Sunday, 31 January 2021

part 2 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 "are you okay Riddhima?" he asked coming up to me, I guess I did looked kinda scary in this attire. WAIT HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME?

"uh who are you and how do you know my name?" I bet he asked my mum saying aunty who was that sexy chick with you the other day? Hayee me and sexy chick *sigh*

"oh sorry, no you don't really know me unless yeah aunty had mentioned me. By the way am armaan. And I know your name cuz ur mum always talks about you." He said genuinely. No flirting, no sexy talks. Huh what a good boy he is. Did I tell you I hate good people? They just piss me off with their mahan karma *rolling eyes*

"hi armaan nice to meet you. Is my mum here? I need to meet her. Uhm it's kinda urgent" I said blushing profusely. Gosh he looks even sexier up close. Dil to karta hai ek kiss lelu. What lips man. Yum

"yeah I can see that by looking at you. Let me call aunty." And just before turning around, he pressed his lips as if suppressing a laugh and said,

"nice PJs by the way" and he bursted out laughing. ARGH KAMINA.

I shot him a glare and was about to go and call mum myself when he came in front of me and apologised.

"sorry sorry. Seriously I mean like I have never seen anyone dressed in this kind of pyjamas before." he looked sincere to meine bhi socha chalo maaf kiya. After all anyone would have laughed seeing me like this.

Then mum came out and gave me glare as if she guessed what would have happened and then yaada yaada yaada, the rest was history. And yeah mummy ke pairo mein girne ki naubat nahi aayi.

That was the first time I saw him without any kind of glass barriers in between us and swear down he looked even more handsome and hot up close. Don't get me wrong but when I officially first time saw him he was standing behind the glass wall, so there was barrier in between us but when I saw him today we had no barriers in between us. BUT CRAP I LOOKED LIKE A TRAMP TODAY! Ugh mujse ache to homeless people lagte honge. Mera to chance gaya. kaha vo and kaha mein!

After that day I just needed excuses to go to mum's boutique or the gold's shop on the weekends you know why right? *Winks*. Arey yaar mera hot maal armaan jo aata hai university se. trust me my crush for him grew bigger and bigger day by day, month by month and like that a whole year passed. And the only progress I made in this one year was to make good acquaintances with him. Don't blame me for being this slow. Yaar mummy ke boss ka beta hai, god mein char jao kya. I needed to take it slow and at a right speed. Mummy ko bhi to shak nahi hona chahiye tha. One more thing, in this one year mr good boy, became MY mummy's superstar. Always she is like armaan is like this, armaan is like that. He is such a sweet boy. You should learn from him. He is always calm natured and bless always smiling. Trust me because of my mum's endless praises about armaan, I fell for him even more. I fell for him as in I started crushing for him more, NOT THAT I FELL IN LOVE. Jeez no ways.  In a way I was like kinda lusting behind me unknowingly. But yaar I bet he doesn't take me in that way. I agree my mum is there and stuff but man kuch to sign deta but nahi, he always acted like a perfect boy. Oooh forgot to tell, after that incident, whenever I went to meet mum at her boutique on weekends, I made sure I looked presentable but man i think my nose is well big. Ab shakal to make up mein chupa lu, par is mount Everest nose ko kaha rakhu. No wonder armaan doesn't give me too much bhav. Sab iss nose ki galti hai. Yaar my parents don't have big nose, THEN WHY ME GOD. WHICH ODD GENE YOU SHOVED IN ME? Ughh


"bye mummy, bye pappa. Muahz. Dekho muje bohot yaad mat karna okay. You know I hate it when I get hiccups." Arey yaar mum hamesha kehti hai ki whenever someone misses you, you get hiccups, so yeah. Oh by the way guess where I am going? Mere dil ke armaan ke pass. Nahi re shadi nahi ki uske saath. Am just 18 yet. I am going London university, like loooonndoooon, different city, different people and different life. YESSSS the same university armaan goes to. Eeekkk am like sooo excited. To begin with am gonna be away from home, so full freedom. And secondly meine sunah hai London mein hot maals bohot hote hai. Armaan included *winks*


I stepped out of the bus and carried my bag on my shoulder. A sense of loneliness engulfed me. Never had this feeling before. I was always surrounded by my people before and now am like totally alone. My mouth went sour as I remembered my parents. Suddenly the feeling of freedom felt like loneliness. I miss home already I thought sadly.

I shared my apartment with other 3 girls. Mum made sure that in my student apartment, there were no boys. So typical! They were quite friendly and one of them was so like me. Bollywood freak and soooo Indian. Gosh! Her name is muskaan but yeah she looked quite different from me, she had that curly hair which sometimes scare me at night when they form all kinds of creepy reflections on the wall. So yeah,but still other than she's a fun person.

Next day I step into university all charged up and happy hopping around the university's large ground. And suddenly my heart skipped a beat when armaan came up to me with his gang of girls and guys. One of the girls was proper clinging onto armaan. I felt like pulling her hair and peeling her out of my armaan's body.

"hi fresher. So first day eh? You look too happy to be a fresher. Aren't you scared? Wooohoooo" armaan said kind of cruelly. I stared at him thinking why is armaan acting like a jerk? I mean whenever I used to talk to him in Leicester, he was soooo sweet to me and now he's acting so unlike him. So unlike what I thought he was.

"hi armaan. What are you on about?" I asked unsurely.

"come on bbz. Don't pretend that you don't know what we're gonna do to you" he smirked while chewing his gum. Why is he acting so weird? Ragging? Suddenly the girl, who was clinging onto him, turned his face to her side and kissed him full mouth. My eyes widened in shock. And I swear I felt my little heart breaking. Why? It shouldn't break. It's not like I love armaan. He was just a crush and after seeing this side of him, I am so over with him. He's such a two faced animal. In front of my mum, he acts like world's greatest son and in real he's such a dog.

"I need to go darling. I'll catch ya later", the girl who kissed him said while biting his ear. I wanted to puke. Bleh

"bye babes", he said winking at her and I noticed that now the girl was chewing his gum. Eeww gross, they swapped chewing gums while snogging. Can I just run away from here god. I wanna go back to Leicester, to my parents where everything was perfect and I never appreciated it.

Even I was about to go from there as I just couldn't bear this shit for any longer. I mean my lovely image of armaan which I made in this one whole year came crashing down like a house of cards. Suddenly I felt a tug at my wrist as armaan jumped and held my wrist tight.

"where do you think you're going baby?" he asked smirking again. Did I tell you how much I hated his smirk that time. Dil to kar raha tha ek punch maaru kamine ke muh par.


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