he kissed her cheek and peeked into the I phone...

"this man...running temple man..."

Karan looked at shilpa with a look asking about what was angel talking of... she gave a i-am-tired look as she came forward and gave a lazy peck on his lips. Letting her lips linger there for a moment, she hugged him. "how was your day?"

"hmm...good... you're tired?" he kissed her lips once more before withdrawing..

"oh! Don't ask.." she threw her arms up in the air...
"dadddaaa" angel intervened the conversation and shilpa took his jacket away and proceeded to the kitchen to get him water and karan settled on the couch with angel still in his arms..

"hmm btao ab...which man?"

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

part 18 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Atul : Anjali am going to take a shower.. Hell tired today..
Anjali : Ok fine i will go and see what to be cooked for dinner..
Rahul set on the sofa passing a lazy smile...
Rahul : I would like to have something nice to eat tonight..
Anjali rolled her eyes making her way to kitchen..
As she walked inside she noticed Shilpa who stood near the counter preparing food.. The delicious aroma of food hit her nostrils bringing a smile on her lips..
Anjali : Woow Shilpa whats cooking up..
Shilpa looked up giving a smile..
Shilpa : I thought i would prepare dinner tonight as i was free..

AR os: The haunted House

The Haunted House

Armaan was really angry with riddhima.He cant believe he lost the boxing match against Abhimanyu modi.He was supposed to win this match and then his bestfriend nikki would'nt have to work for the New sanjeevani project with that khadoos modi and cheap patil.But now everything is over.He let his bestfriend down today.And he seriously cant believe that the reason behind this is none other than his love,his RIDDHIMA.If she would have not distracted him,then he would have shown abhimanyu his real place.He dont know why riddhima was saying that Nikki was getting hurt when he was punching Abhimanyu.He really cant believe that.He was so angry right now.Armaan mallik hates to loose especially in front of that stupid modi.

Monday, 9 November 2020

part 17 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She opened her eyes trying to adjust her eyes on the new surrounding.. This wasnt her house.. Not her room.. It was way too big and splendid.. Then everything cameback to her in a rush.. She was married last night.. With the confession of not being pregnant.. She came into her new home.. And now was on bed with her newly married husband.. Husband.. ? Shilpa glanced down to see Armaan who lay on her sleeping lazily.. She tried to struggle under him to get away from him.. But he was heavy and too strong compared to her.. Hissing in anger Shilpa pinched his arm making him wake at once.. Armaan rubbed his arm glaring at her in anger..
Armaan : What the hell...
Shilpa folded her arms and gave him a sweet smile...
Shilpa : I remember you said we shall continue what we left behind later on.. Soo shall we do the honors now.. ??

os : Meant to be

A girl opened her green eyes irritated, hearing the loud rock music coming from her neighbour's house. "arghh..this guy.." she shouted frustrated and stormed out of her house to her neighbour's house. She straight away went to his room and turned off the music player and banged the bathroom door. "Stop banging the door basket, I am coming" came a voice from inside. But she kept on banging it. After a couple of minutes, the door opened and came out a very handsome guy in his early twenties, in his white vest and blue tracks. He looked at her dressed in her night suit, her hair all messed up, her green eyes glaring at him and her nose flared up in anger, her hands folded on her chest, she looked so cute to him. He chuckled irritating her more. "Stop irritating me Armaan" she shouted on his face. "I am irritating u? Come on yaar basket, maine kya kiya? I didn't do anything" he said making an innocent face. " don't know what you did?" "Nope" he said innocently and walked towards his bed and sat on it. "Why are you so hell bent on ruining my sleep every Sunday? What pleasure does it gives you?" "It gives me the pleasure of irritating you Ms.Basket. And to think of it, why do you get so irritated when you are waken up of your sleep? Were you dreaming of me all night?" he asked her with a naughty look. "Me dreaming of You? You wish Armaan Mallik" she said with attitude in an irritated tone. "Then how I ruined your beauty sleep?" he asked her coolly, half lying on his bed. Riddhima looked at him getting more annoyed with his cool attitude. She took the pillow from the bed and started hitting him with it.