Saturday, 30 January 2021

Part 1 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

-when a tornado meets a volcano..

Oh my gawd he's like so fit! Proper drop dead gorgeous man I said in my mind as I saw a guy in a gold jewellery shop working from a distance.   I was walking on the road with my mum next to me. D'uh why do think I didn't whistle at that asian beauty. Yaar kya pataka hai, iske saamne to diwali fireworks bhi na dikhe. I was still looking at the hot mess when suddenly he looked up but didn't see me, rather he was looking at my mum. Huh? And to my utter shock, my mum gave him a friendly nod and smiled at him. Hayeee does mum this pataka? I looked at mum, then him, then again at mum and finally when I looked at him our eyes met or rather he locked my eyes with his. We both had this blank dazzled look on our faces. My legs kept moving but my eyes were glued on to him. I reached a spot where I had to turn my head back to get a glimpse of him but knowing that mum was walking next to me, I had to be precautious, so I turned my head back to get a final look of this asian pataka, when I saw him bending over his table to get a better look at me. OH MY GOD! He's like checking me out. AAAHHHHH

"Riddhima why are you looking back", shit mummy ne pakar liya.

"uh mum who was that guy in that gold shop. How do you know him?" I asked pretending to be casual about it but inside I was damn impatient to fish as much info as I could about the hot pataka.

"oh him, he is my employer's youngest son. Didn't I tell you that my boss's husband invests in gold and has a gold business? That was their gold shop" hayee rich bhi hai! What a deadly combo, looks to kill and bank balance to die for! I want to know more mummy!!!

"oh right, so what was he doing in the shop. Doesn't he go to college or something?" uff I hate playing this casual looking care free attitude. But I can't even act desperate. Ab mummy ki jagah friend hoti to uss larke se flirt kar chuki hoti ab tak. But shit in front of mum, I can't even wink at him.

"he goes to London university. He comes here in leicester on weekends and sometimes comes to store to help his dad or kill time." I had this bad feeling that mum saw the sudden curiosity in my eyes so she was looking at me suspiciously. God mum itna shak. Your daughter is still a single virgin! No BFs'..yet!

"okay" I ended the conversation pretending to get bored of this topic now. Arey yaar mum ka shak barana hai kya? Mum's eyes soften and we walked away. What a pataka he was. Pata nahi kab milungi? OH MY GAWDDD WAS I EVEN LOOKING HOT TODAY? Shit thora make up karlena chahiye tha. UGHHH!


3 weeks later

I was running, running in my old lime green colour pyjamas eew I know but man I got this burning love for lime green colour, running with my hair loosely tied in a messy pony, running bare feet, running as tears were fiercely streaming down my red swollen eyes. I looked a mess, but who gives a damn how you look when you are running to call your mum after you got out of a fight. Yes you heard it correct, I was involved in a fight and not with some people of my age, but some Buddha pervert men who were like proper eyeing me in a wrong way from the past one week and today when I came out of my house to throw some rubbish in the main outer bin, that's when I saw that man again. To begin with he was in his 30's and today AGAIN he was looking at me lust fully from top to bottom. I mean this was the limit, so barged up to him and barked,

"WHAT? WHY ARE YOU PERVING AT ME FOR?", I swear I was shaking from inside. I mean he was standing there with his other Buddha friends and they all were angrily looking at me.

"VAT? Uhmm me my wish" that kamina couldn't even speak English and what did he say his bloody wish? Iski maa ki!!!

"SHUT UP YOU bas***d. NEXT TIME YOU PERV AT ME AND I AM CALLING POLICE" I said pointing my index finger towards him. All his friends ganged up on me. Don't they have any shame? Ganging up on a 17 year old?  But I think they didn't know who were they dealing with, so even I charged up and started pushing them. One of the perverts came and held my wrist, I tried to take my wrist off him but couldn't so bit him on his arm and in return I got a slap from him. Yes I got beaten up but not that much cuz then some people saw the commotion and came. They started calling the police and as soon as they heard the police's name, the pervert's gang ran away.

Shit I thought. I didn't wanted to get into police business and knowing that I started the fight first, I am likely to get into trouble, so I ran and don't know when while running I started to cry. I know what a baby, but don't get me wrong. Even though I act all hard and strong but from inside I am very soft. You know England mein rehna hai to hard to banna hi parega. That's what my mum says.

So yeah I started to run to my mum's shop where I am gonna fall at her feet and ask for forgiveness for starting a fight again. *rolling eyes* I know yeh sab natak to roz ka hai.

I barged into my mum's boutique where she worked with that hot pataka's parents *winks*. Let me remind you whoever forgot that when I barged into my mum's boutique neither I was looking like an apsara nor some enchantress. Rather I looked ugly, like ugh my eyes were red and kinda swollen, I was wearing my LIME green pyjamas (even though I love them, people find this colour absurd, so yeah) and my hair were messily tied in a loose pony. Trust me I have layers so the top layer of my hair was flowing out of my pony like a fountain. And GOSH I DIDN'T EVEN STRAIGHTNED MY BLOODY HAIR AND NO MAKE UP AGAIN!!! You must be thinking why am I talking about all this again. Well cuz as soon as I stepped in my mum's boutique the first person I saw was that hot guy I saw in the gold shop the other day. Remember the guy who was like soooooo handsome and whom my mum smiled at. Yaad aaya?

I was red with embarrassment when I saw him staring at me worriedly.

"jeez why did I need to wear a lime green pyjamas today?" I muttered under my breath.


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