Monday, 8 February 2021

Part 1 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

 girl -sometimes madness turns magic before we know it!

boy- love the way you lie...


 Part 1

I waited impatiently for san underneath the roof of DVD store. Our usual meeting spot but I should have known that san can never turn up on time. Gosh this girl, we're seriously gonna get late for open day. You know what, let me just call her.


No reply! UGH when will this girl learn to actually pick up her phone? I am telling the sun will rise from the west the day she picks up her phone. I whizzed through the contact list again and found her name perfectly saved under 'S' list. *press* *sanam* RING



"hello laddo.", i could say she was breathing heavily. Must be running.  So typical!

"where are you sanam? How long will it take pidie?"

"i am running up the east park road kamini. It takes time man. Not a superman now ain't i? 5 mins max" she breathed out the words.

"hey chill. Don't run. I am walking down east park road, so we can link up in the middle somewhere okay?" gosh that's the thing with sanam. All ways wake up late, and then run to college. By the way today is Saturday. You lot must be thinking that then why on earth are we going college for right? Yo blad, i just said didn't i that it's open day of college. And us two being good girls are helping out in college. In physics department especially. Man it's gonna be jokes and especially when me and san are together you can expect us to do something totally wild and out of this world. San is like my soul mate man. If i was a boy then i would married sanam by now man. She would've been my girl friend for life man. Now don't get me wrong like san took me. She thought i was lesbian when i told her that. Like seriously! She just doesn't understand a compliment. I just want my BF to be like her. I thought while walking down the road and from the far end i could see my friend running towards me. Bless she is wearing her black coat again.

"LADDOOOO", she screamed while running towards me with her open arms. She calls me laddo by the way, you lot must have noticed that by now. Hey thats not my real name okay. My name is Riddhima but san calls me laddo because the first time we ever met, the first discussion we had was about 'mithai' and she said after a long thought that she likes laddo. We didn't even asked each other our name so when she saw me in biology corridor, she shouted LADDO loudly and even I turned. Then we just laughed off and shared names (i know a bit late but hey hey hey thats how we became friends, so yeah that name is very special to me)

"SANNNNNN" i also ran towards her stretching my arms. Her hyper nature always gets me all happy as well. It just works between us; whenever she is upset, I get all hyper and make her laugh and the vice versa. Thats called soul sisters. Oh forgot to tell why i call her san. Hey that's not her real name. No ways. San is short for sanam. For the ones who don't know SAN also stands for "Sino Atrial Node" in biology hahaha. And that pisses off sanam. Don't even ask me what doesn that mean cuz i'll be here all evening explaining you the structure of human heart and how it works and blah blah blah. So yeah, where were we. Oh here sanam came and gave me a rib crashing hug twirling me round.

"chal nalayak. We'll get late." The next second she dragged me to the college as if i was the one who came late.

"whatever pidie. How come you were late?" i asked knowing the answer. But still!

"oh that kamini bus, huh it left me. I even ran behind the bus screaming "someone stop the bus, someone pull the chain" but no, not a single soul stopped the bus. f**king bas***ds" oh there she went again. Now see her face when I ask her the reason for missing the bus.

"how come you missed the bus man?" her mouth stopped working and she smiled guiltily. I know this smile now. Typical!

"I WOKE UP ON TIME uh it's just that it took me a bit too long while doing make up. Hehehe" *rolling eyes* told you, now I know her and her lame reasons in and out.

"there are not gonna be any fit guys of our age you know. They all are gonna be a year younger than us" i warned her. Man you can't trust her, she might start flirting with any goat she finds.

"so what? Even if i did hit on the young guys, it's not like i will have to marry them. Come on man laddo, it will be fun" jeez i knew it, thats why she so easily agreed to help on open day. After all she'll get open chance to flirt with guys innit. So what if the guys who are coming to see college are little bacchas? *rolling eyes*


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