Thursday, 25 February 2021

part 2 : Escaping the hell- 2 another rihana story...,

 Instinctively I stretched my arms out to feel ishaan but he wasn't there. I jerked opened my eyes in panic and saw a guy holding ishaan in front of me. Unfamiliar face I registered while quickly snatching ishaan off his gentle hold.

"hey easy tiger" he said with a smile, a comforting smile.


"where did you find him? I swear he slept next to me and.." for some reason I trying to prove my point that am not a bad mother who lets her 3 year old son disappear. I don't know why but I felt like a need to tell this stranger.

"yeah honey calm down, I just found him playing around you but you were in deep slumber so I thought of not waking you up. I was playing with him for about 10 minutes but then suddenly started to cry screaming mumma mumma so I thought of waking you up and asking if you've seen his mum" he finished with a smile. Okay did I tell you I felt a tug in my heart when he addressed me as honey? Darn! Before i could answer, he quickly said playfully pulling his cheeks, "you're brother is adorable, but why are you sleeping with him outside in the cold?" he asked frowning. His dimples disappeared!

"because I am his mother!" I stated sternly, rather proudly lifting my chin up as I saw his mouth open in small o.

"but you're still so young? How old are you honey?" he asked while looking at me carefully which made me flush for some reason. I could even feel my cheeks going red. Again honey? man what's happening to me?

"that's none of your business to be honest, so just go mind your own." I snapped defiantly. I hate it when someone doubts my motherhood. So what if am young? I can perfectly take care of my son, my blood!

"okay okay easy tiger but if am not wrong, I can catch hint of British accent in your voice. Are you okay?" he asked while keeping his hand on my shoulder and felt my eyes welling up at sudden affection from someone in decades.  I thought for a moment. Was I okay? Hell no! But is it worthy telling this guy? I mean he looks young as well what can he even do? Nah it would be waste of time.

"am fine thank you. Now if you please?" I said while getting up with ishaan on my hips which made me stagger a bit but the young stranger quickly held my shoulders to prevent me from falling. After years I felt this feeling for someone as soon as our eyes locked, I felt desire. I mean don't get me wrong, I know am a 17 year old mother with a 3 year old on my hip but he was so damn hot! He was wearing white see through shirt with front three buttons open showing his chiselled tanned chest and perfect abs underneath, i could just see them. OH MY GOD! AM I STARING?

"ahem" the hot stranger cleared his throat and I looked around feeling my cheeks going red. When I finally looked up into chocolate brown eyes, I saw his lips twitch in mischief.

"look if someone saw you with me, am gonna be in deep trouble, so just go" I pleaded as I realised that now it's going from dawn to morning and people will start waking up.

"uh huh" he nodded while tracing his finger on my neck which had a dark bruise. I closed my eyes in embarrassment and something else. Was this pleasure?

"chale jaooo" I moaned while slightly pushing him back with one hand as I had ishaan on other hand.

"The name's Mallik, Armaan Mallik" he stretched out his hand and I defeatedly slid my small hand in his.

"Riddhima, My name's riddhima" I addressed myself with my fake name. I didn't want this Armaan guy to know about the real me, it's too terrifying.

"okay so riddhima it is, now let me introduce myself to you. I am an intern and came here as a part of my internship course."

"What kind of intern?" I was happy to get the conversation going with someone. I felt like I've got a friend outside my family now.

"I am a law student from Oxford University and came to India to do some research on Indian domestic crimes, so my mate suggested me to go and stay in small villages and see how people live there without any proper law system. I mean I realised there is no lawyers here as well. What do you lot do when people need to voice themselves against the crime?" he took his notepad from his rucksack and started taking notes. I realised I was being interviewed by an Oxford Law student. What an irony!

"We just have to live with it" i whispered as i felt a small tear forming at the end of my eyes. Armaan seemed to notice that and he quickly kept his notepad away and squeezed my hand.

"you can tell me riddhima. I can help you." And for the first time in this four year of my marriage I saw a small hope of escaping. Could it be possible that Armaan can help me get out of here? If there is a slightest chance, then am ready to take the chance.

"Armaan I..I was brought from England saying this was a holiday but instead they brought me here in this isolated village and got forcefully married to a man double my age. My mum was involved in as well" I finished with a hiccup as I wiped my tears away. Ishaan miraculously stayed still in my arms as if even he understands my pain.

Armaan jaw tightened and his eyes was filled with fury but managed to stay calm and professional throughout. After all he was becoming a lawyer.

"tell me more, like what was your age when you got..forcefully married to this dude and why did you had a child as such a young age?" he was mentally calculating all the possibilities to get me out of here. I was never comfortable with discussing the past few years of my life with anyone, so I reluctantly said,

"uh I was 13 when I got married, 14 when had ishaan and now am 17. Armaan it was my mum's wish that I get pregnant as soon as possible so I get stuck here forever but hey I don't care what shit happened to me all these years, am still a very proud and capable mother" I said defiantly while lifting my chin up which made Armaan smile after a long time.

"Off course honey, you're the best mother ishaan could ever get. Okay answer my quick questions." I nodded

"you're passport?"

"they destroyed it"

"ishaan's passport?"

"was never made"

"do you love your husband?"

"no" i said grimly which made his lips twitch

"do you want to get out of here?"


"then we've gotta plan honey" he said smirking

I heard the door open behind me and I froze. Shit afzal's coming out and armaan's still here. As expected afzal came out in the courtyard glaring at me. huh what's new in that? Armaan quickly got up and went up to afzal causing my heart to thump against my chest. He outstretched his arm and greeted politely,

"Hi am Armaan. Am a law student from England and came to India and especially the small villages in India" he said while showing him his ID card and I wanted to laugh seeing Afzal's pale face.


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