Friday, 5 March 2021

OS : Why?

" Armaan, do you think it's the right decision?" Rahul asked him out of the operation theatre.


" Yes Rahul I know how much this baby means to Riddhima!" Armaan shrieked.


" par Armaan.." Rahul started.


Nikki touched him on the shoulder to tell him 'its no use arguing with him'. Rahul wore his surgical mask and got back to the OT.


Thursday, 4 March 2021

OS : Hollowed

The passion rose as our bodies collided and our lips smashed into each other. The lust was evident in both of our hungry kisses. Our kisses couldn't justify the lust that emanated from both of us. I heard a click of the door knob but I was too immersed in what was in front of me that I ignored the consequence of my actions. I heard a thud, and everything came crumbling down at me.


She looked at me with those eyes that I adored. Without saying a word, she slowly made her way towards me. I could see that she was not trying to avoid anything. She looked straight in my eyes. I couldn't tell from her expression if she was mad or sad. Her eyes were the reason I fell for her deeply in love, but those are the eyes that I came to despise that day. They were so mysterious, even to the point where it annoys me.  She looked at me with those calm eyes. No horror, no hurt, no love, just hollowed expression.


Part 2 : Hope (os)

         He smiled at me and sat beside me. I looked up at him and nodded. "To...tum aa rahi ho na?" he asked while hesitating a little. I looked at the other side of the table where he sat, stiffened. After a little while of contemplating as to what I should answer, I sighed "Nahi..." He didn't even let me finish and quickly asked, "Lekin Kyun?" with a pout which I just adored on his marvelous face. "Kyunki...bas nahi aa sakti!" He looked at me with a raised eye brows. "Tumhare paas legs hai?" I looked at him, totally confused at what he wanted to ask me. He didn't make a movement to say anything and still looked pointedly at me. I looked away and said, "Haan!". He continued, "Tumhare paas time hai? I mean after you get off?" I nodded my head. His questions did not stop here, "Tumhare paas car hai? Escort hai?" I rolled my eyes at him and nodded again. "Tumhare paas car me petrol hai?" Finally I couldn't stop myself and yelled, "Armaan!" with an exasperated expression. "Haan bolo? Jawab dona?" I looked at him, totally aghast as to why he was acting so childlishly. I nodded again. "To phir kyuun nahi jaa sakti? Me bhi to chal raha hoon. Aur phir Sid ne mujhse personally kaha hai ke me tumhe lekar aaoon!"

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Part 1: Hope (os)

 I look up at him and smile. Why wouldn't I?? He was someone I liked dearly.  With his white lab coat caressing his godly figure, I am not able to take my eyes off of him. This is certainly something that is not to be ignored. He smiles at me and asks me, "Kya hua?" I am stunned at his innocent question which brings me out of my trance. I smiled that reassuring smile at him, "Kuch nahi. Bas aise hi". He looks at me with suspicion which seems to be gone right at the moment we hear a musical voice calling out to us.


Monday, 1 March 2021

OS : The Ideal Guy


They both were sitting on the roof top sharing a packet of chips. It was just another Sunday afternoon!

She did'nt want to get caught by her parents who were against junk food, a bit weight conscious actually.

" Armaan main bore ho rahi hai..kuch karte hai..", she said.

" hmm main tumse kuch poochu?", he asked.

Part 2 : I LOVE YOU

"shilpa hurry up. Get ready quickly. Your performance is in 20 minutes." The manager of the show told her behind backstage.

"I'm just coming" she spoke dryly and looked at herself in the mirror. A whole day had passed and she had come away from everything. She knew how to put away everything in the back of her mind and pretend as if nothing happened and even now she did the same. She had pushed everything back and decided never to go back again.