Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Part 2 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)


Me, sanam and sam (another friend) were walking in the physics corridor when i suddenly spotted abhi  in one of the classrooms. Abhi is my old friend (just friend NOTHING else jeez guys one track mind) anyways me and him can never talk properly. I mean we always fight but still we are really good friends.


"hey look there's abhi", i said to my friends while pointing at abhi's retreating figure.

"WHERE WHERE?" sanam started to jump up and down to see his face. Jeez women stop it, ur making a scene. Ugh

"he's gone forget it. I'll show him to you some other time." I said dragging sanam's curious jumping body to the physics class room where me, sanam and sam would be helping for open day. Apparently we'll have to lie that how much we love physics and how it the world's best subject and how these grimy looking sarcastic teachers are the world best friendliest creature on planet. But you know what IT'S ALL FREAKING TRUE! Me and san always make physics fun. Like we crack jokes on the most absurd things. For examples there are these 3 particles in space called "up down and strange" and sanam made them her kids. Can you believe? *rubbing eyes* she even said that rahul is the father of these kids. By the way rahul is was her once upon a time love interest. *yawn* so yeah!

As soon as i entered the room the first thing I noticed was that THERE WERE ALL BOYS. As said that physics is a male dominant subject and I so disagree with it but what can we do with those big headed jerks who has taken this statement for truth. They all looked at us strangely as we entered as if we came to the wrong place. No dude! Even we're current physics students so back off.

Soon i got so indulged into my job about showing people around the physics class and giving them a brief idea about what A-level physics was all about. I even noticed that sanam and sam was messing about with some younger boys. I knew it. She can never stay away from flirting.  I wonder why san isn't talking to the second year students. Maybe they're too stuck up and big headed to talk to her. Anyways so i again started helping and answering parents questions. It was mid day by now and my stomach started to rumble with hunger so I pulled san and sam to the staff room where there was coke and some biscuits left for us to eat.

"hey laddo that guy looked like Edward from twilight, swear down man" sanam said excitedly while munching down her bon bon biscuit.

"eeww no ways. He was too skinny. I saw him when you made a sign. He was so not Edward. What ur on?" i mean like dude no! He was some next skinny guy who had dark circles. Thats all and san said that he looked like Edward. I mean even my neighbour's dog has dark circles when he doesn't sleep, that doesn't mean he looks like Edward.

"whatever piddie" she  laughed while copying my sentence

"hey why u copying me eh?" seriously san loves my slang. She has picked up my slang language so quick, trust me.

"because i love you so much innit" and just then two guys came and sat. One of them had hazel eyes and spiky hair. He looked quite good actually. He went and sat next to sanam who was animatedly fighting over her last biscuit with Sam. The other guy who was wearing glasses came and sat next to me. The sofas were oppositely facing each other.  Me, sam and that glasses guy sat on one sofa and sanam and that fit looking guy sat on the sofa opposite us. I was just having a general chat with the glasses guy about physics when sanam suddenly spoke,

"are you abhi?" she asked politely to the guy with the glasses and the fit hazel eyed guy burst out laughing. The guy with the glasses started at her weirdly shaking his head in a no.

"HAHAHA HE IS ABHI? HAHAHAHA" he just laughed off. Whats his problem god! Shit i could see san boiling off and and and here she switches off-

"SO WHAT? HUH MISTAKES HAPPENS" hahaha she has gone made. Bless the boy

"yo sanam just switched off. Now he's dead" i just added fuel to the fire. Muahahha. To my utter shock that spiky hair guy just got freaked out seeing sanam's sudden outburst.

"yeah uh but why did you call him abhi? That was so random. Hehe" he tried his best to explain his point but san was in no mood to play forgive and forget.

"SO THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'LL LAUGH YOU FAGET" OMG look at the poor guy's expression. He looks like he's seen a ghost.

"dude take me out of here. She's crazy", he said to his chasmish mate who was too gobsmacked to speak anything.

"hey san lets go to canteen. We'll eat there something innit and guess what I jacked 2 lunch coupons from the teacher." I distracted her by telling her about my utter achievement for stealing two lunch coupons where we were just allowed to take one. HAH! Wasn't that smart.

"wait let me tie my laces. Bloody hell it opened again" she wined while tying her laces. I am so telling you her laces have got issues like seriously. They open 50 times in a day and swear on the blue sky I am not even exaggerating.


ARGH the teachers here are so annoying I am telling you. They didn't let me use two coupons even though when i said that i am buying it for my mate with the second coupon. Now what's the point of professionally stealing two coupons when you can't use it? Like ugh! Anyways i went back to the physics classroom where we'll resume our duties again but i don't think that now much people will come as it was late afternoon and the crowd was less as well. When we entered the classroom those second year students were also just messing about in the class.

The first person i saw was that hazel eyed guy sitting near an oscilloscope and playing with the buttons. How sad! These students turn into such saddos when they come in the second year.  We went up to him and sat on the stools near him. By seeing san's expression i knew she was up to something. NOOOO SAN DON'T FLIRT WITH HIM. HE'S MINE!!! I suddenly said in my mind. SHIT! What the hell am i thinking?

"is that your real eyes? Or you're wearing contacts?" sam, my friend asked to him. Even i wanna know man. What eyes. *sigh*

"no it's contacts" he said smiling genuinely. OMG even i wanna ask something. Riddhima think think. YEAH!

"why do you wear them?" i asked. HOW GAY QUESTION WAS THAT YOU MORON!!!!

"BECAUSE HE DON'T LIKE HIS OWN EYES. HAHAHAHAHHA", said sanam while going into fits of laughter. SANNN!!!! WOMEN YOU KILLED IT. UGHHH.  Why is my own friend being such kabab mein haddi?

"no you idiot. I wear glasses thats why" he sounded proper pissed man. Let me do something

"hey by the way what your name?" i asked politely. Hope sanam keeps her mouth zipped up this time.

"arma-" sanam cut him off

"amar? As in immortal are you vampire or something?" GREAT! Here speaks the brain box. Can this go any worser. Here i am trying to have a decent convo with him and my dearest soul sister is so expertly ruining it for me. Kill me god!

"No. My name is arma-" she cuts him off again. Is she doing it by purpose? Hmm


"ARMAAN. A-R-M-A-A-N. Thats my name. You know what you talk a lot. Like seriously TOO MUCH. You don't even give the person opposite to finish his sentence" He looked so angry and san was grinning from ear to ear. My love story ended before it could even begin. Why me god?

Suddenly something clicked inside my little brain. I just realised how good sanam and armaan looked together. I mean they both match like people match in bollywood movies. Sanam talks a lot and armaan can't stand her talking. OMG am i the wrong person here? Yeah armaan looks more good with san, not me. *sigh*

"hey what's your name?" i heard his voice. On an impulse i turned and out eyes locked into eachothers. At that time, I forgot the world.

"laddo armaan is asking ur name you fag" san nudged me. Ugh why does she needs to call me fag in front of him. Now from what angle do i look like a cigarette?

"My name is Riddhima and am not a fag san." I gritted my teeth then made pretended to blow a cigarette and shook my head in a no. I AM NOT A FAG.

"oh are you first year?" that chasmish guy asked and on an impulse san said "yes we are" while showing her teeth. Then guess what! That chasmish guy started to laugh like a maniac. Like OH my gawd. He's charging a bull.

"HAHAHAHA HILARIOUS. WHAT A JOKE YOU CRACKED", san retorted while laughing and then hi-fived sam seeing that chasmish guy's irritated face. Dude why do you even bother starting with san? *sigh*

"hey abhiiiiiiiii wil you be frienddddd?????" san asked the chashmish while batting her eyes. See told you, now she'll be behind that guy.

"my name is not abhi. It's rohit." He answered with annoyance clearly written on his face.

"but i like abhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" san stretched her tone and spoke in such a manner which could annoy anyone. Rohit (chashmish guy) just started at the wall ignoring her totally.

"why are you looking at the wall when i am talking to you?" san asked getting pissed with the lack of attention she was getting considering what an attention seeker she is!

"because i find the wall more interesting than you" he replied blankly and san's faced fell. How could anyone say that. Haha san's ego just got martyred by him.

"WHAT? HOW CAN YOU FIND THAT PALE WHITE WALL MORE INTERESTING THAN ME?" san asked while showing her figure to rohit. He ignored her again.

"you again looking at the wall?" she asked irritated

"ever heard of selective hearing?" rohit asked san sarcastically and she just cheekily shook her head in a no.

"san man lets go. We need to go home" i dragged san away from rohit. By the way this rohit dude is no less. He is also one of those we- are- the- best- physics- students- in- world kinda guy. No wonder he has got so much attitude problem. I think armaan is like so much better than rohit. Seriously that rohit even laughed at san when she said that she was in first year. Like what the hell?

"hey meet rohit", san dragged me towards this toy duck which was keep swinging up and down.


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