Saturday, 13 February 2021

Part 6 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "PROGRESS PROGRESS PROGRESS" I sung loudly into sanam's ears which she blocked with her fingers. You see i love boasting. After all imma gonna get my chocolate right? *winks*

"OKAY OKAY I HEARD" she snapped back. Hehe love her face when she goes all annoyed. You see it's not easy to annoy sanam like this.


"he was talking about you as well" i said cheekily and she suddenly became interested.

"what was that kamina saying? WAS HE SWEARING AT ME? Uski maa ki-" i stopped her before she goes on like armaan does once he starts to speak.

"no janeman. He was saying, sanam is all about yak yak yak" i said truthfully while making sign with my hand.

"sala kamina. Jahannum ka keera" he cursed him and i giggled. Offcourse she had all the rights to curse him after he back chatted about her. I slowly told her about the abhi incident and how he made that face, then about that girl and how he gave his full attention to me and finally the girl went away after feeling out of place.

San clasped her palm over her mouth.

"OI MA." She said

"shu thayu?" i asked her what happened in gujarati.

"you still didn't realise shu  thayu? Man are you like blind or what?" WHAT DID I DO NOW?

"WHAT YOU FREAKO?" i exclaimed

"dude he was jealous of abhi. He likes you fag" okay she called me fag again. Like this is the limit. WHAT HE LIKES ME? AAAHHHH

"NO. SERIOUSLY?" i asked excitedly. Why should i hide my feelings from san man?



" YOU LIKE HIM TOO? Means fire is burning equally on both side? How romantic man" she screeched. Here comes her bollywood!

"yeah i mean no. Okay i don't know." I said unsurely while popping my chewing gum.

"eekkkss okay now let me play cupid. Man it was like my childhood dream to wear those cupid wings. Hayyeee so romantic" WHAT? CUPID WINGS? Like seriously

"did i tell you you're weird?" i asked seriously

"yes" she nodded

"thats good" i smiled shaking my head.


From behind the bush i saw san approaching armaan. I saw the cupid wings in my hands and gritted my teeth in annoyance. Can you believe this girl actually brought these stupid wings with her today but i forcefully snatched the wings off her and sent my cupid wingless. Bless her.

"hi armaan. Kem cho?" san asked armaan who was standing alone and fiddling with his phone. We thought this was the best opportunity to let san play cupid (without her wings). OH MY GOD SHE'S SPEAKING GUJARATI. Can you believe?

"am fine" armaan said blankly.

"badhu majama? Badhu saru?" IS SHE MAD? Kill me god!

"why you're speaking in gujarati for?" he asked annoyed.

"cuz that's your home language" she informed while blowing her nails. OMG HOW DOES SAN KNOW THAT?

"how do you know?" he asked looking shocked.

"i stalked you on facebook and you were talking with some cousin of yours in gujarati. Hehe ain't i clever?" she informed proudly while patting her own back.


"yes. And i also got to know that you love Indian masala tea a lot" she chirped excitedly. i wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans.

"good" he replied blankly. Why does he hate sanam so much man? Just cuz sanam don't let armaan the big mouth a chance to speak in front of her. HAHAHAHA

"even Riddhima can make really nice Indian masala tea and she knows how to speak gujarati as well". KILL ME GOD! If i would have known that this is how sanam will play cupid then i would have never sent her to armaan on the first place. AAAHHH SANAM YOU'RE DEAD.

"oh really? Where is she?" armaan asked suddenly interested and started looking around. I ducked down hiding myself perfectly behind the bush and even stopped breathing so that armaan couldn't hear me. So stupid right?

"she's behind the bush" sanam said nonchalantly. CRAP. I HATE YOU SAN

"what is doing behind the bush?" he asked and san bit her lips as realisation dawned upon her. YES GIRL YOU SPILLED THE FLIPPING BEANS.

"oh oh she's aaa she's yeah looking for her earing. She lost it somewhere near their" san made up a random excuse but that girl forgor THAT I DON'T WEAR EARINGS. Ugghhh. Now from where shall i bring an earing?

"lets go help her" armaan and san came towards the bush and i just gulped thinking now what will happen?

"hey Riddhima. Shall i help you?" armaan came and kneeled down as he started looking around for an earing. I glared at san who took her earing out and threw towards me. I caught it just in time when armaan was looking around.

"FOUND IT" i breathed out showing him san's earing. Thank god san has long hair and you can't see her earing as he hides behind her hair.

"but this is only one. Where is the other one?" armaan asked while dusting his hands.

"am wearing it. Here look" san said while showing her earing which she was wearing.

"why are you wearing her earing?" armaan asked grimly. San first gave him a whatever look and said proudly,

"me and laddo are soul sisters so we both share the pair of earings. Like shahrukh khan and aishwariya rai shared in the movie josh. That was a wicked movie. Hum bhi hai josh mein, baate kar hosh mein. Yu na aankhe dikha. Saila-" i came and kept my palm on san's mouth before she could sing any more in her "melodious" voice which has the power to even crack a glass window. You get me right?

"enough san. He got the point" armaan just started to laugh while shaking his head.

"okay then see ya. I need to go home" armaan said bye and went away with a smile playing on his lips. I got so happy seeing armaan happy that i kissed san on her cheeks tightly.  San just rubbed her cheek and glared at me.

"oye kamini mera earing wapas de. Mummy ka hai" she asked while snatching her earing.

"man you were awesome."

"i know right? Still people don't praise me regularly" i just rolled my eyes.

"hey he seems proper latto on you man. Aye haye" San continued while teasing me and i started to blush. That time we both just forgot all about the bet.


"so you're early again" i turned around to find armaan grinning at me.

"yeah i don't like being late you see. Now please don't start about how much fun you had at the theme park and how mad you and your friends are" i said while laughing. Now if this was before a couple of days i wouldn't dare to say that to him but now we are kind of free with each other. He still does burai about what a big mouth my friend is but can't see the problem with himself. Well now am used to all this. Oh forgot to tell once he also told me about that girl. She was just one of his friend who is annoying (according to him). So yeah he's single. Eeekkkkssss.

"hey what do mean? I am always listening to people" *rolling eyes* here we go again.

"yeah yeah whatever." He came upto me and held my hand. My stomach did flips at his touch.

"let's go coffee. My treat. We have like 20 minutes before lesson." He said while taking me to our college cafe. We both took cappuccino and sat on those sofas they have in our cafe.

"it's so strange innit that we became friends. I mean first we were strangers and now we're such good friends" he said while sipping his coffee and i felt thunder struck. Good friends? Means i won the bet? OH CRAP. Armaan doesn't know about the bet. He'll be hurt if he get to know what me and san cooked a few days ago.

"yeah hmm. Hey thanks for the treat" i felt like choking on this coffee. I am betraying armaan and his friendship. I shouldn't have done this man.

Armaan sighed and came upto me while kneeling down. I kept my coffee aside thinking something's wrong. Why is he coming here?

"Riddhima i wanted to tell you this from a long time. i..i really like you. You're everything i want in my dream girl. I always wanted a girl who would listen to my long ramblings without getting bored. Who would be opposite to me but still will be like me. I always wanted a girl who's hand i would crave to touch, who'se lips i would crave to touch. I always wanted a girl like you. I want you Riddhima" he confessed while placing his hands on mines. I just sat there dumb struck. I so wanted to confess my feelings as well towards him but i was scared. Scared about the mistake i did a few days ago. Scared about the bet. How will i tell him that our friendship started on the basis of a bet?


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