Saturday, 30 January 2021

Part 1 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

-when a tornado meets a volcano..

Oh my gawd he's like so fit! Proper drop dead gorgeous man I said in my mind as I saw a guy in a gold jewellery shop working from a distance.   I was walking on the road with my mum next to me. D'uh why do think I didn't whistle at that asian beauty. Yaar kya pataka hai, iske saamne to diwali fireworks bhi na dikhe. I was still looking at the hot mess when suddenly he looked up but didn't see me, rather he was looking at my mum. Huh? And to my utter shock, my mum gave him a friendly nod and smiled at him. Hayeee does mum this pataka? I looked at mum, then him, then again at mum and finally when I looked at him our eyes met or rather he locked my eyes with his. We both had this blank dazzled look on our faces. My legs kept moving but my eyes were glued on to him. I reached a spot where I had to turn my head back to get a glimpse of him but knowing that mum was walking next to me, I had to be precautious, so I turned my head back to get a final look of this asian pataka, when I saw him bending over his table to get a better look at me. OH MY GOD! He's like checking me out. AAAHHHHH

Part 2: My Bride (os)

2 - OH No - NOT so Fast, Prince.
Reaching home after a journey of 2 hours, she threw her bags at door mat and ran bell, only to her parents already standing in front of her with frown. She bit her lower lips, and spoke "Mum…." It was mere whisper. It was nineteen years! It's a lot. A doubt passed by Riddimaa's tiny brain that do they even remember her? Did they recognize her? 

Friday, 29 January 2021

Part 1: My Bride (os)

1 -- The Prince and Riddimaa.

"Riddimaa!! Did you Heard that a Prince of Rajasthan had come all the way from London for a short trip in Shimla." A girl with curls, wearing a knee length jeans and a black top, twirled in excitement. And other two girls grinned at her.

"Muskaannn! Not again! Urgghhh! Why don't you ever think of anything else then Boys?" A girl named Riddimaa got off bed, tying her hair. She arranged her bed.

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Last part : Beauty and the beast (ss)

armaan was whole shattered, he was nt able to face ridzi...
so he leaved the place...
she was in room, where he left her, still unconscious. bt she started gaining her conscious , coz of the voices she ws hereing...Ouch

she was so scared for what she have seen, itseemslike a horrible dream for her. she woke up with a jerk, whole panting ...
ri- wt ws that ,
breathing really heavly ...

ri- yaah it ws a bad deam yaah it ws, only then she again heard sm voice...Confused

lady- wht do u think jon ab kya hoga kya ye lerki sir ke baare mai sbko bata degi.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

part 3 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

In the evening...Big smileBig smileBig smile

 All were very excited for the prom night ''.getting ready in there best outfits '..

RIDZI was ready in her white princess gown''she looked at the mirror once again '.she smiled a lil and blushed'.with the thought how armaan will react seeing her'.

A shy smile made her lit down her eye lids''.


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

part 2 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

She slowly snatched her rupatta from his face, and now both were staring each other when riddhima saw him she flet her heart jumping inside her and his intense gaze made her blush so she lowered her eyelids.

And armaan he was just lost, after ages he was feeling attracted towards any thing in this world.

he was just staring her admiring her beauty her innocencet face. his heart was felling a new desire in him. her green almond eyes were like a sea of immostions .
she was felling gozebumps in her body due to his touch. her innocent mind was not understanding what happening to her.
she composed her self but his continous gaze was making her nervious.
and armaan was contiusly stairing at her by corners of his eyes.

Monday, 25 January 2021

part 1 : Beauty and the beast (ss)

There was a beautiful town called jashnagiri it was situated in b/w the hills . it looks so beautiful and pure when sun light touches it coz it shines like diamond in the morning.

It was mostly covered with the snow, ppls of this town were so lovable and simple, and have mostly wooden house.

A very beautiful wooden house covered with a layer of snow was spreading its warmth all over by its chimney and have a sudden noise lets see what it is.

A lady around 50ties was shouting.

La- beta subha ho gayi ab toh utha ja college nahi jana hai kya.

Hye bhagwan ye larki bhi na pata nahi apne sapno ki duniya se bahar ayegi.

Sunday, 24 January 2021

OS : Armaan

She instantly sat on the bed  awake with heavy beads of sweat formed on her skin , her extreme long dark hair slightly wet due to fear lurking within in her, her heart beating heavily. Those blue eyes once again disturbed her dreams, in heart she knew something wasn't right this made her melt into trepidation and fret. She removed the thin piece of fabric that was covering her, her red sari was slightly damp, she felt weak and sick at that notion she got out of bed not disturbing Sid.

The night was dark and gloomy, no trace of the moon and the stars could be seen, it was pitch black lacking significant beauty that the night always brought in her Mansion. She paced around her room anxiously, the worry seemed to expand by the second & nothing made sense.