Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Part 3 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "i named the duck rohit. HAHAHAHAHA" she laughed off and went away leaving a rolling eyed rohit behind. Even armaan was giving her those weird looks.

BUS STOP (evening)

"hey san what do you think of armaan?" i asked san, even when my own little heart was aching while putting armaan's name with sanam's


"such a big headed kamina. But hey i proper brought his ego down. Bet no one has talked to him like that. He so needed it." Okay awkward. I was thinking san would say oh my gosh he's like so fit and i am already in love with him but here the whole story is different. She don't like him? Huh?

"i think he's good for you. You two match like anything" her eyes went so big, gosh it looked like it would pop out any minute.

"ARE YOU MAD? Me and armaan? Laddo we would shoot each other on our suhagraat man. Where do you get all these absurd ideas?" she shook her head and shuddered as if imagining herself with armaan. Somewhere deep my little heart fluttered into happiness. Oh my god thats so selfish right? I mean san fits perfectly with armaan and here i am getting happy because she blatantly refused him. I need to hook them up them. They both look like match made in bollywood movie. CRAP! Why am i turning like san? Ugh her bollywood influence is getting under my skin.

"no man. You both look really nice together. Like you talk so much and he can't stand you. You know that happens in movies that love starts with fight. He's quite good looking as well and does physics. So good chances of him having a nice job in future. He'll keep you sukhi man." I explained my point while san looked terrified.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! Laddoo you're mad. No scratch that YOU'RE INSANE! Shaadi like seriously? Firstly i don't know from where you got the idea that WE match where we clearly don't. He's such a bore. Rohit is better than him seriously."

"eeee rohit is proper big headed man." I shook my head in a big no

"LADDOO STOP MATCH MAKING" okay i think i need to stop before san blasts off here.



"Oh my god laddo can't believe laddo you crawled on the floor. Hahaha. You're such a dare devil." San said proudly while patting my back. Offcourse am a big dare devil. Gimme any dare and i'll complete it. There is no dare in this world which i can't complete swear down. Look i just crawled on the floor for 10 seconds in the bloody crowd of my enemies. I agreed i got weird looks but who gives?

"i know man. Told you i can do any dare. Tch you lot underestimate me sometimes" i boasted while pulling up my coat collar. San's eyes glinted in mischief and my guards turned on automatically. Okay red alerts are going off in my brain.

"so if I give you a dare will you finish it?" she asked with challenging eyes.

"any dare. I'll finish it" i replied smirking. Man there is no dare in which i can't finish. I am like the legendary dare devil.

"fine then you'll have to be really good friends with armaan" OH OH.

"what? Man he's second year. How am i supposed to be friends with him when you clearly messed up big time on open day." Damn i still remember how pissed armaan looked when san ever so mercilessly killed his every sentence by her replies. Armaan, the guy with the ship and animals in it. Wow great, then what was it yeah, he wears contacts cuz he don't like his own eyes. *sigh* last but not the least how can i forget how she switched off at him cuz he laughed at her. Man there's no way in jack armaan will be my friend.

"i thought someone was dare devil" she stated cheekily and it burnt my ego. No man i can't back off but this is madness. Like being friend with someone just because of some dare. This is totally mad!

"i'll do it. Gimme two months."

"that's a lot of time" she argued.

"This dare is hard man. And it's not like i see him every day. He's second year remember"

"A very arrogant big headed narcissistic second year student to be precise" she joked but i didn't find it funny. That joke just indirectly told me how hard the dare's gonna be.

"I want a chocolate if i win but if i lose then..." i put the conditions down.

"You know mines right?" she asked while grinning and i shook my head. So filmy!

"Dairy milk whole nut. I know san" i smiled widely



I was walking in a corridor while waving at people i know and excitedly greeting them when suddenly i saw armaan walking in front of me in the corridor. I had a bad feeling that he already felt my presence but thought to ignore it. I felt a pang in heart but quickly shoved it off and concentrated on my dare. I quickened my pace and came in level with armaan. i pretended to see him.

"oh hi armaan" i greeted happily and acted surprised.

"Hi. You're alright? Uh Riddhima right?"He replied quite cheerfully and that filled my heart with happiness. He's not pissed at me. OH MY GOD HE REMEMBERS MY NAME? Howwww????

"yeah where are you going?" i started a random conversation to keep the flow going.

"oh i am going physics. Where are you upto?" he asked me and i just followed him like a goof. CRAP where am i going? EEEESSHHH BIO and thats behind.

"am going biology" i said meekly knowing very well that bio corridor is behind and going in a wrong direction.

"but biology corridor is that side. You came the wrong way" i acted lost.

"oh yeah. I kinda lost my way. Thanks anyways. Bye" i said while running to my class as i got 5 minutes late already. But YES can't wait to tell san about my progress. I swiped my attendence card and sat on my table next to san who was busy checking herself out in her tatty lab coat which had holes in them as well. But for her it was her future uniform.

"laddo man don't i look like a doctor?" she asked while swirling round gracefully.

"yeah a poor doctor" i laughed seeing her grumpy face. Oh i needed to tell her about my progress. Lala

"by the way i progressed" i said while nudging her proudly

"what progress?" she looked baffled. Oh how will she know my, self made code word?

"i progressed my dare man. I just met armaan"

"WHAT ALREADY? Hey thats no fair. I want my dairy milk chocolate man." She wined like a kid and chuckled seeing her face. First the poor doctor and now her chocolate is going away. Muahahaha

"yeah man. What your're on? See i told you i finish all my dares so how could this one be an exception eh?" i said with a smirk.

"yeah yeah. Boasting about our self aren't we? Okay now tell me what exactly happened and how did that kamina came in our trap?" i briefly explained her the whole incident and she kept teasing me for forgetting my way and following armaan like a lost sheep. Hey i but didn't exactly lost my way right? It was just that i was too indulged into winning this dare that i involuntarily followed him. No big thing!


Me and san was walking out of the college after the day while she was eating and talking with her mouth open. So annoying right? Suddenly i caught a sight of armaan but he was with someone. That someone so looked like a girl figure and i felt my little heart breaking. Shit what is happening to me? Why is this happening to me? I don't even like him man.

"Hey look look your dare" san nudged me excitedly and i just nodded half heartedly.

"Who's that girl with him man?" she asked while making a face.

"Must be his girl friend", I said enviously. I felt so angry at myself for acting like that. I was never jealous of anyone before and now i feel jealous of a girl who is just walking with him. I hope this dare thing don't turn out to be all wrong. I thought sighing.


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