Sunday, 14 February 2021

Part 7 : 10 things I hate about you! (AR MINI)

  "armaan i..i listen aah" i just couldn't tell him. Crap. I felt my eyes welling up. I always waited for this and now when my dream finally came true. I can't confess my true feelings. I felt a tear rolling down my eye. Suddenly armaan got up and turned around. My hands felt cold again as he took his warm hands off them.


"i am sorry. I know i shouldn't have told you all this. Look just forget about all this okay" he said wiping a lone tear which escaped his eye and he was about to go when on an impulse i got up and held his hand. I can't let him go. No, not after he confessed.

"i like you too. I liked you since the very first time i saw you coming in staff room." i don't know what got over me but i just poured my heart.  Anyways i started to like him way before the dare, so my feelings are still pure.

"seriously. Crap you scared me." He whispered while hugging me tightly. I also happily dug my face in his neck and cried silently. Our love started on a lie. I didn't tell him the real reason for my friendship.

"hey why are you crying now? Aww you're so sweet. Crying on our confession" little did he know the real reason behind my tears.

"lets finish our coffee now" he said while kissing my tears away. I smiled through my tears seeing this gesture of his.


"san piddie we need to finish this dare thing ASAP. I don't want to keep armaan in dark for any longer." I confided san about our confession and she was over the moon but when i told her about my fears she didn't agree with me.

"i don't get it? Why you getting scared for. Look when you loved armaan, you loved him with all your heart. Bbz we even forgot about the dare. Then you one day come up to me saying all this crap. Look i know you're feelings for armaan is pure so trust god, he won't let anything wrong happen to your blooming love" san explained so innocently that smiled through my stress.

"i want my chocolate now" i laughed while lightening the atmosphere.

"eeeee kamini. You still want chocolate. Jeeju ko bata du?" she nudged me while smirking.

"you dare and i'll tell aashik that you call him sexy enemy and how angry you got when he kissed hi GF in front of you" san face got tight

"no you won't tell him that. And his GF kissed him and that kamina didn't even responded. Huh kayka aashik? Shame on his name" here she goes on.

"okay now chocolate. I won the bet fair and square." I said cheekily while stretching my arm. Even though that dare was nothing to me but still man, who can refuse a hard earned chocolate right?

"chal. There's a shop nearby" she said grumpily while dragging her feet.


"yummm. You know the taste of your hard earned chocolate is like so bloody different." I boasted while sucking and licking my dairy milk. She just pouted while crossing her hands against her chest.

"yeah you won just cuz that armaan kamina was interested in you from the beginning. That's why it was so easy for you to be his friend and now lover. Haye mein mar jawaan" he nudged her arm while teasing me.

"now who can resist riddhima's charms" i joked while playing along with san and hi- fived her.


We heard a noise and then saw a coke can rolling towards our feet. I looked up and saw armaan's angry eyes boring into mines. I felt the earth move underneath my feet. He looked so hurt.

"armaan listen, you're taking it all wrong" i ran up to him and he held his shoulders. He just shoved my hands off him and walked off giving san a dirty look who looked straight in his eyes holding no guilt.

"armaan stop. It's not like that" i started to run behind him but san just stopped me.

"let him go. He's too angry to listen to anything. You know you're not wrong then trust your love" she said earnestly while pressing my shoulder to comfort me.

"i lost him san. I lost him forever. I lost him" i broke down in her arms as she rubbed my back. I cried to hard that i couldn't even breath properly in between my sobs and hiccups.

"everything's going to be alright. Don't worry laddo. I'll do something okay bbz" she reassured me.

"bring him back san. He hates me. Did you see his eyes. he hates me so much. I hate myself too. I don't deserved to be loved" she kept rubbing my back and let me cry my heart out.

"ssshhh man what the hell are you saying? Just calm down okay" but i kept crying. I felt my heart sinking as i saw the sun sink behind the tall buildings from far. My boat of love also sunk in this storm.



I walked dejectedly in the corridor alone. I came early again today but i know that he won't come and smile at me today. I won't get to feel his warm embrace again. His heartfelt smile will never come on his face for me. I was still in my thoughts when suddenly i felt a tug at my wrist and i saw armaan's glassy face next to me. Before i could think, i got dragged by him somewhere. I just smiled while he looked ahead with a blank face and kept walking with my wrist in his hand.

"armaan" i breathed out but i got no response rather he took me to the end of the corridor and pushed me into a corner.

"ARMAAN YOU'RE HURTING ME" i screamed as the back of my head got banged to the wall.

"AND WHAT ABOUT THE PAIN YOU HAVE GIVEN ME?"He screamed back while punching the wall next to me. I felt tears brimming in my eyes again. I let them flow.

"I am sorry" I whispered while sipping my tears. He looked straight in my eyes with burning anger.

"WHY? I WANT REASONS" I kept my hand on his cheek.

"Whatever you heard yesterday was half truth." I explained but he just gave me mock smile.

"are you planning to cook some more stories darling?"

"armaan i am not lying for godsake"

"didn't you come close to me because of that slimy dare. Just answer in yes or no. I DON'T WANT YOUR EXCUSES"

"yes but-"

"DON'T. Don't even dare lie anymore. You know i really liked you but you and your friend just mercilessly played with my feelings. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER TRUSTED YOU WITH MY FEELINGS AFTER ALL YOU ARE THAT SANAM'S FRIEND" and that broke my silence. How dare he blame my friend for all this.

"DON'T BLAME SAN FOR ANYTHING OKAY. She had no idea that i liked you when she gave me the dare. How dare you blame my friend for all this? This is between me and you. Keep her out of this." I said heatedly while pushing him away and ran off from there with tears streaming down my eyes. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM.


"WHAT? He took you to the end of the corridor and pushed you against the wall?" sanam asked intriguingly while taking a large bite off her burger and munching it impatiently.

" yes man. I told you. Why you repeating all that?" i asked annoyed. I mean why she is finding it so difficult to believe?

"it's because all this is so romantic." ARRRGGHHH SAN AND HER ROMANCE!

"shut up women. He's the most self centred and stubborn person i have ever met. He's even more stubborn and self centred than you san" san choked on her burger and gave me a hard glare.

"KUTTI KAMINI YOU KHOTAAA" she started swearing after drinking water.

"why you swearing for? Here am in problem and your busy extinguishing your swearing thirst. You can swear later" i said while pressing my temple

"you freako. AM NOT SELF CENTRED AND STUBBORN. WHAT YOUR ON?" san slammed the table. Oh oh now i realised why she got so angry. Accidently i showed her the mirror of her personality which normally nobody dares to show her. You can hear the reason why? Her gaaliyaans start in the middle of college.

"oh sorry slip of tongue." I lied to calm her down. Man i didn't wanted another problem.

"no you meant it. You actually think am self centred and stubborn. How can you? You also compared me with your kamina lover boy. Muje to acha hi nahi lagta nalayak. Pata nahi tune usmein kya dekh liya. Arman ka baccha huh!" and she went on and on cursing him. You know san was so correct. Thank god i didn't hook up san and armaan otherwise they both would have surely shot each other on their suhaagraat. CRAP WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?

"san man we're here to solve my problem not fight over your personality issues. See no one is perfect okay and i love you the way you are. So chill out" i explained angrily.

"hmm fine. I'll sort that kamina lover boy of yours some other time."

"good, so now shall we concentrate on my problem?" i asked sternly and she nodded meekly. Aww sometimes she's such a bheegi billi and next minute she's a feisty pataka.

"okay if he's not listening to you, write him letter. That dude has got issues am telling. I mean once he starts to speak he just doesn't let the person opposite him speak. And then kamina say 'i hardly talk, i always listen to people'" san mimicked him and i smiled slightly.

"but who will deliver him the letter." San was about to open her big mouth when i stopped her,

"NOT YOU SANAM. You both don't get along with each other. You mightl just rip the letter on his face if he makes you angry. So not you." She sat dejectedly and started to think hard.

"IDEA!!!! MIL GAYA HUM KO IDEA MIL GAYA. OH OH MILNE DE. MIL GAYAYAYAYAYA" san suddenly started singing loudly and even started dancing. Okay this must be something good cuz right now am facing utter embarrassment all thanks to my super happy and hyper friend.

"okay what is it? AND STOP DANCING SAN. PEOPLE ARE LOOKING" i pulled her jumping body down on her chair.


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