Friday, 12 February 2021

Part 5: 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)


I thought of coming to college early. You see my teachers crib too much about punctuality and blah and blah so to prevent all those boring lectures i came college early. I was just walking towards the reception area when suddenly someone spoke,


"Hi Riddhima." As soon as i turned around i was pleasantly surprised to see armaan coming upto me.

"hi armaan how are you? How come you're in college so early?" D'UH BECAUSE HE LIKES TO COME EARLY WOMEN. Whats ur problem? Gosh why can't i ever ask a proper question.

"for the same reason you came early" he said grinning.  Uh why did i come early again? CRAP I FORGOT!

"hehe okay" i laughed nervously. First i forgot my way and now i forgot why I came early to college? OMG i am loosing it. We both stood in silence for a moment, don't know what to say. I think i better just keep my mouth shut.

"hey you last year me and my mates went to theme park and we had so much fun. We sat on-" okay he went on and on for like 15 minutes. I seriously didn't know that he could speak so much without a break. Crap he reminds me of san. Even she speaks like this non- stop for hours and then she says ever so innocently that 'i hardly talk and people say that i have a big mouth. Huh what liars' i just rolled my eyes at her statement.

"so yeah i think even you should go to that theme park. It's jokes" he finally came to a hault after exact 15 minutes.

"yeah sure. I'll ask san about it" i finally spoke after 15 minutes.

"that big mouth" he spoke while making a face.

"hey she's not bad okay. It's just that she speaks a lot" IT'S NOT LIKE THIS ARMAAN GUY DOESN'T SPEAK.

"i know but she don't let people talk. She's always yak yak yak" he said while making hand movement. I suddenly felt so angry at him.

"yeah but you also talk lot" AND DON'T LET ME SPEAK.

"no man i hardly talk. People don't let me speak. I am always listening" he said seriously. OKAY CAN I FAINT? He's san's twin. Like sameee dialogue after yaking for blooding 15 minutes.

"yeah am sure." I said rolling my eyes. suddenly the same girl who armaan was walking with the other day came and i felt that sinking feeling again in my heart. Why do i care man?

"hi amar. HAHAHA" she called him amar and started to laught. HUH?

"it's armaan man. You know after sanam called me that, all my mates started to call me amar. They know i don't that name" he told me. Crap he is talking to me when that girl is standing next to him. Okay for some spooky reason i feel nice.

"oh it's good innit you got a new nick name" i responded happily and i could see that the girl felt out of place because armaan was giving his full attention to me.

"but man i prefer armaan. So let's just stick to armaan okay. Hehe" he said jokingly and the girl suddenly spoke.

"hey armaan i need to go okay. Bye" and she went away. Bye bye miss namless. Okay that was mean of me right?

"yeah bye" armaan said nonchalantly and then turned his attention to me again.

"you know me and my mates mess about so much in class that once we even got kicked out-" and he started again. I think for the next 5-10 minutes he was going on about how trouble makers he and his friends are. GOD THIS GUY TALKS A LOT. But you what? For some strange reason, i like listening to him. OKAY THAT WAS WEIRD OF ME!

"hi Riddhima", abhi greeted me from behind and patted my back.

"yo man. Sup?" i greeted in our regular manner. He suddenly went behind me and said,

"hey you're wearing that leavers T-shirt. Wait let me search my name in it". He said while looking for his name in between 300 other names of students who left my secondary school with me in 2010. All the student's names were printed in small font on the back of the T-shirt and my name was printed in the middle of the T-shirt in large bold writing. Cool right?


I felt slightly uncomfortable when abhi was looking for his name on my back as his fingers traced around. My gaze looked up and i saw armaan looking at abhi with this disgusted expression. Then his eyes met mines and just nodded my head in annoyance. To be honest i didn't know what to say?

"FOUND IT. THERE IT IS" abhi exclaimed excitedly as he found his little name on the back of my T-shirt.

"okay now go. Shoo" i bugged him off and he just pulled his tongue out.

"fine fine going." And he went off. Phew. That was like the most oddest 2 minutes of my life. Thank god they finished.

"he was weird", armaan said as he twisted his face.

"why? Don't say you were jealous?" i joked seeing his scrunched face. He quickly changed his expressions into more neutral ones.

"no ways! Hey i need to go okay. It's time for my first lesson" he said while rushing to his class.

"HEY I WAS JUST KIDDING MAN" I screamed to his retreating figure. I hope he's not upset at me. UGH WHY DID I NEED TO ASK HIM THAT?



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