Saturday, 26 June 2021

part 15 : Forbidden Love

Riddhima stretched lazily moving her hand to the space next to her, a smile gracing her lips. Then she suddenly woke up. The space that had been warm and inviting the night before was cold and empty. Where was Armaan? She looked around the room, Armaan nowhere to be seen. She looked back at the bed feeling a bit scared, only to see a note on the pillow. Riddhima released a breath she didn't know she was holding. She quickly read the note.

"Have to go to work. Won't be back till the evening. Breakfast is in the kitchen. Armaan." the note said.

oh..Riddhima was a bit disappointed that Armaan wasn't here to greet her Good morning. But she understood. He had that delegation coming, so he needed to be at work. And he probably didn't want to disturb her sleep. She had been so tired last night, Riddhima thought with a blush. That brought back the memories from last night. It had been the best night of her life. The happiness that she hadn't dared to dream of were bestowed upon her. She was extremely happy.

Friday, 25 June 2021

part 14 : Forbidden Love

"Hey Armaan!!!! What a pleasant surprise!!!" Rohan exclaimed as he saw Riddhima and Armaan enter the hall together. Both turned their heads at his call.

Armaan could finally release a sigh of relief. The close quaters of the car had been unbearable. He had surely broken many speed rules in his haste to get to the party. But it had been worth it. Now he could finally put some distance between them. Armaan quickly walked to where Rohan stood and tried to ignore Riddhima's presence only a few feet away, who followed him to Rohan.

"Yaar. You're here? I'm surprised," Rohan said shaking Armaan's hand and giving him a hug.

"Why are you surprised? I thought that you had..." Armaan was cut off.

"Lovely party Rohan. Congratulations to you!" Riddhima quickly added to prevent Armaan blurting out the little tid bit about Rohan's invitation.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

part 13 : Forbidden Love

"Do you like my son Riddhima?"

The question stopped Riddhima in her tracks. She was in the kitchen with Sunita preparing breakfast. Today was a public holiday, which meant a day of relaxation at home. She was getting breakfast ready for Sunny and Armaan when Sunita posed the dangerous question. Or rather dropped the bomb. Now, how was she supposed to answer thisquestion? Riddhima decided to play the ignorant.

"umm..Which son mommiji. Armaan? Of course I like him. He's like my best friend," she replied pretending to continue her work.

"Well. I know you are best friends. I was wondering if you liked him as more than just friends?" Sunita could not let this chance slip by.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

part 12 : Forbidden Love

It had been 2 weeks since that day. On the surface everything seemed alright. Armaan still called her if he needed her for anything, i.e.finding a shirt. Riddhima took care of all his needs and together they spent time with Sunny and sunita. But there always was this underlying tension. At the slightest accidental contact, even if it is just their hands brushing when Riddhima handed Armaan his tea, their hearts fluttered and breath got stuck. To Riddhima, who had always been affected by Armaan in this way, it wasn't that big a deal. But to Armaan, who previously had considered Riddhima as ONLY a friend, these new sensations were a source of conflict. He couldn't deny his growing attraction towards her. It was almost as if he was a magnet and she was a magnetic surface. He was irrevocably drawn to her and her essence. He always noticed her presence, her scent creating havoc with his senses. He cursed the moment he realized that Riddhima was an attractive woman. In the beginning, since these feelings were driving him crazy, he was short-tempered with her, almost as if blaming her for the attraction. He had planned to devote his life to Nikita's memory but Riddhima's presence was a huge obstacle in his way. But then he realized that if he changed his behaviour, then that meant the attraction won and he was determined to not let that happen. Hence he tried extra hard to be JUST FRIENDS with her. He tried not to get too close to her or have any close contact but otherwise pretended to continue their normal lives.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

part 11 : Forbidden Love

Riddhima woke up with a heavy heart and was confused as to why. It took her sometime to remember that she had fought with Armaan the night before. ughh..Why did she fight with him? True he was being a pain, but maybe there was something behind his reasons. Did he know something about Rahul that she did not? No, that's not possible. Armaan did not have any previous connection with Rahul. They met for the first time last night. Then why would he act in such a unexpected way. She would've thought Armaan would've been happy for her. He was the one always talking about love and marriage to her and if she was finally getting those, then why would he mind? uggh..that guy would drive her crazy!!!...Just then the phone rang, bringing her out of her thoughts.


"Riddhima, how was your meeting with Rahul last night?"

"Momma?? Are you calling me this early only to ask how my date went?"

"I know it's early beta. But I couldn't wait." Padma said and Riddhima could hear the excitement. She really hated to hurt her mother. But she had no choice in this.

Monday, 21 June 2021

part 10 : Forbidden Love

When is she coming back? It had been hours since she'd gone! Armaan thought disgruntled. How long does a first date take? He could swear that even he hadn't spent this much time on all the first dates he'd went on! His son sat next to him watching TV while he stared mindlessly at the screen, thinking back on what had expired some hours ago.

"Hi, I'm Rahul Garewal, here to pick up Riddhima" Rahul had said putting his hand out to shake. Only because his mom brought him up with manners, Armaan shook his hand. "Hi, I'm Armaan..uh..please come in."

Rahul stepped ahead of him coming inside the house. And he suddenly stopped, his gaze stuck on one place. Following Rahul's gaze, Armaan saw that Rahul's eyes had stopped on Riddhima, who was ruffling Sunny's hair and giving him kisses. Rahul looking at the picture those two made felt like a violation of something precious to Armaan. He cleared his throat to bring their attention to him.

"uh..Riddhima, this is Rahul. Rahul, Riddhima." Armaan introduced, even though everyone present knew that they could only be Riddhima and Rahul. Riddhima shook his hand and gave him a slight apologetic smile in advance, as she knew how this evening was going to end, which looked like a shy smile to Armaan and the fact that Riddhima was already being shy with Rahul did not sit well with him.

Sunday, 20 June 2021

part 9 : Forbidden Love

Armaan continued to stare unblinkingly at her, as if reproving her for saying what she had said. Then he got up from the chair and walked to the window to gaze out of it. Riddhima understood what he was going through. But this had to be done.

"Armaan, please don't think this is only my opinion. Even mommiji, Atul and Anjali think the same. The only thing is that they are afraid to talk to you about it. They are afraid to hurt your feelings. And they are right in their position. That's why I wanted to talk to you about it."

"Riddhima, how could you say it, after knowing everything?" came his weak voice.

"Armaan, I know what you are afraid of. You think that if we do things like that to commomerate her death, we'd soon forget her and what she meant to us. That's why you haven't even let us put on a wreath on her picture. I know you have started to live life and move on but you cling to things like that to make her alive for us. But what you don't understand is that she can never die for us. Nikita was, is and will always be that significant part of our lives that we can never ignore. Do you think mommiji will forget what her daughter-in-law meant to her? Or Atul will forget all his babhi had done for him? Nikita was a special lady who brightened all the lives she had touched. Her memory can never diminish. But because of what you are trying to do, her soul can never find peace. You are being selfish Armaan," she put forth unforgivingly. She knew what she was doing was right. Therefore, she didn't hesitate to be straight forward.