Tuesday, 2 February 2021

part 4 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 I felt someone's warm hand on my shoulder and felt the currents again. Without even turning I knew who it was. Only his touch could give me those currents.

"why did you come here armaan? Leave me alone", I said slightly shoving his hand off my shoulder.

"oh how did you know it was me?" I bit my tongue. Shit now what will I say? Armaan janeman tumhara touch meri body ko electrical conductor mein badal deta hai. HUH YEAH RIGHT!

OS : Love just need a pure Heart

A girl around 22 years was,crying sitting near the window of her room. Her eyes became red nd swollen due to constant crying..

Another girl was entered in the room nd found everything scattered around the room, she rushed to the girl already present in the room nd hugged her tight tried to pacify her...

"ssshhh ridzi khamosh hoja bus" anjali spoke...

(she is ridhima's elder sister nd is happily married to atul)

Monday, 1 February 2021

part 3 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 "leave my hand. Don't you dare talk to me again, never mind touching me", I said heatedly as I tried to jerk off my wrist from his hold, but all hard work went in vain.

"aww did you get shocked seeing this side of mines? Bbz this is the real me. The true armaan mallik. PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD" at that time I felt tears pricking down my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I can't cry in front of armaan. No ways. I gulped down the sour feeling in my throat and composed myself.

AR os : Moh Moh ke Dhaage Haatho Se Bandhe

We enter a big hall. Beautiful paintings were hung on the wall. Red net curtains were hung on the pillars with some beaded strings. A lady in her 70s was doing pooja when a lady cladded in a beautiful orange saree came next to her.

Lady 2: arre maa! Aap kya kari hain? Doctor ne aapki zada chalne phirne se mana kiya hai!
Lady 1: arre padma beta pooja hi to kari hu! Aur waise bhi abh meri jaane ka time aagaya hai! Abh meri ekk hi khawaish hai ke main aapni riddhima ke bache dheko!
Padma: oh ho maa! Kitni baar kaha hai ke aisi baatein na kiya kaare!!! Baghwan aapko laambi umer de!! Aur agar riddhima ko pata chala ke uski naani aise baat kari hai to woh bohot naraz hogi!!!

Sunday, 31 January 2021

part 2 : Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }

 "are you okay Riddhima?" he asked coming up to me, I guess I did looked kinda scary in this attire. WAIT HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME?

"uh who are you and how do you know my name?" I bet he asked my mum saying aunty who was that sexy chick with you the other day? Hayee me and sexy chick *sigh*

OS : couldn't help but fall for you

Everyone was busy in decorating the mansion as today is the engagement of the princess of the house..
As we go upstairs of the mansion we can see one girl was sitting all ready in a beautiful purple lehenga..looking like an angel..and 2 girls is helping her on her makeup and hair.. they were almost done when the door of the room opened and a middle aged lady entered.. aree anjali and muskan beti abhi tak tum log ready nhi huye.. yes the two girl who were helping the girl ready is anjali and muskan..
An: mom we are almost done..
Lady: ok beta do quick they are at downstairs. Mu: aunty ap fikar na karo hum abhi ridzy ko leke niche ate h.. yes the girl is Ridhima Gupta doughter of shashank and padma gupta..
Pa: going towards ridz beti u r looking so beautiful and put a black tilak on the behind of her. R: Mommm blusing and hugging her mom.. P: ok ab m niche jati hu.. tum log jaldi se aw.. and left..
M: so ridz ready for the commitement..?
R: dont know yar..its just happeng so fast..
A: dont worry ridz everything will be fine..and he really a good guy..
R: hmm sigh