Monday, 1 March 2021

OS : The Ideal Guy


They both were sitting on the roof top sharing a packet of chips. It was just another Sunday afternoon!

She did'nt want to get caught by her parents who were against junk food, a bit weight conscious actually.

" Armaan main bore ho rahi hai..kuch karte hai..", she said.

" hmm main tumse kuch poochu?", he asked.

" haan..formality ki kya zaroorat hai", she said curious.

" kyonki baat hi aisi hai", he said making her get even more curious.

" Ab batao bhi!" , she screamed.


" whats ur ideal guy like?" , he asked interested.

 She almost choked on what she was eating! " ideal guy?!..abhi socha nahi..aisa sawaal kyon pooch rahe ho?" she said giving him a weird look.

" ab jaldi socha..on the spot..!" , he said.

" hmm..well usse sarcastic hona chahiye I think..", she smiled.

Saracastic? What a weird choice! He was not the least bit sarcastic. Err,,what to do now?

Riddhima watched his sad expression and her heart melted. How cute! Lekhin said kyon hai?, she thought.

" Armaan kya hua?"

"kuch nahi..main sarcastic nahi hoon..", he said with a childish pout.

" toh?"

"toh.yaar..tumhe..", he paused mid-sentence realizing what he was about to say!

Riddhima just rolled her eyes at him. There was definitely smtn rong wid him 2day!

"Humour and Sarcasm?!..aisa book bhi hai..!", he thought aloud.

He had gone into the library to search for a book to pass his time n he found this! He opened the book and searched all pages, but he could'nt find anything useful.

"Ugh! Isme to kuch nahi hai..ab kya karu?!" , he said disappointed.

They were walking to college together and she suddenly said," Armaan I think mera ideal guy sarcastic nahi humourous hona chahiye", she said with an impressed grin.

Humourous?!He was'nt humourous but he definitely loved her! he's gotta try this!

He went home and logged on to the net and searched for some good jokes.

"Hmm this one is good", he said looking at a particular joke and wrote it down on paper.

He started memorizing everything he'd written. Now he was ready to impress her! ;)

Next day he met her at the canteen just when she was going to bite into her sandwich he  came running to her " hey ridz! Ek joke sunau?", he asked enthusiastically.

" tum kabse joke marne lage Armaan?" , she asked suspicious.

" hmm voh aise hi..ab sunau bhi..?"

" teek hai sunao", she said folding her hands across her chest.

"there was a man whose name was red. he painted himself red and he painted his house red. he got in the shower. knock, knock. it was the postman. he put a towel on, went to answer the door. he got back in the shower. knock knock. it was the milkman. he put a towel on and answered the door. he went back to the shower. knock knock knock. that was mr jimmmy, the blind neighbor. he didn't put on a towel, knowing he was blind, opened the door and mr jimmy said i've got my sight back!' he then saw that red as naked so he ran across the road but got ploughed down by a truck. what is the stories morale? don't cross the road when the red man is flashing "

Riddhima faked a smile. That was a joke?! Err, she did'nt know.

" Nice Armaan!"

" Thank you", he said all happy.

Next day they were all in class listening to a very boring lecture. Half of them were slogging on their desks.

" Newtons Laws have really changed our world.."

Just then a spiked young man came to the class," can I get in?", he asked coolly.

" Akash..i hope u know ur late.."

" Of course! I have a watch maam!" , he said giving her an obvious look.

" and the reason?"

" well my granddad just died and I came running from there!", he said acting sad.

She immediately melted, " Omg! That's very sad, I think u shud go there, ur excused!"

" No maam I don wanna miss out on classes", he said acting sincere.

" Oh! That's very good, get in and have a seat"

He got in the classs,got to the last bench and started listening to music without the teacher noticing him.

Riddhima's eyes never left him at all and this was observed by Armaan. He got a bit insecure and asked her." Aisa kya dekh rahe ho usse?"

" Did you just see that!", she said in awe.

" wt?!" , he asked

" He just manipulated her, that's so cool! I wish my guy was like that", she said dreamily.

Armaan shifted in his seat, so she liked this?

" Hey beautiful! Yeh rose tumhare liye, jo tumse zyaada khubsoorat to nhi hai", he said to some random girl.

" Oh thank you", she said smiling.

He moved onto the next one, " Do you believe in love at 1st sight?"

" Hmm yeah", she smiled.

" So then should I walk by again?" , he flirted. She just chuckled.

Riddhima noticed him with all these girls, and wondered what the shy Armaan was doing there?!

She went upto him. " Oh hi! Btw is ur dad a terrorist?"

Riddhima looked at him in shock, " Armaan shutup! This flirting does'nt suit u!"

" It does'nt?" , he asked conscious now.

" Yeah it does'nt! So stop!"

" but I did it just 4 u", he said hurt.

" for me?"

"yeah", he said looking down.

" Why?!"

He looked up into her eyes, " Akash does this all the time and u like him!"

Riddhima just opened her mouth in shock " What! I don't like him Armaan! And anyway why did u want to be like him?"

" u said u did! N well if u like him..i..wan..wanted to..hmm..impress u..", he stammered.

Impress her?! Why did he need to do that?! She was already impressed with him

" Armaan tumhe mujhe impress karni ki kya zaroorat hai?"

" I love you Riddhima!" he said looking into her eyes still.

He loved her! She just grinned, she wanted to scream from the rooftops!

A perfect guy like him loved her – who was'nt perfect at anything!

" wow u really do?" she asked really happy.

" yeah I do"

She just hugged him tight out of excitement. He was surprised but hugged her back.

 " I love u too!"

He parted from the hug and grinned. But then he asked, " I'm not sarcastic or humours or cool..but then how?"

" Idiot! That was just a dream guy who obviously was'nt for real! N y would I want him when I have u!"

It just couldn't get better than this for him! He picked her up and twirled her around. She just squealed.

A happy ending!


I hope u liked it


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