Friday, 5 March 2021

OS : Why?

" Armaan, do you think it's the right decision?" Rahul asked him out of the operation theatre.


" Yes Rahul I know how much this baby means to Riddhima!" Armaan shrieked.


" par Armaan.." Rahul started.


Nikki touched him on the shoulder to tell him 'its no use arguing with him'. Rahul wore his surgical mask and got back to the OT.


Armaan sat back on the bench. Riddhima had gone to deliver the baby, and there were complications! That sure was'nt a good sight. Rahul had told that he if he tried saving the baby Riddhima could die. But the baby was really important to her, and to him. There was no use of them living without it.


He put his head in his hands in a defeated way. Nikki came and sat next to him. She touched his shoulder gently and he looked up to face her.


" nikki..i don't know if I did something wrong.." he said fearfully.


" chill armaan!..have faith in god, and urself.." she assured him.


He smiled sweetly at her. Nikita, his best friend was always there for him. He was thankful he had her. He also knew that she was crazily in love with him from their college days.


She did'nt really know that he knew, and did'nt want him to know too because he loved Riddhima all along. Armaan had found out through their mutual friend and he felt bad about it, though it was'nt really his fault.


Rahul came out of the OT, with a dejected look.


" kya hua?" Armaan asked him standing up. Nikki too got up after him worried.


" we've just given her a pain killer..we'll have to wait for sometime before going ahead with it.." he said with a sad smile.


" rahul..everything will be okay right?" Armaan asked with tears in his eyes.


Rahul put a hand on his shoulder, " yes Armaan..hope for the best.."


Armaan still was really tensed, and was pacing around the corridors and constantly kept staring at Riddhima through the open window.

He longed to touch her face. She looked so pale, she had her eyes closed and was in the white hospital gown.


There was one wire hooked to her to show her deteoriating pulse. She looked like an angel. He went near the window and kissed the window by mistake.


Then he smiled awkwardly to himself. Just then, he felt someone hug him from behind.


He removed her hands, and turned to look at her.


" whats wrong nikki?" he asked her.


" Armaan..i know how you're feeling…" she said sadly.


" its okay nikki…its just fine.." he said wiping her tears.



Rahul got back into the OT and Armaan's tension started again. He kept looking at the OT but he knew there was no use.


An hour had passed, but still no news. He was getting restless now, but Nikki held him down.


After some time, Rahul came out numb. His eyes were filled with tears and was barely able to walk.


Armaan got scared seeing him in that state.He turned to Nikki with a questioning glance, but she just shook her head in a' I don't know!'


They both got up and went upto him. Nikki calmly asked him " whats wrong Rahul?"


Armaan was'nt that calm with him, he shook him hard " rahul bata kya hua!" he demanded.


" lost Riddhima.." he said finally letting out his tears.


Armaan moved back, shocked. He looked at the OT door to see a lifeless Riddhima lying in the same form.


He looked away, not able to take it and broke down on the bench again. Nikki rushed to console him, and wiped his tears.She cupped his face and said " be strong Armaan!"


He could'nt utter a single word, he felt as if he had lost his life. Well, he had actually lost his life!


" rahul, but what about the baby?" Nikki asked remembering.


" its dead too.." he admitted.


Armaan thought his world just came crashing down. Losing Riddhima was painful enough, and now the baby is gone too. He could'nt stop his tears, he let them all down.




Now after 2 years, when he thinks about it, he knows its his fault. He wanted the baby and because of that Riddhima isn't here too.


Now he's married to Nikki and they have a baby girl, but it could never be the same as what he and Riddhima could have had. He tries to remove these thoughts from his head, and give Nikki the happy life she deserves! But true love will never go away from you, and he knows he will never forget Riddhima! He's waiting for his time to come, when he'll be able to join her in heaven. He smiled at the thought when Nikki behind him.


" kya soch rahe ho?" she asked him.


" kuch nahi..bas how happy I am to have you.." he smiled and planted a kiss on her cheek.


" riddhima ko miss kar rahe the na?" she asked knowingly.


He smiled at her, this was Nikki, she knew everything and still did'nt care.


" nahi nikki..ab to usse bhulna hi padega.." he said though he knew that will never happen.


" nahi armaan..she can always stay in ur heart.." she said and touched his heart.


He pulled her in for a hug, and was happy to have got her. She's the best friend you could ever get!




hope u like it! i know there was practically no AR!..sorry about that..



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