Saturday, 9 January 2021

Prologue : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

The loud roar of the lightening held Armaan's attention, who was sitting inside the apartment of Panchghani's orphanage. His lips automatically curved in a slight smile and he took the steps towards the shaded balcony.

He smiled and looked up to the sky, the thunder of lightening was knocking the door of clouds, which encouraged them to ripe the womb and it seemed as they have opened the taps to pour water on the earth's surface.

Armaan's smile widened, witnessing the first rain of the season and he started looking here and there. When he was shifting his eyes, they rested on a girl in her white chudidaar and kameez, stretching her arms to catch the water droplets in her palms, who was Shilpa.

Friday, 8 January 2021

OS : Happy Birthday

mallik mansion

The house was beautifully decorated as if a big function was going we go ahead we can see some ppl r running here and there and some guest start coming. As we go upstairs a couple was gettin ready.
the guy: basket jaldi karo.sab guest ate honge. R:i'm almost done arman.just 5 mnt more. Btw where is our princess muskan. Its her bd today(for a chng muskan is ar lil doughter). A:wait i'm calling nikki to knw where r they(nikki is armans sis and ridz best frnd).. Hlw nikki where r u both? ... Yeah almost done. ... Ok. To ridz they r coming in 30 mnts
R:ok i am done. I'll go and check the arrangement she was about to go when ar pulled her towards himself. Don't worry everything is perfectly let me wish my lovely wife after all it's her bd too. R: arman how many times u'll wish me..? A: meri wife ki bd h m jitna chahe wish tumhe isse kya? While hugging her

Thursday, 7 January 2021

AR os : Beauty Doesn't Matter

I was helpless standing out side my house to see it had burn all... Don't know wht has gone wrong and two of my friends were holding me back as I wanted to go inside...
Fire tracks has reach before I reach as the neighbours had inform them as they saw the fire caught, and as soon I got the news I just came as soon as possible...
'Where is she...' Someone asked from behind me, I just turn around to see two other friends standing there...
No words came out from my mouth as my throat was dry...
'Don't know, Must be inside... We can't go inside before they control, its good some neighbor try to control the fire so it didn't reach up floor...' My friend tell who was holding me...

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Last Part : To my wife.. with love major armaan mallik... (OS)

To my dear wife

Hey surprised to see my letter so early?ahhh yes i know don't lie i know you are suprised and now blushing as you read these lines that "i was missing you "yes i still m at base and could have called you and said all this but as my fellow soldiers were writing letters to their loved ones i also thought of penning down my love for you and ridmaan on this blank paper.
I know you and ridmaan are doing great at our delhi residence where you returned from dehradun last love your smile that is on your face at this very moment reading this.

We are all heading towards the LOC in an hr so we all decided to write our letters to the family because we have only 3 phone lines out of which one is a hotline so no one can use for personal calls,second is only a local call ranged,which leaves us with only one line for calls..but as we are 437 soldiers and just 60 mins under our sleeves so we all decided against using the phone which would have made us have the oppourtunity to hear the voices of our loved ones as may be few of us or all maybe or maynot come back to the base alive,however leaving all that aside i just wanted to tell you the amazing news that i got from LT Gerawal...

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Part 1 : To my wife.. with love major armaan mallik... (OS)

Army head Quarters
Dehradun Base

Tak Tak Tak.......ek do ek do ek tham....hault.....vishram....

Jawan iss ground ke 20 chakar kaatega....bina ready....

Yes sir......(chorus)

Company March........

Come on boys....faster faster.....

Imagine as if you are in the battle field and the enemy has sited you now he is on a hunt for you...come home run for your life...come on for your life because you are now no individuals you guys are now soldiers and soldiers can’t die...they cannot effort to....come on guys.....rathore run.....pratap good job carry on.....shabaash shaabash.....

Monday, 4 January 2021

Happily divorced os

“You know what, we are getting addicted to each other and this is going to be with us for  life..” when he said this to me 10yrs ago, as we lounged by the sea on a calm afternoon, I just thought it was cute..

We Belonged to different cities and different worlds.. yet when our paths crossed and we met at a dull boring business meeting, sparks flew and how.. Both if us were too professional to try and take it forward immediately.. I mean, i didn’t even know if he was single..

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Tosey Naina AR os


Ridhima Gupta.. she is everything that can be termed as normal and basic.. she lived with her uncle, whom she fondly calls baba and have been on the receiving end of a lot of love and taunts from this family.. she was close to Mr. Shashank Malhotra and his daughter Anjali.. 

Anjali was married to Atul and they both treat Ridhima as their sister.. a confident yet protected childhood to a meek yet individualistic adulthood Ridhima has had it all.. she has got a very few friends.. currently she is looking for a job while her Badi Ma is busy looking for an alliance for her so that she doesn’t have to tolerate her anymore now..

Ridhima came running from her room when she heard Padma shouting.. “ji Badi Ma..”