Monday, 1 February 2021

part 3 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 "leave my hand. Don't you dare talk to me again, never mind touching me", I said heatedly as I tried to jerk off my wrist from his hold, but all hard work went in vain.

"aww did you get shocked seeing this side of mines? Bbz this is the real me. The true armaan mallik. PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD" at that time I felt tears pricking down my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I can't cry in front of armaan. No ways. I gulped down the sour feeling in my throat and composed myself.

"What do you want Mr. bad boy wanna be" I asked in the same tone he was talking. Two can play this game together right?

"oooh playboy wanna be? Babe I am a playboy. Do you want me to prove?" what is he like gonna do pole dance in the middle of uni or what?

"go on prove, but just leave my hand. You see you're kinda killing it." DAMN MY WRIST WAS BLOODY HURTING!!! KUTTE KAMINE CHOR MERA HAATH

In a swift movement he left my wrist and before I could stroke it better, armaan pulled me from my waist and I felt his masculine lips capturing mines. I swear for two seconds I gave in as yum he tasted so good, but suddenly my pride came back in and I pulled myself back unwillingly. He frowned first then he started to grin seeing my pale face which was turning to go red in anger and embarrassment. Don't know which one was more but one thing was I positive about, armaan needs this little souvenir from me. I stepped back a bit and slapped him right on his cheek making a sharp sound. It looked like the whole university just stopped to see who dared to hit a senior and then they gasped as they realised that a freshman actually dared to slap a senior. Suddenly a few mates of armaan charged up on and started swearing, my heart was thumping like never before.

"YOU BITCH. TRYINNA HIT MA MATE EH? COME SLAP ME AND I'LL SHOW YA" a hefty looking man came upto me and started shouting. I seriously didn't knew what to do. I mean I swear I was to cry. Too much to take in!

"SHUT UP YOU FAT ASS. YEAH COME I'LL SLAP YOU AS WELL" did I tell you no matter how scared I am I always managed to raise my voice. The hefty guy was about to come up to me when, suddenly armaan came. He pushed the hefty looking guy back and stood in front of me as if guarding me. Why? He is a jerk right!

"easy tiger. Look this personal so let me deal with it. f**k off now. You're scaring the poor girl", armaan said to everyone. Wait is he going to deal with me? Like IS HE GOING TO SLAP ME BACK. HAAWWW HAATH TO LAGA KAMINE!


"SHUT UP. HOW DARE YOU KISS ME? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? KEEP YOU DIRTY FACE AWAY FROM ME GOT IT" I stormed while clicking my fingers on his face. His expression told me that NO one has ever talked to him like that before. Hah! So am the first lucky one. Huh Mr good boy. In his dreams!

"to begin with I am your senior, secondly i just saved from all those ghettos and finally'." He paused and looked at me with a smirk. Finally what?

"finally I am your mum's employer's son" KAMINA! Shit mummy ki job nahi jaani chahiye meri wajah se. we are already in financial crises. I glared at him hard as I could, I was shaking with anger. Swear down if it wasn't for mum's job then I would have shown this playboy his right place.

 I flicked my hair back on his face and stormed off. As soon as I was a bit away from armaan's eye sight, I ran into one of the toilets and locked myself in the cubicles. I pushed the seat down so I could sit on it. For a minute I just started into space and thought about all the things just happened, then slightly touched my lips thinking about the kiss. If he would've given me the kiss back in Leicester, I would've been on 7th sky but now after knowing his true colours, I hate to get touched by him. IS HE REALLY THE SAME GUY? THEY ARE LIKE BI-POLAR!

For the next few days I JUST IGNORED HIM. Even when I used to go to Leicester, I never ever went and visited my mum on her work as armaan would be there on weekends.  But still I always used to catch armaan giving me those looks in university. You know that passionate gaze, deep meaningful eyes; well first I used to find them so strange like why a popular guy is behind me but now I just stare back to challenge. You know just to take the piss. I hope our little staring war doesn't look wrong.


Just like that a few months also passed. I know I know no progress but man after knowing armaan's real personality I bottled up all my feelings for him. But still some of his gestures used to stir up all the feelings I have suppressed in some corner of my heart. Like the other day when I was standing in the canteen and kinda blocking the way for people to pass, I felt someone's hands on my shoulders and lightly tugged me to the side, so that person could pass. Guess who that person was? ARMAAN! Yes and his sudden touch sent current down my whole body. Couldn't that kamina say excuse me and then move? But no usse to muje touch karna hi tha. Ugh all the feelings just sprung up. Anyways did I tell you that now I don't talk to him? Jo thori bohot dosti Leicester mein ki thi vo sab bhi bhaar mein gayi. He is so ughhh.

"EEKKKSSS MUSKAAN JAANEMAN TOADAY IS NEW YEAR'S EVE AND OMG WE'RE GOING RIVER THAMES." I screamed in utter excitement. Arey excite kyo na ho? Afterall it was my childhood dream to go to thames river on new year's eve and celebrate and get drunk and AAH just enjoy. Okay let me tell you for people who has taken me for a serial drunkard, I DON'T DRINK. Yaar aaj tak pub mein bhi nahi gayi okay, but I want to get drunk, just once in my life. And you lot must be thinking jeez Thames river hi to hai, whats the big deal? Let me tell you my parents don't even let me go to a party next door on New Year's Eve, never mind letting me go to a different city to celebrate New Year on Thames River. Sometimes I feel Dora is so lucky, her parents let her go everywhere. I am talking about that cartoon guys jeez!

"yes yes bbz I know and look at my new dress. Don't I like just look hot", muskaan said swirling her dress. Gosh modesty to isne sikhi hi nahi hai.

"and me. Man I have never wore a strapless dress before and eekk red colour looks hot on me." I said dreamily while checking myself out in the mirror.

"thank god tune lime green colour nahi pehna, warna mein tere saath nahi jaati. Swear down" muskaan said frowing. WHAT?? Like bas yahi thi dosti and yahi tha pyaar.

"lime colour ke liye tune muje dhoka diya. Kamini. Jahanum mein jaa", I said frowing back. Trust me muskaan has got issues with lime colour. Uski problem kya hai?

"okay okay sorry. We are getting late so now we'll resume the fight after coming back." She said while dragging me out of the house.

The crowd was huge, like OMG so many people came to Thames just to bid adieu to this year. And crap yeh yaha kya har raha hai. Armaan is also here. Jeez sara mood kharab kar diya. I thought while moving away from him. I was standing in a lone corner and was just staring at the deep dark river which stood ever so still. The view was breath taking, just like armaan was looking today. No matter what a jerk he was, I just couldn't get over him.


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