Thursday, 11 February 2021

Part 4 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "let's go laddo who gives who ever she is?" san said while linking arms with me. Little did she know that i care a lot who that girl is. Man why did I even agreed for this dare. Now everything has gone so weird. Ugh!


"yeah lets go." Me and san walked up to the bus stop with our other friend parminder or pam for short. We were just messing about and cracking jokes on random people when suddenly aashik and his girlfriend came. Ashik is like sanam's enemy from the very first week of college. But for some odd reason sanam has got hots for aashik. I know confusing right, man once she even said that she likes aashik with a passion and dislike him with a passion as well. They both always fight on every reason they could find. The other day aashik locked san outside our classroom and she went wild while knocking the door. Next day san locked him outside the door and to make it worse, she went upto the window and waved him bye. Don't ask the reasons for their fights as i will be here all day explaining you. So yeah to minimise the confusion san calls aashik her 'sexy enemy'. But that doesn't mean she likes him or anything. NO WAYS as far as i know. So where was i? Oh yeah on the same bus stop aashik and his GF also came and san screamed,

"here comes brother and sister" crap that was loud. But she is not wrong as well. I mean come on they both are dating but act like bro and sis. They never hold hands, they never kiss, they never cuddle in corridors and whenever they walk they have like this 5 inch distance in between them. Now tell me is sanam wrong when she calls them bro and sis? No right? I was still in my thought when suddenly i saw sanam's face going pale. She looked like as if she has seen a ghost. She was looking straight ahead and i followed her gaze and it stopped on aashik and his GF. To my utter astonishment i saw his GF clinging on to him and giving him a peck on his lips but aashik's hands stayed still on his mobile. I still didn't get it why san was acting in such a way.

"i think we should go" san whispered while wiping a little sweat on her forehead. I mean come on she was sweating in -5 degrees. Strange!

"why? The bus is not here as well. We'll wait for pam to go innit" i tried to stop but she turned and started to go while dragging me with her. CRAP! IS SHE JEALOUS? As soon as we were at a distance, san started screaming,


"they kissed to show us that they are actually dating and not brothers and sisters." I informed and she for some reason fuming in anger.

"no that girl kissed him. And that kamina didn't even open his mouth. What kind BF he is man? That girl had to back off" WHAT? I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS.

"so that means the girl is the horny one" i said while thinking. MAN why are discussing over some couple who kissed?

"who named that guy aashik man? He's so not an ashik. I mean he didn't even open his mouth when the girl came to kiss him. Instead of holding the girl, he kept his hands on his phone's buttons" OMG she actually saw every detail of the kiss!

"you were quite deeply observing their kiss by the look of it." I teased her and she still stayed angry. But why is she getting so angry for? They are dating. Obviously they'll kiss!

"yeah man. Offcourse i was watching carefully, after all they kissed for me to see. HAHAHA" she suddenly laughed but i could see it wasn't from her heart.

"hmm thats true" we walked to town and was just lurking around going from shop to shop and still san was trying her best to concentrate but i could just see that she was still thinking about the kiss. Why does she care so much man? Suddenly she spoke.

"laddo I want to eat ice lolly. NOW" she spoke adamantly.


"look yeah for some reason i am boiling. And i don't care i just wanna eat ice lolly. I WANT TO COOL MY SELF LADDO!" okay the girl was quite warm when i touched her. Me and san went wild to look for a ice lolly in this icy cold weather but finally found one. Even i bought one. So stupid right?

"hmmmhhhmmm yummmm laddo this is heavenly" she moaned while closing her eyes and she sucked the ice lolly.

"but i don't get it, why were you so angry when they kissed any ways?" i asked while licking my orange ice lolly.

"uh i don't know to be honest. Bas gussa aa gaya. Maybe because they were showing off. I hate show off people" she said earnestly. I hope this is the case and not anything else.

"san you're a freako women. You were jealous weren't you?"

"WHY WOULD I BE JEALOUS?" whenever she raises her voice means she is trying her best to prove her point.

"okay okay chill out. This is so cold man. How can you eat ice lolly in -5 degrees?" i asked while changing the topic.

"you know when am really angry, just put me in the fridge, i'll cool down. Hahaha" did i tell you she's weird?

But hey this incident made my doubt clear that san has no feelings for armaan otherwise she would have shown it when he was with that girl. But so what even though sanam don't feel anything for armaan, i think he already has a GF after all he's second year man. OKAY NOW WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS GUY? Did i tell you i am weird as well? Ugh



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