Thursday, 31 December 2020

New Year Jealousy: AR OS

  New Year-the day that everyone is happy.  Happy, because the old year is coming to an end.  Happy, because a new year is coming.  A new year means a fresh start.  For many people, it's a very happy occasion.  And for some, it's not.

  It was the same for 2 people -Armaan and Riddhima.  Armaan and Riddhima were middle school students, who were in 8th grade.  They lived in one of the most famous towns of United States -Nashville.  They had been studying there for approximately 3 years.

  When they had met each other, it was nothing but hatred.  They hated each other because of their personalities.  Armaan was the cool dude, the Casanova of the school.  All the girls fell head-over-heels for him, except for one.  Who?  Riddhima Gupta.

Riddhima was the sweet girl.  If she had an aim in life, then it was only to become a doctor, as that was her parents' dream.  She was the one that lives for herself, but could do anything for the people that she loves.  Though she had practically no interest in any boy in her school, pretty all the boys went gaga over her.  She was the Ms. Perfect of the school.  Good grades, good friend, good singer, good dancer, good student, etc., etc., etc.