Saturday, 28 November 2020

Chapter 4 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

Armaan slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer protectively. She was dead scared whereas Armaan enjoyed the whole time with Shilpa sitting on his lap and hugging him.

Once the wagon came to a halt, Armaan gently patted her shoulder and whispered, "Shona!"

"Aaahhh!", she shrieked out.

"It's me. The ride is over.", he said. Shilpa looked around and immediately got up.

Friday, 27 November 2020

Chapter 3 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

After a while they left the beach and drove back to college. Once he parked the car Shilpa got of and picked up her back and walked over to him and gently wound her arms around his torso to hug him. He smiled and hugged her back.

"You're the best friend I could ever ask for!", she smiled.

"Same here!", he replied, returning the smile.

"Chalo, I'll go. You keep the car keys with you.", she said.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Chapter 2 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

She got up rubbing her eyes and glanced at the clock which struck 7.

"Shit! Abhi dinner banana hai!", she sighed.

She got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen and prepared some scrambled eggs and some parathas. She served it onto a plate and served some ketchup and made her way back to the bedroom and switched on her laptop.

As soon as the desktop appeared, the messenger was auto logged. She saw her new friend online and smiled.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Chapter 1 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

A girl wearing a red anarkali sat in the computer lab in St Xavier's College. She logged into the messenger chat room.

Suddenly a pop up came onto the screen.

charmingwanderer90: Hi! Wanna chat?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Heyya... Sure!

charmingwanderer90: So... Temme about yourself!

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Last part : Mohabbat Aapse (ss)

Riddhima's eyes widened hearing armaan say, "And one more thing riddhima. My parents know about you and they are happy about us". "They know about us already?" she asked unable to believe what he said and continued, "I mean..they don't know me at all. I met your mother for the first time tonight. I didn't meet your father yet. How did they approve of me without knowing me personally?". "Well, they trust their son would bring the perfect daughter-in-law to them. And trust me riddhima, they are excited and waiting as much as us for us to get together" he said smiling at her. She smiled as his words made sense to her slowly.

Monday, 23 November 2020

part 3 : Mohabbat Aapse (ss)

A Month Later,

Armaan, riddhima, rahul and muskaan are friends now. Muskaan and rahul had understood what armaan was doing with riddhima. But they don't understand why he is doing it. Rahul had asked armaan about it and his friend just gave a smile to him as his answer. Rahul didn't ask him further and played along with him, confusing riddhima more than she already is. Armaan's gestures made riddhima think he loves her for sure. She was surprised how he knew some of her likes and dislikes. Sometimes he behaved as if he knows her from long. Sometimes he will start a topic generally about life, love, marriage and will get to know her opinion. But when it comes to voice out what he thinks, he avoids it and diverts the conversation to something else. Sometimes he goes so close to her as if he was going to hug her and will suddenly back off. He looks so deep in her eyes like he was searching for something. When she will be lost in his ocean eyes, he will suddenly break the eye lock disappointing her and at times irritating her. She will glare at him and he will just smile at her go away from there. His eyes had always shown her something intense which she understood is love. She stopped denying to herself that what she feels for him is mere attraction. She accepted to herself that she is Deeply in Love with her "Blue Eyes & Dimple Smile Armaan Mallik". But at times he behaved thoroughly professional with her and maintained his distance with her, which extremely confused her. She had tried to talk to him about it a few times. But will go speechless when she sees him. She understood he loves to confuse her and tease her. They both know what it is between them. She desperately wants him to stop this hide and seek.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

part 2 : Mohabbat Aapse (ss)

Next day, in the afternoon

Riddhima and muskaan slumped on the floor after moving the boxes to a corner to arrange everything later. They both were too tired to work now. They both shifted from hostel to a rented flat. "I will take a shower and come muski" riddhima said standing up from the floor. "Okay Ridz, I will order pizza and take a shower in the other bathroom" riddhima nodded at her and went to her room. She went to the bathroom and stood under the shower. The cold water relaxed her. She closed her eyes and his dimple smile flashed infront of her eyes. She remembered what happened in the morning.

Riddhima parked her scooty in the parking lot and removed her helmet. She saw armaan on the other side, coming out of his stylish Mercedes and he also saw her. They smiled at each other and their eyes locked. Her heart started to beat rapidly, as he bored his eyes into hers. His eyes held something intense which she couldn't understand. He looked into her green eyes as if searching for her something. He smiled as if he found what he wanted, making his blue eyes sparkle and taking her breath away.