Tuesday, 2 February 2021

part 4 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 I felt someone's warm hand on my shoulder and felt the currents again. Without even turning I knew who it was. Only his touch could give me those currents.

"why did you come here armaan? Leave me alone", I said slightly shoving his hand off my shoulder.

"oh how did you know it was me?" I bit my tongue. Shit now what will I say? Armaan janeman tumhara touch meri body ko electrical conductor mein badal deta hai. HUH YEAH RIGHT!

"your perfume. Only you wear this perfume, so kinda guessed" well this is not a total lie, true armaan wears this perfume and GOD IT'S SO YUM. But I couldn't tell him all that.

"someone's very observant towards me eh?" armaan said cheekily while nudging me by his shoulder. I almost smiled. Almost.

"yes I am very observant but not just towards you but towards everyone, so quit thinking so high about yourself. You're nothing for me okay. N-O-T-H-I-N-G" I said arrogantly. Huh itni acting to mein secondary school ke drama lessons mein hi sikh li thi.

"if I am nothing to you then why are you making such an effort to justify your point?" he asked huskily while coming really close to me. I had two options, either back off or stay there and face his close proximity. Cowards back off and I am not one, so I stood their rooted to the ground and looked at him challengingly. He brought his face even more close to mines as if challenging my limits. I just couldn't take it so involuntarily I pushed his forehead back with my fingers. I was holding my scarf in my hand so that scarf brushed passed his face as well.

"Move away", I murmured and armaan moved my hand.

"Keep your dirty scarf off my face", my face fell. All the sexual tension which was building up all this time just vanished because of his one statement. WAIT DID HE CALL ME SCARF DIRTY?

"Here take more" I said while rubbing my scarf on his face and he suddenly held my wrist tight.

"uh let me go you" I tried to pull away from his grip but intead he just pulled me closer. He just smirked and I couldn't control


"freshi little bitch" hawww

"fat bas***d" even though he is not fat. Why can't we talk to each other like civilised people without getting physical. Jeez!

He left my wrist and marched off and I kept twisting my wrist. DID I TELL YOU THAT ALIEN HAS GOT A VERY STRONG GRIP!!!

Why does he always do that AND MY SCARF WASN'T DIRTY! UGH! I stormed off to the bar section and gulped down shot one by one. I guess I was too angry to think about the consequences. Suddenly from nowhere that jerk armaan came and sat next to me and ordered some shots.

"wanna compete? Or girls don't drink eh?" he challenged me. I knew he was provoking me but I was too angry to come up with something clever, so I accepted the challenge.

"dude bring it on and I donno what kind of girl company you hang out. No wonder you have so stereotypical thoughts." I spat back. My head was already spinning with the previous shots I had.

"Words! Will I ever to see any action?" before he could pass any more lousy comments, I started gulping down the shots along with armaan. OH GOD HOPE I TOMORROW'S SUN IN ONE PIECE.


"bas I can't drink more", I gave up and staggered up as I try to walk.

"haha told you girllsss are scarryyy cattsss" he slured on his words as well. We both were on a high and couldn't even walk straight. We both manage to stagger to the river bank as we heard the countdown for the New Year

"10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR" the whole London screamed. I was just looking goofily around to the fireworks when suddenly armaan pulled me into a sensual hard to resist heavenly kiss. I am describing it like this because I gave in despite all the hatred I have towards this guy. I tasted his mouth as if there is no tomorrow and he also pulled me deeper in to the hungry kiss. My hands were ruffling his hair and his hands were stroking my back. We both lost our senses.

I don't know when armaan picked me up and took me to his river Thames facing apartment and I ended up getting thrown on his bed. He started unbuttoning his shirt and soon threw it somewhere. I was so filled with lust seeing armaan half naked perfect body that I got of the bed and kissed him full mouth. First time I took the initiative and started playing with the zipper of his jeans. Before I could understand what I doing, I felt armaan taking my clothes out. There was burning passion in his eyes. I have never seen him looking at me like that? But it was all lust. How can I give armaan everything I have just on the basis of lust? But my mind was clogged up with passion that time that I didn't think about all this. I just went with the flow. Soon we both were free from our clothes and dropped on the bed. He came on top of me and looked at me for minute. I was too drunk to even blush at his stare, so I pulled his face closer. Just before he entered me, I heard his husky murmur in my ear,

"I wanted you ever since the first time I saw you walking with your mum. Mmmm" he nuzzled in my neck and entered me. I cried in pain but the pleasure was dominant  enough to take over the pain. We spent a night of passion in the arms of each other.


I heard some ringing noise which caused my sleep to break. My headed was pounding for some reason I couldn't remember. I stretched my arm to turn off the alarm in my mobile and was about to get up and stretch when felt a tug at me waist. My eyes widened in shock as I saw armaan's naked body lying next to me and his hand was securely tugged around my waist.

SHIT! I thought as all the blurry last night's event came in my mind.

"ARMAAAAANNNNNNN YOU bas***d!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my voice which caused the sleeping beauty to stir. Thank god!

"hmmm let me sleep for 5 more minutes please" IS THIS KUTTA DEAF?

"ARMAAAANNNNN WAKE UP BEFORE I KILL YOU" I screamed in his ears which caused him to jerk out from his sleep. As soon as he saw me "clothe less" lying next to him, his mouth opened and looked at accusingly as if it was my entire fault.

"what are you doing in my bed? and why aren't you wearing your clothes. DID YOU RAPE ME LAST NIGHT?" the nerve of him!!! After sleeping with me he's asking me WHETHER I RAPED HIM?

"SHUT UPPPPP. YOU SLEPT WITH ME. HOW SHAMELESS, JUST BECAUSE I WAS DRUNK YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME.  SHARAM NAHI AATI KUTTE KAMINE" yeah and went off swearing at him in hindi, knowing the fact that armaan can't speak hindi. Heehaw

"okay relax and let me think. We both were proper drunk when the countdown began, then I kissed you." I cut him off

"YOU KISSED ME. HAAWW YOU YOU SEDUCED ME INTO YOUR BLOODY BED" he was plucking his ears with his fingers now.

"look I was drunk so got carried away.." I cut him off again


"SHUT UP.  I DON'T REGRET WHAT EVER HAPPENED LAST NIGHT. I LIKED YOU AND I SLEPT WITH YOU BIG DEAL!" he shouted and I slapped him right across his face while holding the duvet up to my chest. Tears were pricking down my eyes. So I was just a conquest for armaan. I HATE HIM TEN TIMES MORE THAN I HATED HIM LAST NIGHT. Even more than when he called my scarf dirty!

"you are sick. Never show me your face again" I got dressed and walked out of his apartment brushing off the tears. I WILL NEVER EVER GET DRUNK AGAIN IN MY LIFE!!!

I reached home and took a shower trying to scrub off armaan's touch from every inch of my body. I came out wearing a bath robe when the phone rang. I gulped down the tears and tried to sound as normal as possible.

"hello" I said calmly

"Riddhima beta mein hu. Kaisi hai? Happy new year" my mum wished me. I feel so ashamed now. How will I face her? I lost her trust.  I tried hard not to cry.

"happy new year mum. Mein thik hu. Bas tum sab ki bohot yaad aa rahi hai" I said finally breaking down. My sobs were so hard that I couldn't even breathe properly.

"Riddhima beta, kya hua? Kyu ro rahi hai. Kuch baat hai kya?" oh how does she always know what's in my mind.

"nahi mum kuch baat nahi hai, bas itne months ho gaye aur tum sab se nahi milli. Isi liye rona aa gaya. sorry"

"arey sorry kyo bol rahi hai. Aaj Saturday haina to aaj Leicester aaja. Muje bhi teri bohot yaad aayi hai." The offer was too tempting. Especially after yesterday's events I can't face armaan. What will he think of me now?

"okay mum. I'll come today. I'll reach there by the afternoon. See you." I kept the phone down and closed my eyes trying to get over whatever happened. I don't know for how long I sat near the phone and just stared into space.

 A sudden knock on her door broke my trance.

"who could it be now? So early" without realising that I am still in towel, I opened the door only to see armaan's dazzled face looking at me from top to bottom. As soon as comprehension dawned upon me, I was about to shut the door on his face when he blocked it by his hand. He jerked open my door and came in.

"no one's at home and the only one who is at home don't want to see you face so you can get lost" I said in one breath.

"Whoa. That was fast. Did you practice it or what?" is this time to joke? Like seriously

"WHAT? Why did you come? If it's about last night.." he cut me off

"It's not about last night and forget about it. it's my birthday today so I am going home as they have arranged a little party for me. Your mum just called me saying you are also going home so to bring you home with me. Get ready we need to leave quick" He said confidently

"I am not going with you so can go back. There is the door!" I said pointing towards the door. Like no ways am going with him after last night's deed.

"I promised aunty to bring you safely back so if needed I will change your clothes myself and then pick you up and take you with me." He said while advancing towards me. WHAT IS HE SERIOUS?

"You can't do that" I said standing there firm on my spot even though I had a strong urge to run away from there, but that would just look stupid.

"Try me", he whispered huskily in my ears while pulling me closer by my waist. He brought his face closer to mines.

"okayi'llchange" I said in one breath and he stopped.

"good girl. I am waiting outside. Don't take too long otherwise.." he left the sentence hanging causing my brain to come up with all kinds of ideas.

"yeah yeah whatever" I said while walking back in my room.

"BY THE WAY YOU LOOK SUPER SEXY IN TOWEL." He screamed from outside. Ugghh. I hate myself for loving him. Wait love? Maybe it was a slip of tongue. Yeah.

We both were sitting in his car and he was driving peacefully. Huh? How can he live in peace where my life has thrown the word peace out of its dictionary!

"are you still mad?" he suddenly spoke. I partially heard him as I was in my thoughts.

"uh I still didn't forget about last night" he started to grin. Like what the hell?

"but it was fun wasn't it?" HUH

"WHAT? You found all that fun?" I was horrified

"I mean yeah it was wrong but just thinking about it doesn't' it gives you these butterflies in your stomach?" he's right. It does. BUT STILL!!!

"no it doesn't you were horrible last night. You sucked" I blatantly lied just to martyr armaan's inflated ego.

"liar. Your eyes say you loved it. why lying. Chill am not gonna tell your mommy" he started grinning. Haye mummy to maar dalegi.

"you better keep continuing your good boy pretence in front of mum and kindly keep your mouth shut" I said leaning across him while poking my finger in his chest. He caught my finger and lightly kissed it. I quickly pulled back looking at him disgustingly. He just grinned.

"why do you hate me so much darling?" because you make me love you like crazy and I hate it!

"I don't hate you, I don't have any feelings for you. Neither hate, nor love" I bit my tongue for speaking a lot more than required.

"you answered my question more than I asked you. Interesting." I just kept my mouth shut in case something came out which he shouldn't know.

After one hour I got so bored that this time I started the conversation.

"you know uhm last night when we were uh having you know what, you said you wanted me since the first time you saw me walking with my mum. Is that true?" I remember everything muahahaha. Who says that when you're drunk you can't remember a thing? That's a lie trust me. Armaan's face suddenly turned red at my bold question. Uh did he take me for some sati savitri shy girl? Don't think so!

"oh so you remember everything.  I was drunk innit so I was just chatting bull shit. Ignore it" he said trying to look calm and kept looking at the road ahead. Why do I have bad feeling that he was lying.

"don't lie. A drunk person always says the truth. Tell me why did you say that?" I said cheekily while rolling the tongue in my mouth.

"are you fishing for praises darling?" why does he call me that. So annoying

"no am fishing for the truth." Hah! Clever reply

"okay fine, I confess I like found you really hot when I first time saw you. But the second time I saw you were wearing lime green pyjamas. HAHAHAHAHA" and that kamina started to laugh. I don't even know whether to say thank you for his first comment or say to hell with you for his last comment?

"it's not funny. Was I looking that horrible?" there was this sudden urge to ask that question.

"no bbz not at all. You were looking cute and battered up. HAHAHAHA" he started laugh. Ugh cute and battered up. W*F?

"retard. I don't need your precious comments" I said rolling my eyes. He pulled up his car on a petrol station and parked it on the side.

"look at me", he said softly while turning my face to his. I saw sincerity in his eyes. The same kind of sincerity I used to see in his eyes when I was in Leicester and he was really sweet. I bet it's the air of Leicester which turns him into a sweet cuddly creature.

"why did you act so differently in Leicester. Why did you made a wrong impression about you in my mind?" I needed to ask that. My feelings for him was so strong, bloody hell he crushed them all.

"I am sorry but I wasn't acting when I used to talk to you. You were really sweet."

"Then why did you turn into a jerk as soon as I came London? Where did all the sweetness go? To hell?" I don't know why but my voice automatically rose.

"I was just really pissed off at you because you were messing around with my brain. I just used to think about you all the time and you even started to come in my dream. Like this was limit." Is he serious. Oh my god that's so sweet. Awww

"so what was my fault in all this and that kiss you gave me on the first day. What about that?"

"I know it wasn't your fault but at that time I just didn't know what do to and how to get rid of that fuzzy feeling I used to get whenever you used to come to visit your mum. I was just too sick and tired of that feeling and when I held you so close that day, I just wanted to kiss you. I was fishing for excuses and you gave me one." He said slightly blushing. OH MY GOD, aag dono taraf barabar ki lagi hai.

"I hated you back then" i lied. Agreed I disliked him but I could never hate him. Am still not over him man.

"don't lie you had a crush on me", he said chuckling. HAAWWW HOW DOES HE KNOW?

"a book on armaan and his misconceptions" I laughed. Hey am not gonna accept it that quick.

"I can prove it." my heart to beat faster thinking how exactly will he prove.

"go on prove if you can", he pulled my face towards him by holding the back of my hair. I could feel his warm breath on my face and his breathing was as high as mine was. He gently kissed me on the side of my lips, and then traced the kisses on my jaw line. I felt so weak with his touch that I held him tight by his collar. Why isn't he kissing me on my lips? Ugh he's teasing me. I couldn't take the torture anymore, so I myself held his face and kissed him on his lips. Yum those lips. Sometimes I feel like a vampire when I kiss him. No jokes! I felt him smiling through the kiss.

After breaking the passionate lip lock, we rested our forehead on eachother.

"okay'.fine'..i did had a crush on you. So what?" I asked breathing heavily. He sat back properly and looked straight in to my eyes.

"I love you..!" he stated as if it's a fact. WHAT HE SAID HE LOVES ME. AAAHHHH

"WHAT? If this is a joke then I am not laughing!"

"darling I fell for you a couple of months ago but I always used to think that the feelings aint mutual. So kept annoying you but in real I just wanted to know what's in your heart." Aww sameee armaan. That's exactly my reason for not telling you.

"so why are you confessing now?" I like playing hard to get. It's more sexy!

"oh now don't pretend. I saw it in your eyes" he said while tracing his finger on my face.

"okay fine I like you too" I breathed out the words. I am one stubborn git ain't i?

"just like? Not love" he pressed his lips to avoid smiling.

"pyaar bhi hai. Pehli nazar se hai" I confessed in Hindi. I knew armaan couldn't speak hindi.

"and you couldn't say all this filmy dialogues in English. Sweetheart I just can't speak Hindi but I very well understand it" he said grinning and I went red in embarrassment.

"uh actually uhmm that uh idon'tknowwhattosay" I said in one breath. I was gobsmacked

"just say whatever is in your heart", he said while cupping my face

"I love you" I finally said it and it felt like a burden is lifted off my shoulder which I was carrying from the past 1 and half years. He brushed his nose with mines.

"I love you too. " he said smiling and then looked at my neck. I just noticed he was staring at my scarf.

"hey but my scarf aint dirty okay" I said defensively and he fell back on his seat laughing.


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