Friday, 26 February 2021

Last part : Escaping the hell- 2 another rihana story...

 "w..what kind of research?" he stammered in nervousness. Damn he's getting scared of a guy who's about 10 years younger than him.

"research on domestic crime. You know sexual harassment, dowry, beating wives behind closed doors et cetera et cetera" Armaan finished with a tight smile on his face and I was suppressing my laugh seeing afzal's face.


"oh oh par h..hamare gao mein aisa kuch nahi hota hehe" he said while patting armaan's back who just started at him with his eyebrow raised up.

"sure, I believe you so i guess this will a holiday for me then and by the way, you're wife invited me to stay down your people's house for a week. I mean isn't it just awesome!" Armaan turned around to look at me and gave me a quick wink which made me blush to no extent. I mean c'mon I was a 17 year old at the end of the day!

"KYA? TUNE ISSE GHAR MEIN REHNE KE LIYE BULAYA?" afzal came marching up to me showing me his eyes but long gone were the days when I used to get scared of those eyes. Now I have Armaan with me. I walked next to Armaan and said confidently,

"yeah I did, I mean even he's from England just like me, so we'll get along just fine. I haven't had a proper friend since 4 years now ever since I came to India, so don't I deserve one?" I asked while pouting. It's like am experiencing this new girl which I didn't existed inside me. before afzal could answer, Armaan stepped forward and took out a wad of cash from his rucksack and slapped it on afzal's greedy hand.

"here dude, my advance. Chill man it's not like am gonna stay here like a bin bulaya mehman, i'll pay for your wives company" he said winking at afzal which infuriated him to no extent and was about to punch the gut out of Armaan when Armaan effortlessly caught his fist.

"ooh, and someone told me no domestic violence in this village. Never do the mistake of messing around with a lawyer, cuz one scratch on me and I'll drag you to jail and then you know if am not in a good mood, then all the other crimes also come out. What's that saying in hindi? Yeah kala chittha khul jayega" he finished with a lazy grin as he dropped afzal's hand down.

"Rihana mehmaan ko chai pila aur ek hafte mein chalta bana" afzal scowled at me while putting the wad of cash in his pocket. I got so happy seeing our plan working that i ran upto Armaan and hugged him tight, even ishaan was gurgling with joy. I never felt so much protected in years. Armaan patted my back and whispered in my ears.

"if you do that again, then am not gonna be responsible for kissing you in front of your husband as right now you're turning me on" and i quickly pulled out while tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I..I'll get you some tea" and was about to run away in shyness when Armaan caught my hand and pulled me back gently.

"Don't bother, am a self sufficient man and can take care of myself. Right now I have take you're details to make a new passport for you and ishaan. It will take a few days but I have contacts in British embassy which will make sure yours and ishaan's passport comes within a week with a VISA stamp on it." He explained me everything and all I could do was just nod in happiness. He continued,

"how long have you been living in india?" he asked me while writing my information on a piece of paper.

"I've lived here for four years"

"GREAT! That means you're still a British citizen and there is no way in hell these people can stop you but make sure afzal don't get suspicious  otherwise he might shift you to some different place...and don't worry, as long as am in the house, he won't dare hit you or ishaan. Okay babe, now I need to make some calls" I kissed ishaan's head and was about to get up when i held his hand.

"Thank you" i mouthed as words were stuck somewhere inside my vocal cords.

"The pleasure's all mine" he winked and went away talking to someone on his phone. Can this really happen? Can my life really give me a second chance? I thought it was too late but I guess it's never too late, there's always hope and here my saviour came in form of a law student, a very hot law student! I mean he's so witty and sharp that with a few punch lines and a wad of cash he locked up afzal's mouth and made mines and ishaan's life safer until we're here. I clutched my locket and fiercely prayed to god to help Armaan get me and ishaan out of here.

In a matter of five days, our passports came as Armaan promised. Man he must be some powerful person otherwise how can British passports can come in five day? I was folding the clothes when suddenly afzal barged into our room and i backed away immediately. The fear was still there, no matter what I say.

"VO KAMINA KAB TAK RAHEGA YAHA PE? MUJE USKA AANA JANA BILKUL PASAND NAHI HAI SAMJHI" he took a few strides up to me and pulled my hair so strongly causing my scalp to feel a sharp pain.

"aah Armaan.." immediately came out of my mouth and afzal slapped me hard.

"KAUN LAGTA HAI VO TERA! Kaat dalunga Sali agar mere alawa aur kissi ko dekha bhi" he pushed me away and stormed away from the room. I got so scared that I just sat in the room crying my heart out. I could still feel his strong grip on my hair but I was more worried about how will Armaan manage to get us out of here?

That night i heard some noises coming from the store room and my heart paced up because I hid mines and ishaan's passport in the store room. I peeked inside and to my absolute horror i saw afzal looking at our passports menacingly and i clutched my taweez (locket) for support. I ran in my bedroom and took my dad's only photo and wrote "help me Armaan, he found the passport" behind the tattered photo. I knew something's going to be absolutely wrong now, where are you Armaan? He didn't used to sleep in our house so i had no idea where he is at this time of the night.

"RIHANAAA YEH SAB KYA HAI?" afzal came storming in the room showing me mines and ishaan's passport. I could feel my heart in the throat. i don't know what got over me that i picked a sleeping ishaan up and ran out of the house, screaming,

"ARMAAAN HELPPP ARMAAAN ARMAA-" afzal blocked my mouth with his hand and dragged me somewhere with him. I dug my heels in the ground but he kept dragging me and ishaan with him. I realised he wasn't taking me to our house rather somewhere else. That time realisation dawned upon me that I was getting kidnapped! I have to tell Armaan, but how and i felt the photo which was still in my death grip. I silently dropped the photo on my way and let afzal take us.  If I am destined escape this hell then no matter what, Armaan will found us!

He took us to this old stable which was a bit far from the village and tied me and ishaan there in the corner with a bamboo stick. I felt sorry for ishaan as he constantly cried and to prevent that afzal tied his little mouth as well. My heart burnt seeing my baby taking silent hiccups. He was freaking 3 years old baby! Have some mercy! But my voice refused to penetrate the cloth around my mouth.

"mhmmm ahmmhfmm" i kept mumbling but no louder than a hiss voice came out. Finally looking pleased with his work, he smirked at me and dusted his hands,

"Sali tujhe kya laga? Tu aur tera aahiq yeh sab karenge aur muje kuch pata nahi chalega? Muje to pehle din se shak ho gaya tha, bas sabot dhoondh raha tha! Ab reh yaha jab tera vo aashik tujhe dhundh dhundh ke wapas nahi chala jata England shingland!" afzal spat next to him in satisfaction and marched away leaving me behind with silently crying ishaan, oh my baby. Even i closed my eyes giving up hope of escaping.

"riddhima riddhima wake up quick" i heard armaan's  voice and i jerked open my eyes. There he was kneeling right in front of me trying to open the knot from ishaan's mouth and who instead of crying, he just hugged Armaan and gurgled happily. With the other hand, Armaan opened the cloth knot from mouth.

"Armaan, tum aa gaye" i whispered as tears of happiness formed in my eyes. I think in a matter of a few days, I fell in love with Armaan, or maybe I fell in love with Armaan as soon as I saw him. Shit talk about falling from the frying pan, into the fire!

"yeah honey I followed you and that son of a bitch. I heard your voice the first time you came screaming for me and I silently followed you here. I found your message here, you said he got your passport, so I sneaked in the house and stole the passport while he was here with you, now c'mon we have to run" he picked ishaan up and took my hand within his.

"what took you so long moron!" i couldn't help but ask, i mean he was with me since the past 5-6 days but he was waiting for afzal to know about our plan! Huh.

"easy my tigress. I was waiting for your passport to arrive and i've also informed british embassy about you, they're sending police force tomorrow morning but I guess we don't have time as afzal already knows about your escaping plan. Now honey before he goes back home and finds out that the passports are missing, we have to get out of here. I know the way" we were running now, a rush of adrenaline filled my veins. We are finally getting out of here!


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