Thursday, 25 February 2021

part 2 : Escaping the hell- 2 another rihana story...,

 Instinctively I stretched my arms out to feel ishaan but he wasn't there. I jerked opened my eyes in panic and saw a guy holding ishaan in front of me. Unfamiliar face I registered while quickly snatching ishaan off his gentle hold.

"hey easy tiger" he said with a smile, a comforting smile.


"where did you find him? I swear he slept next to me and.." for some reason I trying to prove my point that am not a bad mother who lets her 3 year old son disappear. I don't know why but I felt like a need to tell this stranger.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

part 1 : Escaping the hell- 2 another rihana story...

 (based on a real story)

It's never too late, no matter how late it had been. There's always hope...

I should've guessed something was wrong when she ever so affectionately kissed my forehead. I mean my mum has never shown any affection towards me ever since she dragged me in the house at the age 7 "chal ander!"  she'd snapped when she brought me from my father's house. I didn't understand hindi that time as I only spoke in English for the seven years of my life and after sudden death of my father, my mum got my custody. They were divorced for many years and fortunately I was given to my dad and my brother sohail and sister mena was given to my mum. As soon I came to Glasgow (my mum's house) from Manchester (my dad's house) , all my clothes were taken away from me and got replaced


Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Last part : Heartbeat

It was 7 a.m. when he woke up. He got up, brushed, ate a little and then he when he was ready they called him for a physical activity test. To his relief, he passed it. Glad that he was finally free of this hell hole he walked back to his cabin to freshen up and pack his belongings.

Just as he was about to close his bag, his eyes fell on the photo beside his bed. "Riddhi. Come back baby'I miss you." he murmured. Picking up his bag he headed to Dr. Kashyap's cabin. He'd said he wanted to talk to him about something important. But that was the least of his concerns. What troubled him was not seeing Riddhima. Maybe she'd left a message?

Monday, 22 February 2021

PART 4 : Heartbeat

"Two weeks to go…" thought Armaan as he switched off the TV. He was unrecognizable now. The once muscular body was now thin and week. Those twinkling blue eyes seemed to have lost the twinkle now. He was tired and exhausted. He never had the strength to do anything anymore. He waited for oblivion.

Sunday, 21 February 2021

PART 3 : Heartbeat

 He looked at her. They both knew he wouldn't be coming home, not unless they found a donor, which was unlikely. But they never said goodbye. That would be like giving writing "the end" on a manuscript. There would be no goodbyes for them.

"Theek hai. Maanunga unki baat."

He looked at her. Her hair, her face, her lips, and those eyes that held so much love for him.

"Kya dekh rahe ho?"

"I'm looking at you."

Saturday, 20 February 2021

part 2 : Heartbeat

 He walked around trying to find her when he heard Sierra's voice. He was about to ask he where Riddhima was but just then he heard her say something which gave him the shock of his life.


"Ri! You have to say it! How long are you going to keep it between us?"


Friday, 19 February 2021

PART 1 : Heartbeat


"Riddhi please!!! Dena!!! That's not fair!!!"


"Kabhi nahi!!! Armaan yeh chocolate maa ne MUJHE di hai, why should I give it to you?"


"Acha? Toh tu nahi degi?"


"Nahi. Dekh Armaan, main tujhse badi hoon. Toh yeh chocolate meri. Tu khud ki chocolate laa."

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Last part: Escaping the hell- story of a young British Pakistani girl,

  I jerked up from my comfy sleep as the truck came to a sudden halt.

Did we get caught or what? These were my first thoughts.

"Riddhima wake up, we're in Lahore." Ya allah tera laakh laakh shukar. I thanked my god, that I finally reached my destination.


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

part 2 : Escaping the hell- story of a young British Pakistani girl



"oh my god. How old are you?" he looked genuinely worried.

"am 15 and if I refuse to marry then they will kill me just like they killed my sister. My dad drove an axe in her throat when she refused to marry a 40 year old. She was just 16 and now am expected to marry him to keep my family's reputation."I ended up in tears. I don't know why I told him the truth, but his eyes held so much sincerity that I just couldn't help but share my feelings with him. In the village everyone's so backwards that no will understand my thinking. He might'

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

part 1 : Escaping the hell- story of a young British Pakistani girl

 -what if that hell is your own family?

I never saw my dad this furious; he looked like he's going to kill her, my big sister. Damn she just refused to marry a guy double her age. I mean like what the hell? How could they even expect her to marry at the first place, she's just 16 and that too with some uncle who is 40 years old. Are my parents blind or what? Just because a few aunties said that my sister has turned out to be a beautiful woman and a few guys are eyeing her in a bad way, my parents thought to get her married. I mean like hello we're living in 21st century but no one cares in Pakistan. Now I know why my parents were so keen to go on a holiday to Pakistan. Crap I feel trapped. I shouldn't have left Britain; now I can't even do anything. My British passport will get treated like trash in this village of Pakistan. But right now I feel sorry for my big sister who is expected to marry a 40 year old widower uncle. But I trust the feisty blood of my sister; I know she'll never sacrifice her life like this.


Monday, 15 February 2021

Last Part : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "YOU CAN POST HIM A LETTER. EEKKKSS my brain sometimes come up with the most intelligentest ideas" she said excitedly while patting her back.

"yeah good idea and by the way there is no word called intelligenest" i grinned seeing her glare.


I wrote a nice letter to armaan. I wrote everything in that letter. From the very first impression, to how i thought him and san would make a couple, to how san gave me the dare and i reluctantly expected it, to how i finally fell in love with him and finally how he misheard mines and san's banter. I wrote my every feeling in that letter. I poured my heart out. If armaan really loves me from his heart then he will come up to me after reading that letter. I posted a first class stamp on the letter as i couldn't bear a second delay. Now i was waiting for tomorrow. Let's see what's written in my fate?

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Part 7 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "armaan i..i listen aah" i just couldn't tell him. Crap. I felt my eyes welling up. I always waited for this and now when my dream finally came true. I can't confess my true feelings. I felt a tear rolling down my eye. Suddenly armaan got up and turned around. My hands felt cold again as he took his warm hands off them.


"i am sorry. I know i shouldn't have told you all this. Look just forget about all this okay" he said wiping a lone tear which escaped his eye and he was about to go when on an impulse i got up and held his hand. I can't let him go. No, not after he confessed.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Part 6 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "PROGRESS PROGRESS PROGRESS" I sung loudly into sanam's ears which she blocked with her fingers. You see i love boasting. After all imma gonna get my chocolate right? *winks*

"OKAY OKAY I HEARD" she snapped back. Hehe love her face when she goes all annoyed. You see it's not easy to annoy sanam like this.


Friday, 12 February 2021

Part 5: 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)


I thought of coming to college early. You see my teachers crib too much about punctuality and blah and blah so to prevent all those boring lectures i came college early. I was just walking towards the reception area when suddenly someone spoke,


"Hi Riddhima." As soon as i turned around i was pleasantly surprised to see armaan coming upto me.

"hi armaan how are you? How come you're in college so early?" D'UH BECAUSE HE LIKES TO COME EARLY WOMEN. Whats ur problem? Gosh why can't i ever ask a proper question.

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Part 4 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "let's go laddo who gives who ever she is?" san said while linking arms with me. Little did she know that i care a lot who that girl is. Man why did I even agreed for this dare. Now everything has gone so weird. Ugh!


"yeah lets go." Me and san walked up to the bus stop with our other friend parminder or pam for short. We were just messing about and cracking jokes on random people when suddenly aashik and his girlfriend came. Ashik is like sanam's enemy from the very first week of college. But for some odd reason sanam has got hots for aashik. I know confusing right, man once she even said that she likes aashik with a passion and dislike him with a passion as well. They both always fight on every reason they could find. The other day aashik locked san outside our classroom and she went wild while knocking the door. Next day san locked him outside the door and to make it worse, she went upto the window and waved him bye. Don't ask the reasons for their fights as i will be here all day explaining you. So yeah to minimise the confusion san calls aashik her 'sexy enemy'. But that doesn't mean she likes him or anything. NO WAYS as far as i know. So where was i? Oh yeah on the same bus stop aashik and his GF also came and san screamed,

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Part 3 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "i named the duck rohit. HAHAHAHAHA" she laughed off and went away leaving a rolling eyed rohit behind. Even armaan was giving her those weird looks.

BUS STOP (evening)

"hey san what do you think of armaan?" i asked san, even when my own little heart was aching while putting armaan's name with sanam's


Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Part 2 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)


Me, sanam and sam (another friend) were walking in the physics corridor when i suddenly spotted abhi  in one of the classrooms. Abhi is my old friend (just friend NOTHING else jeez guys one track mind) anyways me and him can never talk properly. I mean we always fight but still we are really good friends.


"hey look there's abhi", i said to my friends while pointing at abhi's retreating figure.

"WHERE WHERE?" sanam started to jump up and down to see his face. Jeez women stop it, ur making a scene. Ugh

Monday, 8 February 2021

Part 1 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

 girl -sometimes madness turns magic before we know it!

boy- love the way you lie...


 Part 1

I waited impatiently for san underneath the roof of DVD store. Our usual meeting spot but I should have known that san can never turn up on time. Gosh this girl, we're seriously gonna get late for open day. You know what, let me just call her.


Tuesday, 2 February 2021

part 4 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 I felt someone's warm hand on my shoulder and felt the currents again. Without even turning I knew who it was. Only his touch could give me those currents.

"why did you come here armaan? Leave me alone", I said slightly shoving his hand off my shoulder.

"oh how did you know it was me?" I bit my tongue. Shit now what will I say? Armaan janeman tumhara touch meri body ko electrical conductor mein badal deta hai. HUH YEAH RIGHT!

OS : Love just need a pure Heart

A girl around 22 years was,crying sitting near the window of her room. Her eyes became red nd swollen due to constant crying..

Another girl was entered in the room nd found everything scattered around the room, she rushed to the girl already present in the room nd hugged her tight tried to pacify her...

"ssshhh ridzi khamosh hoja bus" anjali spoke...

(she is ridhima's elder sister nd is happily married to atul)

Monday, 1 February 2021

part 3 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 "leave my hand. Don't you dare talk to me again, never mind touching me", I said heatedly as I tried to jerk off my wrist from his hold, but all hard work went in vain.

"aww did you get shocked seeing this side of mines? Bbz this is the real me. The true armaan mallik. PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD" at that time I felt tears pricking down my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I can't cry in front of armaan. No ways. I gulped down the sour feeling in my throat and composed myself.

AR os : Moh Moh ke Dhaage Haatho Se Bandhe

We enter a big hall. Beautiful paintings were hung on the wall. Red net curtains were hung on the pillars with some beaded strings. A lady in her 70s was doing pooja when a lady cladded in a beautiful orange saree came next to her.

Lady 2: arre maa! Aap kya kari hain? Doctor ne aapki zada chalne phirne se mana kiya hai!
Lady 1: arre padma beta pooja hi to kari hu! Aur waise bhi abh meri jaane ka time aagaya hai! Abh meri ekk hi khawaish hai ke main aapni riddhima ke bache dheko!
Padma: oh ho maa! Kitni baar kaha hai ke aisi baatein na kiya kaare!!! Baghwan aapko laambi umer de!! Aur agar riddhima ko pata chala ke uski naani aise baat kari hai to woh bohot naraz hogi!!!

Sunday, 31 January 2021

part 2 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 "are you okay Riddhima?" he asked coming up to me, I guess I did looked kinda scary in this attire. WAIT HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME?

"uh who are you and how do you know my name?" I bet he asked my mum saying aunty who was that sexy chick with you the other day? Hayee me and sexy chick *sigh*

OS : couldn't help but fall for you

Everyone was busy in decorating the mansion as today is the engagement of the princess of the house..
As we go upstairs of the mansion we can see one girl was sitting all ready in a beautiful purple lehenga..looking like an angel..and 2 girls is helping her on her makeup and hair.. they were almost done when the door of the room opened and a middle aged lady entered.. aree anjali and muskan beti abhi tak tum log ready nhi huye.. yes the two girl who were helping the girl ready is anjali and muskan..
An: mom we are almost done..
Lady: ok beta do quick they are at downstairs. Mu: aunty ap fikar na karo hum abhi ridzy ko leke niche ate h.. yes the girl is Ridhima Gupta doughter of shashank and padma gupta..
Pa: going towards ridz beti u r looking so beautiful and put a black tilak on the behind of her. R: Mommm blusing and hugging her mom.. P: ok ab m niche jati hu.. tum log jaldi se aw.. and left..
M: so ridz ready for the commitement..?
R: dont know yar..its just happeng so fast..
A: dont worry ridz everything will be fine..and he really a good guy..
R: hmm sigh

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Part 1 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

-when a tornado meets a volcano..

Oh my gawd he's like so fit! Proper drop dead gorgeous man I said in my mind as I saw a guy in a gold jewellery shop working from a distance.   I was walking on the road with my mum next to me. D'uh why do think I didn't whistle at that asian beauty. Yaar kya pataka hai, iske saamne to diwali fireworks bhi na dikhe. I was still looking at the hot mess when suddenly he looked up but didn't see me, rather he was looking at my mum. Huh? And to my utter shock, my mum gave him a friendly nod and smiled at him. Hayeee does mum this pataka? I looked at mum, then him, then again at mum and finally when I looked at him our eyes met or rather he locked my eyes with his. We both had this blank dazzled look on our faces. My legs kept moving but my eyes were glued on to him. I reached a spot where I had to turn my head back to get a glimpse of him but knowing that mum was walking next to me, I had to be precautious, so I turned my head back to get a final look of this asian pataka, when I saw him bending over his table to get a better look at me. OH MY GOD! He's like checking me out. AAAHHHHH

Part 2: My Bride (os)

2 - OH No - NOT so Fast, Prince.
Reaching home after a journey of 2 hours, she threw her bags at door mat and ran bell, only to her parents already standing in front of her with frown. She bit her lower lips, and spoke "Mum…." It was mere whisper. It was nineteen years! It's a lot. A doubt passed by Riddimaa's tiny brain that do they even remember her? Did they recognize her? 

Friday, 29 January 2021

Part 1: My Bride (os)

1 -- The Prince and Riddimaa.

"Riddimaa!! Did you Heard that a Prince of Rajasthan had come all the way from London for a short trip in Shimla." A girl with curls, wearing a knee length jeans and a black top, twirled in excitement. And other two girls grinned at her.

"Muskaannn! Not again! Urgghhh! Why don't you ever think of anything else then Boys?" A girl named Riddimaa got off bed, tying her hair. She arranged her bed.

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Last part : Beauty and the beast (ss)

armaan was whole shattered, he was nt able to face ridzi...
so he leaved the place...
she was in room, where he left her, still unconscious. bt she started gaining her conscious , coz of the voices she ws hereing...Ouch

she was so scared for what she have seen, itseemslike a horrible dream for her. she woke up with a jerk, whole panting ...
ri- wt ws that ,
breathing really heavly ...

ri- yaah it ws a bad deam yaah it ws, only then she again heard sm voice...Confused

lady- wht do u think jon ab kya hoga kya ye lerki sir ke baare mai sbko bata degi.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

part 3 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

In the evening...Big smileBig smileBig smile

 All were very excited for the prom night ''.getting ready in there best outfits '..

RIDZI was ready in her white princess gown''she looked at the mirror once again '.she smiled a lil and blushed'.with the thought how armaan will react seeing her'.

A shy smile made her lit down her eye lids''.


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

part 2 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

She slowly snatched her rupatta from his face, and now both were staring each other when riddhima saw him she flet her heart jumping inside her and his intense gaze made her blush so she lowered her eyelids.

And armaan he was just lost, after ages he was feeling attracted towards any thing in this world.

he was just staring her admiring her beauty her innocencet face. his heart was felling a new desire in him. her green almond eyes were like a sea of immostions .
she was felling gozebumps in her body due to his touch. her innocent mind was not understanding what happening to her.
she composed her self but his continous gaze was making her nervious.
and armaan was contiusly stairing at her by corners of his eyes.

Monday, 25 January 2021

part 1 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

There was a beautiful town called jashnagiri it was situated in b/w the hills . it looks so beautiful and pure when sun light touches it coz it shines like diamond in the morning.

It was mostly covered with the snow, ppls of this town were so lovable and simple, and have mostly wooden house.

A very beautiful wooden house covered with a layer of snow was spreading its warmth all over by its chimney and have a sudden noise lets see what it is.

A lady around 50ties was shouting.

La- beta subha ho gayi ab toh utha ja college nahi jana hai kya.

Hye bhagwan ye larki bhi na pata nahi apne sapno ki duniya se bahar ayegi.

Sunday, 24 January 2021

OS : Armaan

She instantly sat on the bed  awake with heavy beads of sweat formed on her skin , her extreme long dark hair slightly wet due to fear lurking within in her, her heart beating heavily. Those blue eyes once again disturbed her dreams, in heart she knew something wasn't right this made her melt into trepidation and fret. She removed the thin piece of fabric that was covering her, her red sari was slightly damp, she felt weak and sick at that notion she got out of bed not disturbing Sid.

The night was dark and gloomy, no trace of the moon and the stars could be seen, it was pitch black lacking significant beauty that the night always brought in her Mansion. She paced around her room anxiously, the worry seemed to expand by the second & nothing made sense.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

AR os: Fall for You

This is a small story of a couple Armaan n Riddhima who has 4 years age difference between them and marriage was fixed by their family as the consent was send by Armaan's family on armaan's insistence as he was head over heels in love with Riddhima when his eyes led on her for the very first time. Armaan had seen Riddhima in the mall with her two friends Nikita and Muskaan. Armaan was their for a meeting with one of his clients in the restaurant of a mall when riddima had entered in their with her two best friends. She wore simple red suit wid her long hairs left open. Whereas armaan was in his three piece office suit. When armaan saw her for the first time in restaurant he was left spell bound by her beauty...he couldn't took his eyes of her for a single second. And when he reached home he was not able to forget her face even for once as her face was driving him crazy every second of his life. So after full one week he concluded that he was head over heels in love with ridhima.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Last Part : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

 “I love you”, they together whispered and felt that someone in the sky was looking for them and the same time the thunderstorm started and clouds opened their wombs as if someone has opened the tap in sky in the form of rainfall.

Armaan ran from the spot at the same time, with the velocity of light in the hurry of reaching to the Gupta Mansion as soon as possible.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

part 12& 13: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Part 12

Armaan, who was thinking, "Beta Armaan! Propose her fast nahi to pata chala Shilpa ki shadi pe use propose karu main, but shrieked off the thought.

"Pheron ka samay nikal raha hai, panditji announced and everyone smiled as now Sid and Riddhima were going to tie a knot.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

part 10& 11: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

The wholly drenched Shilpa was aghast when her skirt caught the fire and she started gasping, asking for the help, "Bachao! Somebody help me please. Help!

 "Shilpa!, Armaan screamed noticing the fire and realized the rain has been stopped a while ago.

 He did not think for a second and ran towards her. He tried to extinguish the fire caught by her skirt, without realizing that his own hands burnt and wounded. He held her from her shoulders and embrace in a tight hug, "Are you fine?

Friday, 15 January 2021

part 8& 9: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

"S for Shilpa, not Shona...aur Sanskar toh bilkul nahi", A short heighten girl in a funky top, a pair of jeans and a leather jacket blabbered out with giggling laughter.

Shilpa looked at her back and ran towards that girl while saying, "Swara!!", and hugged her tightly.

"I am very much angry at you, why you did not come with Sanskaar, haan", Shilpa complained tilting her face aside.

"Hey Shona part 1, I could have come haan, but your best friend behaved really bad with me, mujhe ghar par chod kar khud chala aaya", she too complained about Sanskaar to Shilpa.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

part 7 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan quit the spot and stepped towards his car so that he can fetch the dessert, the red velvet cake, Sid's favourite, but while locking the car he heard a voice, "Arey kaha na sorry

Armaan rolled his eyes when he realised it was Sanskar.

But stopped when he heard, "I love you too Shona!... I love you more than anything

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

part 5&6 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan started stepping forward and Shilpa trembled as she was in the fear as he could do anything whenever he come near to her, so she stepped backward and jammed between him and the car but shockingly he removed his jacket and let her wear it so her revealing parts which were sticking to her body shouldn't get notice by him and left the spot.

But these two were unaware that a pair of eyes was noticing them, keenly.


Late Night,

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

part 4 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Shilpa and Sanskaar were dancing happily with the whole DMG gang on the Sid and Riddhima's roka ceremony and when the song was about to end a person, Armaan, without informing anyone left the area and when finally when the song ended she hugged Sanskar tightly which didn't get unnoticed by Armaan, when he turned back from the main door and he clenched his jaw tightly in unease.

Monday, 11 January 2021

part 2 &3: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

"chali gayi?", Arman uttered and a thought came to his mind, "may be because of last night?"

He was stepping outside the orphanage and the chain of thought was revolving in his mind

"did she left  because of that kiss?"

"I hope she has not taken it seriously", thought Armaan and completed, "why am I thinking that too much? I've to sort it out.", saying this he creased the muddy road with his car's tier and drove off to leave for Mumbai.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

part 1 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan was hardly an inch apart from Shilpa, who too was feeling the same pain with which, Armaan was dealing.  Armaan and Shilpa, both weren't in their senses and she parted her lips to inhale and he bridged the gap at which she cupped his cheeks in her hands and allowed him. They shared a soft but passionate kiss at that moment but with the immediate the cold breeze and the thunder, Shilpa came to her senses.

She widened her eyes and leaving his cheeks, tried to get herself free from the situation at which Armaan too realized the intensity of situation. He picked himself immediately and gave a hand to her, but she rejected and collecting herself, immediately ran inside, pushing him away from her hand.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Prologue : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

The loud roar of the lightening held Armaan's attention, who was sitting inside the apartment of Panchghani's orphanage. His lips automatically curved in a slight smile and he took the steps towards the shaded balcony.

He smiled and looked up to the sky, the thunder of lightening was knocking the door of clouds, which encouraged them to ripe the womb and it seemed as they have opened the taps to pour water on the earth's surface.

Armaan's smile widened, witnessing the first rain of the season and he started looking here and there. When he was shifting his eyes, they rested on a girl in her white chudidaar and kameez, stretching her arms to catch the water droplets in her palms, who was Shilpa.

Friday, 8 January 2021

OS : Happy Birthday

mallik mansion

The house was beautifully decorated as if a big function was going we go ahead we can see some ppl r running here and there and some guest start coming. As we go upstairs a couple was gettin ready.
the guy: basket jaldi karo.sab guest ate honge. R:i'm almost done arman.just 5 mnt more. Btw where is our princess muskan. Its her bd today(for a chng muskan is ar lil doughter). A:wait i'm calling nikki to knw where r they(nikki is armans sis and ridz best frnd).. Hlw nikki where r u both? ... Yeah almost done. ... Ok. To ridz they r coming in 30 mnts
R:ok i am done. I'll go and check the arrangement she was about to go when ar pulled her towards himself. Don't worry everything is perfectly let me wish my lovely wife after all it's her bd too. R: arman how many times u'll wish me..? A: meri wife ki bd h m jitna chahe wish tumhe isse kya? While hugging her

Thursday, 7 January 2021

AR os : Beauty Doesn't Matter

I was helpless standing out side my house to see it had burn all... Don't know wht has gone wrong and two of my friends were holding me back as I wanted to go inside...
Fire tracks has reach before I reach as the neighbours had inform them as they saw the fire caught, and as soon I got the news I just came as soon as possible...
'Where is she...' Someone asked from behind me, I just turn around to see two other friends standing there...
No words came out from my mouth as my throat was dry...
'Don't know, Must be inside... We can't go inside before they control, its good some neighbor try to control the fire so it didn't reach up floor...' My friend tell who was holding me...

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Last Part : To my wife.. with love major armaan mallik... (OS)

To my dear wife

Hey surprised to see my letter so early?ahhh yes i know don't lie i know you are suprised and now blushing as you read these lines that "i was missing you "yes i still m at base and could have called you and said all this but as my fellow soldiers were writing letters to their loved ones i also thought of penning down my love for you and ridmaan on this blank paper.
I know you and ridmaan are doing great at our delhi residence where you returned from dehradun last love your smile that is on your face at this very moment reading this.

We are all heading towards the LOC in an hr so we all decided to write our letters to the family because we have only 3 phone lines out of which one is a hotline so no one can use for personal calls,second is only a local call ranged,which leaves us with only one line for calls..but as we are 437 soldiers and just 60 mins under our sleeves so we all decided against using the phone which would have made us have the oppourtunity to hear the voices of our loved ones as may be few of us or all maybe or maynot come back to the base alive,however leaving all that aside i just wanted to tell you the amazing news that i got from LT Gerawal...

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Part 1 : To my wife.. with love major armaan mallik... (OS)

Army head Quarters
Dehradun Base

Tak Tak Tak.......ek do ek do ek tham....hault.....vishram....

Jawan iss ground ke 20 chakar kaatega....bina ready....

Yes sir......(chorus)

Company March........

Come on boys....faster faster.....

Imagine as if you are in the battle field and the enemy has sited you now he is on a hunt for you...come home run for your life...come on for your life because you are now no individuals you guys are now soldiers and soldiers can’t die...they cannot effort to....come on guys.....rathore run.....pratap good job carry on.....shabaash shaabash.....

Monday, 4 January 2021

Happily divorced os

“You know what, we are getting addicted to each other and this is going to be with us for  life..” when he said this to me 10yrs ago, as we lounged by the sea on a calm afternoon, I just thought it was cute..

We Belonged to different cities and different worlds.. yet when our paths crossed and we met at a dull boring business meeting, sparks flew and how.. Both if us were too professional to try and take it forward immediately.. I mean, i didn’t even know if he was single..

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Tosey Naina AR os


Ridhima Gupta.. she is everything that can be termed as normal and basic.. she lived with her uncle, whom she fondly calls baba and have been on the receiving end of a lot of love and taunts from this family.. she was close to Mr. Shashank Malhotra and his daughter Anjali.. 

Anjali was married to Atul and they both treat Ridhima as their sister.. a confident yet protected childhood to a meek yet individualistic adulthood Ridhima has had it all.. she has got a very few friends.. currently she is looking for a job while her Badi Ma is busy looking for an alliance for her so that she doesn’t have to tolerate her anymore now..

Ridhima came running from her room when she heard Padma shouting.. “ji Badi Ma..”